Today's Astrology Forecast | December 4, 2019 - intuition, connection, partnership challenges, connecting with our goals and ambitions, turning on the light

The Pisces Moon squared the Sagittarius Sun - this month's waxing square - while we slept (EST). This is tension/frustration/the need to adjust between our dreams and wisdom. The Pisces Moon answers to Neptune, in his home sign, and the Sagittarius Sun answers to Jupiter in serious Capricorn - our decisions/beliefs are important and we can probably feel the weight of them.

Looking ahead the Sun (and later in December, Mercury) is going to square Neptune - so even as we finish up Mercury's final walk over his retrograde degrees - he starts walking fresh territory in just three days - there could still be some adjustments needed with our thinking and our beliefs. Hands still in play. Big changes ahead with the eclipse. We still don't know what we don't know.

The Moon then meets Neptune (10:18AM EST) - deep emotions, creativity, spirituality, connection, we might want to escape from any challenging situations brought on by the waxing square, but let's see if we can't go with the flow here instead, offer connection instead of judgement. This afternoon the Moon will move through some opportunistic sextiles with Saturn (3:14PM EST) and Pluto (9:41PM EST). Focus, work, this is good energy to get things done, connect with our goals, authority and responsibilities in creative ways.

Venus (also in serious Capricorn) is going to square Juno, so there is some tension between love/money/our values/self esteem and our contracts/relationship agreements. With Venus in ambitious Capricorn (not her usual loving self) and Juno in diplomatic and partnership-focused Libra, love can be difficult. 

The Pisces Moon will increase our intuitive powers - pay attention to your dreams and imaginative meanderings, watch for signs. At the same time, with all the Cappy energy today, we will likely be connecting with our goals, career situations, authority. It's good - as long as we take things seriously and know there will be some adjustments needed (the squares).

The big news today probably happens while we sleep - that Sun square Moon - and even though we spend most of the day with the Moon having moved on - keep in mind the Sun will still be at 11 degrees Sagittarius (where they met at 1:58AM EST) keeping this energy active until tomorrow, we might have to stand up for what we believe in now or adjust our beliefs.

Sag/Pisces can amp up the creativity and imagination, but also the "lala" factor, so it would be a good day - especially now with this powerful Cappy stellium - to face the stuff we might usually try to avoid. Slay the boogeyman, who only really exists in the dark anyway ...

xo all
(working on a December post so we can see further ahead!)

photo by the talented emptyredhead

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