Today's Astrology Forecast | Novmeber 15, 2019 - void moon in the morning, our focus turns to that home/family/real estate/mother situation, change is good tonight, another brick in the wall

Todays' Gemini Moon goes void at 6:40AM EST off a trine to Mars - so stays productive. She will be void until 11:15AM when she moves home to Cancer likely turning our attention to home, family, real estate, nourishing, mothering/security situations. She quickly squares Chrion leaving us easily triggered and uber sensitive for awhile. At 6:15PM EST she sextiles (opportunity) a retrograde Uranus - we are nurtured by doing something different, through unusual people and situations. We are in emotional alignment with the hive-mind. Change is good.

Ceres moves into sober Capricorn preparing for her part in the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction. With the Moon in Cancer and Ceres changing signs - mothering issues might take precedence. Ceres in Capricorn is the winter mom (turn off the lights, close the door, you weren't raised in a barn) and the working mom.

Nurturing is serious business. Things will need to be done just so. No dessert until we have cleaned our plate. Access to those soft spaces to fall will depend on the Moon's placement now. Another celestial body in the sign of the reality police. Beginnings. Endings. Walls.

Ceres moves from the green fields of Sagittarius into the snow covered mountains of Capricorn.

Can life get any more serious?

Yes, it somehow does.

Ceres rules nurturing, food, the seasons/nature, mothering, situations with special pets, season of life issues, loss/rebirth, things outside our control - something here gets more serious or we need to take it more seriously. Boundaries are defined. We will feel nurtured when things are organized. Hugs can feel off-limits (sniffle) - this is the energy of mom and daughter working together. Or mom working and daughter/son comes home to a cold kitchen and dinner needs to be started. Not because mom isn't caring, but because mom needs to bring home the bacon. This is more efficient. This keeps everyone alive.

If we are dealing with a situation outside our control - we will do what needs to be done now.

Situations with important pets need to be taken seriously.

Health situations need to be taken seriously, too.

Nutrition will be especially important (I type this eating a Milano cookie for breakfast, Ceres won't be in Capricorn until late tonight - note to self - get some real food in this house today!). We could find ourselves working through our meals now or eating more sparingly. Setting goals around what we eat would be a good way to use this energy. Treating our body as a machine will not.

Ceres will be in Capricorn until February 1, 2020.

xo all

photo by the talented Julie of the world tree

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