Today's Astrology Forecast | November 4, 2019 - freedom vs commitment, taking a step back from all this merging to think things through, a crossroads, commit or quit, time to reorganize and focus, keeping a cool head

The Moon in humanitarian (and detached) Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio at 11 degrees at 5:23AM EST, giving us this month's First Quarter Square (have you seen our gorgeous Moon in the night sky?).

This is the first "crisis/problem/tension" point following last week's New Moon in Scorpio.

Happening between Aquarius and Scorpio - both fixed signs, so expect heels to be dug in - this is probably something like staying detached (I want to sit comfortably over THERE and be part of this and not part of this at the same time) vs throwing ourselves (our resources, etc) totally INTO the mix.

Our sweet point may be somewhere in the middle now. Or we may have to move in one or the other direction. Think crossroads. In Scorpio this could be about something we are lining up with now from energies we put out a long time ago - so do we still want this thing, because be assured this New Moon beginning is a COMMITMENT.

The emancipated Aquarius Moon requires us to take a step back and get a grip on ourselves amidst all this Scorpian emotion. "Is this what I really want/need?, Does it offer enough freedom? Are these my people? Is this taking me forward or backward?".

There are no easy right and wrong answers right now.

This is the time of the month when life tosses us an 'easy to see coming' CURVE BALL, so we can commit or quit, although with Aquarius ruled by Uranus, maybe this was not so easy to see coming this month. Mercury is retrograde; we are working things out - financial things, boundary issues, life and death matters.

Keep in mind commitments made with all this Scorpio energy tend to be very STICKY and messy (and potentially profitable, but also draining), so there's that to think about.

The square will color the day, and then at 11:27PM EST, the Moon will trine Mars in Libra.

Partnership matters move more smoothly later in the day. Agreements can be reached. Eyes meet across the dinner table (wait am I eating dinner at 11:27PM? well, if I am awake I am probably eating something, this cold weather makes me hungry/hangry - let's hope you aren't in my time zone) with compromise and kindness. Aquarius (the Moon) and Libra (Mars) are buddies.

It's easier to stay friends when we are on the same page and keep things cordial and balanced.

(partners does not necessarily mean romantic partners, grown children can show up here depending on what we are doing together, clients, people we hire like attorneys, some friends, our competitors, even enemies and Sully was telling me just the other day that people are either your friend or your enemy and this can change in 37 seconds - apparently kindergarten life is not for sissies either)

We are building toward tomorrow's exact Mars/Pluto square (a warlike power struggle aspect). Keep in mind things don't always happen when planets are exact - buildups and un-windings have impact, too, so stay frosty, cool headed (the Aquarius Moon will help) and SAFE.

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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