Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of December 2, 2019 - fated situations, our luck changes, limits create focus and focus erases limits, serious conversations, our passion pulls us forward


SUNDAY - Waxing sextile with Aquarius Moon/Sagittarius Sun
MONDAY - Venus conjunct South Node, Mars trines North Node, Jupiter into Capricorn
TUESDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Mars
SATURDAY - Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow
SUNDAY - Sun square Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune, Jupiter square Chiron

December looks like a mini-me version of the entirety of 2020, so let's unpack the first week!

On SUNDAY, the Aquarius Moon moves through her monthly waxing sextile with the Sagittarius Sun. Here is opportunity (sextile) through growth and forward movement. Fueled by faith and optimism we move into the future/greater liberation/an increased ability to just be ourselves. This is also Jupiter's last day in Sagittarius!

On MONDAY, we have an important shift we are all likely to feel as Jupiter transits ALWAYS bring change and opportunity-

Jupiter leaves his home sign of Sagittarius - sniffle! - to join Saturn and Pluto and the South Node (and Venus for now) in sober Capricorn (a place he isn't very comfortable) for the first time since 2007 - what did you have going on in your life at the end of 2007 and into 2008 that was stabilizing and may still be active in your life in some way now? You may find some similarities in life-themes now as things shift.

Jupiter will be in Capricorn until December 2020.

In Saturnian territory, adventure-loving (and sometimes careless) Jupiter will become more limited, more sober, more ambitious. Our expansion/our abundance/our luck comes through our ability to get serious and focus in on one particular thing now. 

What also happens is that our Capricorn house - struggling under the weight of the impending Saturn/Pluto meet-up and challenging stuff already on our radar - can LIGHTEN UP or maybe the limits/restrictions might expand in some way.

In general it will be hard to know and will depend a great deal on the state of our natal Jupiter. 

For the most part, being in Saturn's house changes Jupiter - and Jupiter being in Saturn's house (Capricorn) changes Saturn's house. Think about the way a fun-loving nephew becomes more serious when visiting a cold-sober grandpa, but also the way the atmosphere in grandpa's house can lighten up with a visit from the fun-loving nephew.

It might feel like some doors are closing - because Sagittarius casts a wide net - but only so we can get focused in on the one door that is open. We can't move in just any direction anymore - although with Jupiter square Neptune (dissolving opportunities) for most of the year, we really didn't get the Jupiterian opportunities we otherwise might have, BUT we can, through attending to responsibilities/taking ourselves seriously/hard work EXPAND something in a more Capricorny way - built over time, more solid/practical, reality based.

So, the thing we dreamed up in 2019 will be the thing we get to build in 2020. By the time we get to the end of 2020 and Jupiter moves into Aquarius (at the same time Saturn does!) - we will have a solid foundation under whatever it is we will be working with for the next 12 years.

Collectively this will be about our careers/work in the world AND more importantly our natal chart Capricorn house theme. Jupiter can help ease any challenges in this house (Saturn/Pluto) and also expand - through increased optimism/wisdom - what will benefit by expansion.

Jupiter can and does expand things we don't want to expand (our waistline when in the first house for example), but I think with Saturn (and Pluto) in Cappy, too, excesses should get shut down quickly.

Taking things too far will probably not be an option any longer.

Yes, being in Capricorn can create some kind of delay or road block or just a splash of cold water for Jupiter - but, keep in mind there are advantages to limits, too!

When I first started making jewelry I worked exclusively with cork and people would ask me "how do you think of all these things to do with cork?" and I would say, "well, that's because it's all I do think about"- which isn't actually true of course I would also think about my daughter .. and my dog ... and sometimes nutella, but you get the idea. Creativity needs limits. If I say to you "make something", you'd be all over the place. If I said to you "make something out of a Cheerio's box", you'd come up with something amazing (yes, amazing, I have total faith in you).

Limits can create focus and focus can ERASE limits. That's Jupiter in Capricorn.

Happening at the same time, Venus conjuncts the South Node (maybe releasing what we used to love, old resources, what we used to get our self-esteem through, old values, etc - this aspect could also bring attractions from the past back onto our radar) and Mars trines the North Node (brakes off) - our actions creating opportunities that pull us forward and offer greater authenticity and a feeling of safety and comfort. With Mars in reflective and powerful Scorpio - the deeper we go, the deeper we'll go.

With multiple inner planets interacting with the South and North Nodes (our fate) - there is magic and synchronicity happening, so pay attention and keep moving.

The greater our commitment/passion for what we are going after and the more it points us in a more authentic direction (what feels like home) - the greater our chances of success now. 

On TUESDAY - Mercury sextiles Pluto and Venus sextiles Mars.

Doors open. Talks with authority/intimate conversations/financial communications can go smoothly. Mercury's aspect to Pluto is a repeating aspect - so like last week's sextile to Saturn, third time can be the charm here. Ask again. Say it again. Listen again. Venus sextiling Mars is great for socializing and romance. the boys and the girls are getting along. What we want is working together with what we need to do to get what we want. Again being committed and passionate gets the best results.

We will talk about the rest of the week in a couple days. We have five major aspects and a powerful planet changing signs in just the first couple days!

Heads up the Moon is void all day Monday - 7:27AM EST to midnight, so not the day to kick off anything brand new or send anything out into the world we need something to come of.

This is a mega-important month kicking off with Jupiter's move into the hot zone and culminating with the Sun crossing the South Node - bye-bye Capricorn karma!

Lots of stuff in the middle, too, including a big Solar Eclipse (with positive and supportive aspects for growth and change) on Christmas night.

Back daily with the Moons and a forward looking full December post in case December's workload gets me sidetracked!

xo all

photo by the talented Irina Joanne

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