Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 30, 2019 - the eclipse spin cycle, letting go, culminations, contracts revised, new information, big ideas, courage is healing

An important week - let's unpack it.

MONDAY - Sun conjunct South Node/opposing North Node, Mercury trine Uranus
TUESDAY - Sun sextiles the Moon
THURSDAY - Mercury conjunct Jupiter
FRIDAY - Mars into Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct South Node/opposing North Node
SATURDAY - Mars inconjunct Uranus
SUNDAY - Mars trines Chiron

I will toss in some Moon info here because instead of doing the dailies I am going to be writing about 2020 all next week! Keep in mind the exact days are flexible because, other than the Moons, aspects are in play as they build and unwind, too (so a couple days on either side usually). Times are EST.

Because we are in the Eclipse spin cycle, in between two powerful Eclipses we really want to stay in the moment here -

looking too far ahead is mostly useless and often disappointing because Eclipses - and there is a big one coming at the end of next week - bring cosmic course corrections and resets.

So, for THIS WEEK - we have both the Sun and Mercury crossing the South Node of release/endings, in powerful Capricorn, this will be about our Cappy house theme or the collective themes of our father, heritage, career, goals, commitments, responsibilities, our structure - something is concluding/being defined here - this can be very old stuff/past lives/family karma. Old angers/resentments can dissolve. Case closed. Karmic commitments over.

We know where we stand.

At the same time, we have Mercury aspecting Uranus (change, the future) and Jupiter (expansion, optimism), so fresh information/ideas/commitments. Brilliant ideas. Practical plans. OPPORTUNITIES are coming in!

Stay open and pro-active. 

On MONDAY, the Moon, at the end of Aquarius, squares Mars, at the end of Scorpio, early in the day. Tension/frustration. Maybe a disagreement where everyone is dug into their position. Passion vs detachment. Emotions vs logic. Midday the Moon will arrive in mystical Pisces and make some nice contacts, so emotionally, the day should get better.

The Sun (at 8 degrees Capricorn) meets the South Node and opposes the North Node. Now Mercury is going to walk this same degree on FRIDAY, so the week is bookended with the energies of whatever is wrapping up, culminating or an issue/commitment/agreement from the past. Endings.

With Mercury trining a retrograde Uranus at the same time - maybe a contract/commitment is being revised. Our thinking changes. A new message comes in. Surprising news. We can expect the unexpected now - information, ideas, ways of thinking. Breakthroughs are possible.

We can change our mind or someone else might.

With both Mercury and Uranus in Earth signs - there is something real and practical and solid here. Uranus is still retrograde for a few more days, so although future-focused this will have its roots in something from the past.

On TUESDAY, the Moon in Pisces connects to Pisces ruler Neptune (this should feel good and is a wonderful energy to finish up 2019 - creativity, spirituality, an appreciation of the past, compassion, endings) and moves into her monthly Waxing Sextile - opportunity - this month with the Capricorn Sun. That seed we planted (intentionally or unintentionally) at the New Moon Solar Eclipse last week GROWS through a merger with the Piscean realm - imagination, spirituality, compassion, connection, love and/or the energies/theme of our natal Pisces house.

On WEDNESDAY, (2020!) - CUE THE NEW YEAR - the Moon appropriately moves into the first sign of Aries. 2019 is OVER.  Here is fresh initiative, passion, a new purpose/determination.  

It's a brand new year and a brand new decade and we are FIRED UP!

On THURSDAY - the Moon (in Aries) moves into a square with Mercury (in Capricorn). This is tension/frustration via conversations and information. For some a sibling, local community or transportation issue. Maybe we want to start something new or get moving with something, but there is a roadblock/a limit/some kind of responsibility or practicality that has to be taken into consideration. We are figuring things out. Maybe we are adjusting our actions and emotions to serious news/information.

On the same day Mercury is going to meet Jupiter at 7 degrees Capricorn. BIG NEWS. Maybe a big opportunity and keep in mind the Aries Moon's need to adjust.

Make the call/take the call.

Also keep in mind we want to be leaning toward something new/revamped because

on FRIDAY - Mercury conjuncts the South Node (like the Sun did on Monday). News about the past. Maybe a contract/commitment is over.  A responsibility/job ends. A sibling/local community/transportation issue culminates.

The Moon in Aries squares the Capricorn Sun giving us this month's Waxing Square. Now here is some obstacle with our New Moon story. The new vs the old. What we want to do vs what we have to do. A limit. Obligation. The Cappy Sun says "not so fast" Aries Moon.

Maybe we haven't earned this thing just yet.

The Moon sextiles Venus (in Aquarius) - here is a new opportunity/something new to love - something forward leaning. So maybe that square to the Sun (plus Saturn and Pluto, oh my!) gets us to the space - via the need to adjust/deal with reality and limits, etc - where we can take advantage of/attract or see the beauty in - something else.

Mars flies out of sharp focused Scorpio and into big picture, sky's the limit, freedom loving and fiery Sagittarius.

He's looking for action (and with the Moon in Aries answering to him and squaring the Sun - maybe he's even looking for a fight).

Mars in Sagittarius (through February 16, 2020) will have us looking for adventure over the next two months. Taking action that expands us. Pushed (in our search for the truth) to confront stuff that doesn't line up with our worldview so that our worldview can WIDEN. Sagittarius rules our big-picture beliefs which have a way of becoming actively more inclusive with Mars here.

Hopefully the truth changes us, rather than us changing the truth!

With Mars in Sagittarius - opportunity and expansion (Sagittarius) is generated through action, initiative and courage (Mars). Action (Mars) creates optimism/hope (Sagittarius). 

Quickly he moves into a fire trine with Chiron in Aries - exact on SUNDAY and in play for a couple days before and after. Something healing can fall right into our lap. We can move through what hurts and past those closed doors because we KNOW there is something bigger/better ahead of us. Be brave. Believe in yourself. Our action, our initiative, our courage, movement - is healing.

On SATURDAY, the Moon arrives in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation and just in time for the weekend. She conjuncts Uranus - a jolt/surprise/something new to love/own/value. Later in the day the Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury - the opportunity/contract/agreement - maybe the challenge we worked through earlier in the week is moving smoothly now.

She trines the Capricorn Sun giving us this month's Waxing Trine - solid manifestation, growth.

The only fly in the ointment on Saturday is Mars, freshly minted in Sagittarius, is now inconjunct Uranus in Taurus. The rock and the hard place. Mars in Sagittarius wants to go big and Uranus in Taurus is tossing in an unexpected monkey wrench - maybe around finances, our values, our resources. Radical action. Rebellion. Maybe this is to show us how much we want what we think we want or to SLOW US DOWN.

Keep in mind this aspect can make us accident prone (especially if touching natal planets/points or if we have a natal Mars/Uranus contact).

Avoid going too fast. Avoid angry confrontations. Things can be volatile. Be cautious.

xo all

photo by the amazing evenliu

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