New Moon in Sagittarius | November 26, 2019 - the new adventure, a wise beginning with some surprises, adjustments, agreements reached, win-wins, healing, expansion, learning and more than a little luck

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 10:05AM EST, the Sagittarius Moon meets the Sagittarius Sun giving us this month's New Moon and our annual New Moon in fiery Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign. The mutable signs prepare us for the change into the next season and this Moon really has her work cut out for her!

New Moons are the time to set new intentions and working with Sagittarius themes (and the themes of your Sagittarius natal house) NOW allow the natural energies to work with us. As the Moon waxes (grows) over the next two weeks, and really over the next 6 months, so does whatever our intentions set into motion.

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign (ruled by Jupiter and ruler of our collective 9th house) that rules travel, freedom, adventure, legal issues, higher education, politics, the media, good luck, faith, religion, weddings, optimism, truth seekers, boldly going where no man has gone before, THE QUEST  -

it also rules carelessness, taking shortcuts, thinking we are right, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and looking at something else, overconfidence, impatience and superficial fluff.

Besides the monthly lunar energy of "new beginnings" this particular Moon has its own relationship with the other players in the heavens based on its position. That is where the real juice of any particular New Moon can be found.

So, let's unpack the chart!

The Moon/Sun are just past their inconjunct to Uranus and trine to Chiron. Something about this fresh start is unexpected - maybe not exactly what we had planned and we have had to or will have to adjust - and also this is somehow healing; maybe able to make us more self-sufficient or require us to step into our personal authority, learn to deal with our anger/passion issues.

Since the Moon and Sun are past these aspects (just barely though) this stuff could be in the recent past.

The Moon/Sun are moving quickly toward a meeting with Pallas (the Moon gets there today and the Sun gets there on Saturday) - wisdom, new strategies, focusing on greater optimism and greener pastures and the BIG-PICTURE are pulling whatever we are starting now FORWARD. 

We can make wise, informed choices even as we adjust to whatever surprise or future-focused change Uranus is/has tossed our way. Pallas is sextile (opportunity) Juno in cooperative, balanced and diplomatic Libra. Agreements are reached. New relationship chapters begin. It's a win/win.

The Moon/Sun are exactly semi-sextile Mars. I had been taught semi-sextiles were problem aspects like inconjuncts, but I haven't found in my own work that to really be the case. I usually find them bringing in some kind of balance (kind of opposite of the way inconjuncts bring us the rock and the hard place). In this case with Scorpio (Mars) and Sagittarius (Moon) it suggests the Moon (and Sun) providing optimism to Mars more cynical maneuverings and in reverse, Mars (in Scorpio) bringing depth and discernment to any tendency of the Sagittarius Moon to take something too far or to move solely on faith or bravado.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so rules this New Moon.

Sitting at the Galactic Center (black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy) he really powers this energy up. Having just had a nice chat with Venus - we will look at her next - and almost finished with his year-long journey through his home sign (Jupiter brings the goodies at the beginning of his transit through a sign and at the end) - he is in an excellent position to provide luck, expansion and abundance now.

Venus, powered up from her meeting with Jupiter at the Galactic Center moves into real-deal Capricorn just hours before the New Moon. This makes the stuff we attract now more stabilizing/more sticky. More tangible. We can hold it in our hands. Kiss it good-night. Take it to the bank. Keep in mind Cappy requires work and living up to responsibilities/taking things seriously.

Mercury is direct at 14 degrees Scorpio, a degree he/she walked retrograde back on November 15th, so something now could connect back to that time. This is his final walk over this degree so something we were dealing with (maybe through re-vison, etc) at that time could change course/move forward at this time. And she/he is moving toward that flowing trine to dreamy Neptune on Thursday

(third time's the charm with that conversation/information or sibling/local community/transportation issue).

So, this is a fresh start for our Sagittarius house theme - a smart new beginning that broadens our experience and/or expands our reach or beliefs - with a surprise twist coming from our Taurus house theme and some healing/learning coming from our Aries house theme. Partnerships/other people create opportunities and win-wins.

With the ruler of the New Moon moving through the Galactic Center - almost anything is possible!

Collective themes here are Sagittarius (new, smart and strategic beginning) - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking, Taurus (forward-leaning change, surprise) - our resources, money, values, self-esteem and Aries (healing) relationship with men, a man or the masculine, anger, passion, initiative, autonomy, independence. These are the collective themes - the themes of your natal chart may be more personally relevant.


As always, write your New Moon intentions down by hand in script. Use strong ink and a clean sheet of paper. Do this in a quiet, respectful manner in a clean space. Light a candle.

Trust the process. We have used our words to cast our S-P-E-L-L.

People always say that affirmations "only work if we take action". And this is true, but not in the way some people think because the affirmation is action.

It sets the energy in motion.

Words are not just words.

If used properly, in the right frame of mind, they line us up energetically with the thing we are seeking.

The New Moon is a time of darkness.  

Think seeds in the ground. Our words are our seeds.

We won't have a Sagittarius New Moon with Jupiter in his home sign for another twelve years folks - let's not waste this one!

Set those intentions. Know that life has heard you. Know these things are already yours.

xo all

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