Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, December 7, 2019 - power imbalances, transformation, what goes, what stays, the conversation moves on, focusing on comfort and security, no such thing as a sure thing

The Moon in Aries squares Saturn at 4:09AM EST then goes void off a square to Pluto at 10:05AM - she will be void for the rest of the day. This would NOT be the best day for holiday shopping. Especially big ticket items. The expensive sweater won't fit. The computer will need to be re-turned later.

That closing square to Pluto makes today's mood kind of chilly with power struggles (maybe the need to confront abuses of power), also transformative.

What are we keeping? What needs to go into the dustbin?

The good news (and we talked about this in the monthly HERE) - Mercury gets to 28 degrees Scorpio and begins walking NEW degrees. Bye-bye Mercury retrograde shadow - don't let the door hit ya'. New communications, information, ideas will begin to FLOW. Whatever got stopped up back in the middle of October can start moving again. Mercury also rules our local community, teaching, writing, siblings and transportation - as well as your natal Virgo and Gemini houses.

And we have Venus (in Cappy now) trining that retrograde Vesta (in Taurus). Here is us taking serious stock of what we already have and planning ahead so we have what we will need later. We attract what we want by taking ourselves (and our self-care) seriously and by valuing old resources/money/the stuff that used to keep us up at night. Our values/stuff based in reality are pulling this train forward now.

Mars is as strong as he will be for many months, Venus is deadly serious, Mercury has been back and forth over the details ENOUGH, the Moon is waxing (growing) - we are moving forward folks, and yes, nothing now is without some risk, nothing is unimportant, nothing will feel "for certain" - half the energies are answering to Saturn now - this month is no joke.

The Moon will be in Taurus late tonight into tomorrow and will start squaring Mars - we will probably be feeling very ambitious/passionate about SOMETHING.

The move is ours. The ball is in our court. Breathe. Know we came here for the emotional experiences - does that change your next move? What do you WANT?

xo all

photo by the talented Santina

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