The Astrology of 2020 | Part i - the Nodes shift to Gemini and Sagittarius

I don't want to get too far ahead because it will be easier to see/conjecture what some of the upcoming transits will be about after we get through this important January, but let's look at the general gist of things coming up in 2020!


In May, 2020, the Nodes move from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius (through January 2022).

Here is where we, as a collective, and in our personal lives, too - appoint Gemini (ruled by tricky and androgynous Mercury) our guiding North Star and Sagittarius (ruled by expansive Jupiter), the space and themes in need of sorting/sifting and, because many are past their use-by date, retirement.

Gemini is all about the movement of information and ideas.

Gemini is about choices and multiple anythings. The expressions "more than one way to skin a cat" and "kill two birds with one stone" make my point here - although in a most ghastly way.

There will be more than one thing to talk about now, more than one thing to do, more than one way forward.

Gemini is a mutable (changeable) sign and led by fast-moving and frequently retrograde Mercury - will give us a run for our money.

Gemini rules our growth through the exchange of information, through contact with our immediate environment, through language. Gemini reigns over: the flow of information, technology, communication, our mental processes, conversations, stories, lies, our local community, our neighbors, our siblings, our transportation and, of course, the theme of your natal Gemini house.

Gemini is perspective. What we notice becomes what we think about, what we talk about, what we act on. 

What we notice becomes who we are. 

We will be compelled to notice what we are noticing because it will become clearer and clearer to us the importance of our FOCUS. 

And of course, because the North Node presents a fresh energy to us - and this will be true even for those with alot of Gemini energy - and not without its challenges - we could find ourselves mired in distractions and probably very busy.

Instead of me writing about (our current Cancer North Node) allowing ourselves to be seen as vulnerable, coming home, being more maternal, taking care of ourselves -

I will likely be writing something like -

don't be afraid to change your mind, ask a question, question ourselves, make a new choice, tell a fresh story, look at fresh perspectives and new ideas, try new things, take a class, teach a class, do something within your local neighborhood, call your sister (or brother or cousin), start that book, start that business, make it smaller, travel/shop/sell more locally, get a new computer, get a new car, open your mouth!

Gemini is the first air sign of the astrological year - a sign of the mind, the archetype of the "teacher" - the storyteller. If you are a Gemini Sun sign this is basically the way you process life. As soon as you learn something, and you are naturally curious and learn alot of "somethings" - you simply must pass it on. Gemini has more to do with questions than answers. She has been mentally exploring and noticing stuff her entire life.

Geminis are actually supposed to know a hell of a lot of stuff that will never make them any money (unless they make it into the final rounds of Jeopardy) - this is the sign of curiosity.

Which brings us to sage Sagittarius, our upcoming South Node/point of release - the sign of knowledge/knowing.

The South Node in Sagittarius will show us "where we actually are".

Our entrenched beliefs, may become even more entrenched until it becomes obvious they are the elephant in the room blocking the door. Sag themes - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs and higher thinking and, of course, the theme of our natal Sag house - will be subject to the disintegration of whatever is no longer working.

People with planets and points in Gemini and Sagittarius, as well as Virgo and Pisces (through squares) will be most impacted. But collectively we will all be feeling this.

Keep in mind we get the bounty of the North Node (Gemini) through the release of the negative/decaying South Node (Sagittarius). Releasing outdated belief systems, the stuff we are so sure about, moth-eaten religious teachings, our ideas about what is "foreign", our politics, our ideas about what is "true". With Jupiter - ruler of Sag - in Capricorn for most of 2020 - the de-construction of our safety/security in the outer world will likely continue for awhile ...

At the end of 2020, as Jupiter moves into Aquarius and meets Saturn (who will also have recently moved into Aquarius), we should see a major collective shift toward something NEW.


The Nodes of the Moon are not planetary bodies, they are the points where the Moon's orbit around the Earth intersects with the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The North Node is the ascending node - where we are going. The South Node is the descending node - where we are now/where we have been. They move counter-clock wise (sort of like being retrograde all the time) and are exactly 180 degrees apart - opposing each other.
When we work with them in our natal charts we will be astounded at their accuracy - the same can be said of the collective transits.

On May 5th, 2020, (after 18 months working the Cancer/Capricorn axis) the North Node moved into Gemini, the South Node into Sagittarius.

