Today's Astrology Forecast | November 29, 2019 - words are sticky, walking our talk, commitments, avoiding regret or guilt trips, responsibilities, practical accomplishments, nurturing, loving through any grief

Today is all about our serious Capricorn Moon.

Cappy Moons can sometimes make us feel like there is no soft place to fall, like mama has gone to work and the kids are home alone. We are just expected to man-it-up. We are nurtured by doing the right thing, being responsible, taking care of business.

Next month's Cappy Moon will be an eclipse on Christmas night!

The Moon is uber busy now and we probably will be, too - sextiling Neptune while we slept (all times EST) - putting a solid foundation under our dreams - sextiling Mercury at 3:39PM - walking our talk, commitments, intense conversations, signing on the dotted line, dealing with sibling issues/local community/transportation issues - Mercury is in the final degrees of his shadow period, walking this ground for the third time (how much clearer do we expect things to get?).

Then the Moon hooks up with Saturn (4:16 PM) - reality, authority issues, stepping into responsibilities, this can feel heavy - and finally goes void off her hook-up with Pluto (10:56 PM) - the final/final, the death/transformation, power.

So take yourself seriously today.  

Keep in mind - words are sticky. Say what you mean and talk about what you DO want and not what you don't. Don't allow your words/thoughts to box yourself in.

Avoid looking back. No wallowing/regret. No guilt trips. Look AHEAD. The future is so bright it would hurt our eyes if we could see it all - maybe that's why we can't.

Venus conjuncts Ceres (in Sagittarius) so nurturing stimulates love/love overcomes grief. Cycle of life issues can be handled more harmoniously/diplomatically/lovingly now. We are expanding, stretching ourselves, moving into new territory/new beliefs together.

Jupiter is now at the final degree of his home sign - actually conjunct with an asteroid named "Truth". What do we believe now? What do we have faith in now? This is the home stretch for something. He will be in Capricorn by Monday - whatever is being solidified now is going to stick and expand.

There is positive, forward motion. Maybe it's time to set into order what feels disorganized or chaotic. The Capricorn Moon is growing. Nothing easy happens in Capricorn, but the stuff we build gets built to last.

xo all

photo by the amazing aufzehengehen

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