Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, January 7, 2019 - pushed and pushy, maybe something we didn't see coming, making the dream real, help from our ancestors

Today's Moon in curious and communicative Gemini opposes Mars (in Sagittarius) at 2:05AM EST. Boundaries are pushed. Our actions/our words might feel rushed/sped up. Avoid being too pushed or pushy. Avoid gossip.

The Sun (in serious and ambitious Capricorn) perfects her sextile to dreamy Neptune today (16 degrees). Limits somehow aid our creative efforts. Responsibilities prevent us from "escaping". Here is the Cappy/Pisces energy of "making the dream real", we had in play most of last year. Maybe we have to sacrifice something (end something) to get something else. Maybe we are taking concrete steps toward a dream. There is OPPORTUNITY here/magic/help from the ancestors.

Take practical action with whatever feels unstable/not solid. Give compassionate/artistic license or offer prayers for whatever feels limited/already structured/controlled by outside authority.

The Moon is waxing. The Sun is in Capricorn - what are we building?

Mars, while opposing the Moon, inconjuncts Uranus now, so there could be actions we didn't see coming. Maybe adjustments required involving our money, resources, income, purchases, our values and self-esteem. This week, as we build toward a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and a whole host of important celestial meetings - some happening for the first time in over 500 years - is not for sissies, so take care of yourself - get enough sleep, stay hydrated, meditate/pray.

Jupiter is connecting with the South Node all week, so karmic endings/beginnings, re-balancing of situations, re-connecting with past-life/ancestral souls - what is happening now matters and will impact the rest of the year - with Jupiter's tendency toward excess and exaggeration though it will be hard to separate what is important from what is overblown.

See the monthly HERE for an overview - everything through at least the 14th is pretty much in play now.

xo all

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