Keep in mind the North Node is our best path forward, our fate, a psychological shift that needs to happen AND also indicates what will not come easy because it is NEW and untested and we are genetically wired, likely in order to stay safe and alive for thousands of years, to crave what is familiar.

The South Node is where we are now and is the space of the energies ripe for release because they have outgrown their usefulness. Now, not ALL Sag energies have outgrown their usefulness - the good stuff, the stuff that is still valid and needed is going to be avialable to us in greater and more beneficial ways. As we move into the North Node and embrace the Gemini, we get the reward of the best of Sagittarius!

One of our challenges we will be facing with the North Node in the dualistic sign of the twins, Gemini, will be to understand we live in a society with a freedom of choice.

Not everyone is going to agree. Not everyone is going to be moving in the same direction at the same time or maybe not ever at all. Not everyone is going to be playing by the same rules. These differences are not going to make any of us any less safe - these differences are what is needed.

We will be releasing any certainty we have with "this is the absolute truth" which is different from "these are the facts", so that we can relate to each other where we are.

So we can listen and learn from each other.

We can't be afraid to be curious, to ask questions, to change our mind - this will all be good uses of this Gemini energy/ways we align with our best path forward.

This will not be about coming into consensus because remember Gemini is a dualistic energy.

We aren't trying to get anyone else to agree with us. Think student here, not teacher.

When we move toward this new mindset, what will happen, because the other person will feel heard (rather than judged/preached at) is we will easily add to the conversation ideas/thoughts/information that help the other person and our words will be accepted.

Now, this isn't some backdoor way to change someone else's mind about something (ie control what they think) because that's not our job and that won't move us in the direction we need to go (because we will be moving in different directions).

Instead, it is a way to get along with people we don't agree with - which we have all done all our lives, but somehow have forgotten how to do now. We will be able to expand the other person's perspective as we listen and allow them to expand ours bringing out the best of that South Node in Sagittarius. A good mantra will be something like, "when I am willing to listen and learn from the other person, I win."

Now, this will be just one challenge of the North Node in Gemini. This will be about everything from our relationship to our siblings/local community to our need to take multiple steps and make multiple choices to get somewhere. Not one big step. There won't be one big solution, but multiple smaller solutions. Like a few years ago when the North Node was in Virgo; small is the new big.

We will talk about this as we move through it.

And because the South Node (where we are now and the problems here are what is ripe for release) is in Sagittarius - the sign of our big beliefs/the sign of the sage/preacher - none of this is going to come easy.

We are in our isolated spaces having deserted everyone around us to explore 'our truth'. We go to our phones and computers and mostly see the stuff that supports what we have seen before - because that's how the algorithms online work now - and we get agitated when someone doesn't agree with us. We even feel the need to argue with other people on their own posts on Facebook or report people's "fake news" to them as if we are their mothers.

We're not their mothers (unless we are, and then, of course, we get to DM them and ask them what the hell they are thinking).

We are not the "truth" police. It's not our job to control what other people think.

Self-righteousness is going to be one of our biggest challenges.

This is one of the reasons the nodes in Gemini/Sag often bring in a time of WAR. We want to avoid that, right. We can all agree - war bad. Avoid the war.

We are going to be working with our very old and very entrenched beliefs; the very spaces we are used to thinking of ourselves as "right".

Also with the Sag South Node we can expect changes with other Sagittarius themes - foreign travel, higher education, weddings, publishing, religion, legal issues, etc.

Now, nothing happens in a vacuum and at the same time we are going to have Neptune in Pisces which makes it very hard to know what is "true" - which is actually helpful for this transit and we are going to have Uranus in Taurus, upending what we value/creating chaos with our security and again this works well with this transit. Because we can't 'do' the North Node in Gemini without some changes to our security and values. We can't 'do' the North Node in Gemini when we have all the answers. We have Venus back in Gemini like she was in 2012 when we could have blown this 3D popsicle stand, but obviously weren't ready (sniffle) and collectively chose, unconsciously, to stay put and fight this out - SNIFFLE!

So, best case with all this is we learn the art of conversation; the process of skillful interaction. Humor will help, too!

We learn to offer our words/ our point of view with a sensitivity to the way the other person is hearing them. We invite their responses. We share helpful information. We turn the spotlight on other people from time to time via our questions rather than just going on and on about ourselves.

Conversation is like breathing, right, we inhale and then we exhale.

OK breathing, which Gemini rules, as well as our lungs, brings us to this pandemic and this corona-virus.

