Today's Astrology Forecast | November 24, 2019 - risk and reward, love expands, what we want wants us right back, a silver lining with any break now

The Moon, in Scorpio now so nurtured through intimacy/depth/merging, meets Mars at 6:36AM EST (passion, initiative, conflict), moves into an opposition to Uranus at 6:51AM EST (break-ups, breakthroughs, breakdowns - maybe a preview of Mars/Uranus in a few hours) and finally conjuncts Mercury at 10:40PM EST (deep conversations, verbal intimacy, getting to the bottom of things, crunching the numbers, our heart and head aligned). This is an active/emotional Moon, so we will be feeling our way through things.

This is the day Venus catches up with Jupiter (28 degrees Sagittarius) on their way out of Sag and conjunct the Galactic Center (black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy - seat of creation). This could feel very good or very disappointing. Somehow we GET ALOT. Love grows. We are more attractive to luck, so apt to GET LUCKY. Good fortune. We expand our reach through socializing, through kindness, through our faith in other people. We are attracted to that green grass over there/to what is foreign to us/to what feels like a STRETCH.

At the same time Mars (in Scorpio) moves through his opposition to "anything-can-happen" Uranus (in Taurus). Impulsive action - which we could regret, so be careful here, if this is something you had never thought about before. Our actions may surprise us as well as the actions of other people. If something needs to change though - here is the energy to make that happen very quickly. Keep in mind Scorpio and Taurus don't play, so bridges may be burned here.

Breakdowns. Break-ups. Breakthroughs.

I lived through this entire scenario last week, with a dream come true right in the palm of my hand, which I then looked at more closely (Mercury was still retrograde then, so this should be more stable THIS week), so closely I could only see the one problem in the dream, which being the over-thinking Aquarian I am designed to be, lost sight of the 90% good stuff, and blew up the whole thing before it even really got started which I have deeply regretted all week, although my faith in my own intuitive core and the astrology here of a silver lining have kept me moving forward and will do the same for you if you screw this up, but hopefully YOU WON'T.

And I am not saying I did, but maybe I did, although there was a dark underbelly that would have been hard for me to work with. But, still ... sniffle.

This combination Venus/Jupiter coupled with Mars/Uranus speaks of RISK AND REWARD.

All year we've had this theme of what we have to give up to get to something better/more stable/more expansive/more authentic. Maybe this is more of that.

If we attract (Venus) something incredible we will have to have the faith to see it through, even though we can't see exactly where all this is going. And keep in mind with Venus/Jupiter we will tend to 'pay too much' in one way or the other and things tend to turn out not quite as rosy as we pictured. 

On the other hand, if something collapses/breaks, we will have to have the faith to see this was necessary to get us to the space of really knowing what we want (maybe by losing it?). This "losing it" might not need to happen if we are already clear on wanting what we get/have here and not too fussy that it isn't exactly what we ordered up. On the other hand - does that make two or three hands now? - this "losing it" might HAVE to happen because it isn't the right thing/right now and that dark underbelly, if there is one, is .. well, just too dark.

As always authenticity/knowing ourselves/trusting life MATTERS.  

As of right now, my experience with this transit has been heartbreaking (and having almost no one but myself to blame is doubling the impact), but likely because I moved too fast and then pulled back, throwing myself ahead of my horse, so to speak, and landing on my ass.

So if you are going to go for it - go for it. Move toward that BIG LOVE/what your heart wants. Don't let fear hold you back or the idea that something isn't exactly perfect. If something breaks apart - have faith in the silver lining and that life has a bigger/better plan lining up for us, the New Moon on Tuesday will help see to that ....

xo all

Sorry to be so insufferably vague about my situation, but I feel it still ironing itself out somehow in some way I can't quite foresee (no clear crystal ball here I am afraid) and that I do not want my written words to influence the outcome - oh, and buy a lottery ticket ...

photo my the amazing prismes

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