Today's Astrology Forecast | November 6, 2019 - getting to the bottom of things, talking/thinking it out, praying for help, meditating for answers, imagining the future

The Moon is in spiritual, compassionate, healing and creative Pisces now as we build toward Friday's final (building the dream!) Neptune/Saturn sextile of 2019.

She sextiled a retrograde Uranus while we slept (2:43AM EST - our dreams change/expand move us into the FUTURE) and then squared Venus at 5:41 AM EST - maybe an early day clash around money, our values, self-esteem, beauty or with a woman. What we want and what we need are not on the same page. Keep those rose-colored glasses in the drawer. Avoid extremes if you can. Avoid escaping from problems into lalaland.

Keep in mind our Scorpio energies - we are getting to the bottom of things, measuring things out, finding the truth - working through this week's commit or quit energies. Talk about it. Dig in. Crunch the numbers.

Things pick up and smooth out as the Moon starts building toward a late night trine with the Scorpio Sun - this month's Waxing Trine - a time of GROWTH in our naturally flowing monthly cycle. Aided by her early morning sextile with Uranus and fired up by that clash (obstacle) with Venus - stop pushing now, move with the energies.



A message can come in now. The Sun and Mercury are diving deep - the facts are here, we've had to work to get to them. But now we just move with the waters/go with the flow.

This is healing energy. Our intuition and creativity are very strong now. Ask your ancestors for help. Their story moves forward as yours does.

What do you really want? What are you willing to work for?

xo all

photo by the talented Julie-de-Waroquier

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