Today's Astrology Forecast | November 27, 2019 - the morning after, easier to figure out the right thing, what's real comes with us, old triggers around love, money and self-esteem pushing us toward something new

The Moon continues her journey through fiery Sagittarius - squaring a retrograde Neptune at 6:37AM EST (avoid over-doing, pay attention to your dreams) and then building toward her final conjunction with Jupiter in his home sign for 12 years (exact tomorrow morning) - Jupiter will be in Capricorn on Monday folks.

An hour after his square to the Moon, Neptune stations direct at 15 degrees Pisces - after his five month retrograde (he stationed at 18 degrees).

Sometimes when Neptune stations direct, it's like the morning after we have what seemed like a great idea and now it doesn't seem so great anymore - the delusions/illusions of the last few months/weeks are swept out to sea. This can bring a kind of melancholy (or maybe for some a relief). At the same time fresh creativities are being birthed and the dreams that need to move forward can. By tomorrow - Neptune will be more stable, the Moon will have moved into practical Capricorn - we will know what is real, from what is not real.

If we have been having trouble figuring out what is the "right" thing to do - that is about to get a whole lot easier.

As Neptune moves forward he will make an opportunistic sextile to Vesta (in Taurus). Some issue/situation involving our resources/money/values or self esteem - can shift now. The dreams that are meant to move forward with us and the stuff we are devoted to that we can hold in our hand/the stuff that keeps us up at night working together. This is a repeating aspect we will have again in early February. We are harmonizing the spiritual realms and the very ground beneath our feet.

Keep the focus. Keep moving forward.

At the same time we have Venus moving into her own painful square with Chiron. Money issues, love tangles, self-esteem situations - whatever is hurting has its roots in older/deeper woundings. Venus will move on to a trine with Uranus by tomorrow (smooth change, nice surprises) and the Moon will be making some nice aspects, too - so tomorrow is another day, so to speak.

The Moon is waxing (growing). The Cappy pile-up is GROWING, too. Jupiter is in Sagittarius for only a few more days. By tomorrow, our heads will be clearer and  all systems really are set to GO. No more excuses. There is a gift being offered to you through your natal Sagittarius house theme - it may not look exactly the way you were hoping it would look, but an ADVENTURE is being offered.

There is an open door somewhere.

xo all

photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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