So, we come into this nodal switch with many, many people at home, feeling vulnerable and unsure about our security, our work in the world - if there is even going to be a world.

That North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn - as this sh*t is apt to do - went out with a BANG.

With the Nodes changing at this time - because in astrology the chart when something begins sets up the whole game plan - it looks like we are going to collectively be deciding between two things/two ways of life. With the North Node in Gemini, coming to an agreement is probably not a possibility here. As a group we are going to come apart. We are going to split.

Right now, we are in a kind of limbo land. It's like we have been in an eight billion car pile-up. We have felt the initial impact of the crash. It was hard. It was fast. We had limited time to react. We are hurt and we suspect/know other people are hurt even worse.

The car crash has already happened.

But our car, and the others cars involved, haven't come to a stop yet.

We are still kind of tumbling around/flying through the air. So, whether we land in a soft marsh or slam into a semi going in the opposite direction or a brick wall isn't in our reality yet. We are maybe trying to avoid these worst scenarios, and maybe what we are doing is helping a little bit or maybe it is just creating a whole other set of problems. Like we have avoided the wall (a more rampant disease) which is a good thing, but then that semi is RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (the economy).

We don't know exactly what we are going to do and we don't know what the other drivers, and did I say eight billion, yes, eight billion, are going to do yet either.

I don't want to be negative because like I said we are still in the AIR. I also don't want to toss balloons over the car crash and call it a sweet sixteen party. Someday we will see the good/the silver lining that will come from this, but like I said .. the car hasn't even landed yet. Today is not that day. Tomorrow is not that day either.

I would suspect from the patterns and archetypes we are at a collective split. The cars are going to land on different roads and facing in different directions.

And in some very important ways we have already passed that split. Some of this is maybe already out of our hands. We are married to the future. But maybe there will be paths that lead to the other road in the future if we look hard enough. Then we will carry ourselves to this other space and watch our world reshape herself around us.

With Pluto retrograding back toward my natal Mercury, with my natal Mercury in serious, but also sometimes pessimistic Capricorn and with my third house Aquarius stellium including my Sun/Saturn making me a great over-thinker - I can gloom and doom with the best of them, believe me.

I could see a collective split in the future - being set up right now, between two sides of a scared populace. One side having been taken to the place where all we care about is that "this never happens again" and we give up our right to control our own body and our health via experimental/traceable vaccinations. We are tracked at all times, our conversations and our news controlled - for our safety and most importantly, for the safety of other people, of course. Or maybe there is no vaccine, so it isn't totally safe to venture outside just for pleasure anymore (we don't stop and ask if it ever was) - well who needs that park anymore, we can strip that land and give everyone a virtual reality headset for an imaginary picnic. No need to worry about keeping the cold cuts cold anymore either - another plus! And who needs other flesh and blood people in person - they are all so freaking germy - when we can just talk to the people who agree with us on Facebook or AI can just provide us with friends who will laugh at all our jokes, never be too tired to chat or out-cute us on bad-hair days. Money is dirty so that will go digital and yes it can be turned off and on, but why should we care about that, right? We pay our taxes. They won't turn our money off. We are the good guys. Masks and plastic shields will come in so many pretty designs and even though they could be totally ineffective, they are another great-equalizer and we will keep on buying them. We will call this side - the road for the people who value safety over all else.

And you might say to yourself, I don't value safety over all else, well, let's see then for you there is this other road - you cowboy/outlaw you!

Home to the people who value freedom over safety. This road will have less rules - no masks, no social distancing. There might be more illness for awhile at least, but maybe that will pass. This is the road for people who care more about "returning to the way things were before" or something like that. But maybe these people are not free to get on an airplane anymore or travel outside their "freedom" area or even work or live in certain places. There will be no trips to Disney World or trips to visit their family on the other side for this group. This is alot to give up, so maybe this road is not only the road less traveled, but maybe in not so many years, maybe not in our lifetime but maybe in our children's, it is the road not traveled at all.

This is very depressing, but the car is still in the air, like we said before

and there are certainly a thousand other/better roads - and almost surely I am thinking way too far ahead and extreme anyway. I know I am!

And there is always Chiron in Aries, we can draw ourselves up as the warriors we truly are if we need to.

In the meantime, maybe focus on the art of conversation part of Gemini/Sag. Give some thought to that. And we'll look at some different roads in Part III.

xo all

photo by the talented S-t-r-a-n-g-e

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