Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 11, 2019 - a clear head and new cycle, important information, opportunities, hope, watch for delusion, stay grounded, get ready because our luck is changing

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT WEEKS of the year with one of the best Full Moons.

Take advantage of the first few days!

MONDAY - Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun (18 degrees Scorpio)
TUESDAY - Full Moon in Taurus (19 degrees Taurus), Mars sextile Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Mercury retrograde trine Neptune retrograde
THURSDAY - Jupiter conjunct Galactic Center / Venus squares Neptune

On MONDAY - heads up IMPORTANT DAY - a retrograde Mercury meets the Sun at 18 degrees Scorpio (in play from Sunday through Wednesday depending on your time zone). Mercury can get a bit obsessed in Scorpio, especially moving backwards, and here comes the Sun to burn off the muck and CLEAR OUR HEAD.

Stay present. I am glad this is a holiday in the U.S. because Americans really need some time to THINK.

Information comes to light. Ideas. Conversations. Communication. What are we talking about AGAIN? Thinking about AGAIN? Reading/Writing/Learning about AGAIN?

This is a time of renewed CLARITY.

For some people - a sibling, local community, transportation issue can be spotlighted/re-spotlighted.

Whatever this is, it MATTERS (and gets re-activated at the end of the month when Mercury re-walks this degree moving forward).

We are halfway through this Mercury retrograde now and like clockwork - which this is - we get a kind of "aha" moment around whatever this slog through the depths of Scorpio (the merging/purging, life/death, financial/sexual) is about for us.

This is the inferior conjunction (kicking off a new cycle, kind of like Mercury's New Moon) and we will get the superior conjunction with Mercury direct on January 11, 2020 in Capricorn (the results/impact of what we put into motion now, kind of like Mercury's Full Moon) at 20 degrees.

There are a couple (million? billion?) ways this could play out, but basically we are EVOLVING or we are setting up a cycle of RE-PETITION.

Keep in mind Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries; beneficial Jupiter for only a few more weeks (in his home sign), and only recently DIRECT -

if we believe we have been screwed/life isn't fair, etc - we will continue to attract more situations that prove to us that, yes, we have been screwed/life isn't fair and we are never, ever getting that pony EITHER.

If we believe in fresh starts and opportunities to make things BETTER then that is EXACTLY what this energy is offering us. Happening in Scorpio whatever this is, it is SERIOUS. Happening when Mercury is retrograde this won't be a totally new situation.

What house is 18 degrees Scorpio in your natal and progressed charts? What is the theme of that house? How about 20 degrees Capricorn? We will talk more about this in the Full Moon post.

On TUESDAY - heads up IMPORTANT DAY - the Moon moves to 19 degrees Taurus and opposes the 19 degree Scorpio Sun giving us this month's Full Moon. Conjunct a retrograde Vesta - we could be focused in on an OLD commitment/devotion/focus - something that ONCE kept us up at night.

In Taurus this will involve our Taurus house theme or the collective Taurus themes of money, our resources, our value, our self-esteem, what brings us comfort and security. 

The Moon and Vesta will be trining Pluto (and Saturn) - authentic power, something real and LASTING. We have either already paid our dues with this thing or we will have to, but this is something tangible and stabilizing.

Mars sextiles Jupiter - action taken through partnerships or with other people create opportunities for EXPANSION. Mercury is just past his meeting with the Sun - wide awake and super-charged with information.

We will talk about this in the FULL MOON post (next post). More commit or quit. This is one of the best Full Moons this year!

On WEDNESDAY - heads up IMPORTANT DAY - a retrograde Mercury now sextiles Saturn and then trines a retrograde Neptune. Now we are using that info from earlier in the week. We are clear-headed. Talks are serious now. Here is the effect we caused.

With that trine to Neptune, maybe we are thinking/talking about an old dream. Re-vising an important plan. Information/communication flows. Our ancestors dreams/stories are playing out through us. Our INTUITION is high.

We had these aspects back on October 14th and October 15th with Mercury direct, so events now could connect back to mid-October.

Keep in mind that the next day, THURSDAY - heads up IMPORTANT DAY - Venus will square Neptune (tension/frustration/obstacles) - so things could feel/look better than they actually are. Keep an eye on your values, your heart, your wallet. Stay grounded and focused on facts and the bottom line. We don't want to be attracting something that will DRAIN us. Avoid drugs/alcohol.

At the same time Jupiter is crossing the Galactic Center (seat of creation) for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter is a brand new man now meeting with billions and billions of SUNS. We will have access to this (expansion, optimism - a change in our beliefs) until around November 24th. Another level of life is now available to us and we have alot to learn.

Our beliefs are CHANGING and with them our luck (Jupiter).

Too much is happening this week to be "business as usual".

This time period is VERY IMPORTANT, so treat things seriously.

We need to be ready for anything.

Back with the Full Moon post and some dailies to flesh this all out.

xo all

photo by the talented Julie-de-Waroquier

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