Today's Astrology Forecast | November 5, 2019 - short fuses and power struggles, indirect aggression, a need to be flexible, all day Void Moon, hunting for clues, working our way through a necessary tension

Our Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter at 6:26AM EST - good time to push/expand, get out there and DO something with other people or for a cause or group goal (like Vote!) then goes void at 9:37AM EST, off a square to a retrograde Mercury in Scorpio (difficult conversations/information).

She will be void all day until she enters Pisces at 6:08PM EST when we will start to feel more compassionate, more in need of connection, more sensitive, more creative.

We have two challenging aspects perfecting today. Mars (in "can't we all just get along" Libra) is squaring Pluto (in Capricorn) and Venus (in "blue skies" Sagittarius) is inconjunct Uranus (in Taurus). This is also the day Saturn and Pluto are parallel so events around this time will almost certainly be connecting to the big Saturn/Pluto conjunction energies of 2020.

Mars/Pluto is a war aspect, so keep this in mind now. With Mars debilitated in polite and social Libra, holding in the passion/anger/initiative - the square to powerful Pluto can be EXPLOSIVE. This could also show up as a smiling face and pretty words with something very different happening underneath. This is power struggles. Tension/frustration playing out within our relationships.

Pluto is making sure we are stepping into the power we naturally carry.

Are we going to manipulate situations or force something to be under our control or are we going to be our authentic selves with our own AUTHENTIC POWER. Letting go of losing battles so the "fight" loses steam rather than gaining power could be helpful now. So could using Libra's more subtle powers of persuasion and keeping things in balance in a "real" way, no passive-aggressive bullshit.

Avoid confrontations with wild eyed strangers and intimates (or wolf in sheep's clothing), dark alleys, road rage situations. Fuses are short. You know the drill. Your kitty cat may have nine lives, but you only get one in your current body, so take care of it, so we can get to all the goodies this month has to offer once we get past this stuff. This tension early in the week is NECESSARY.

Then we have Venus inconjunct Uranus (Sagittarius/Taurus). This is a rock and a hard place. Maybe we want adventure/expansion/something outside our comfort zone, but this transit could trigger impulsive changes that rock our wallets/self-esteem/values/resources. We will need to be flexible via changes and whatever this new, expansive vision is Venus in Sagittarius is bringing us because it's not going to play out exactly the way we are expecting.

This is more energy that can lead to indirect aggression.

Don't panic and throw a bunch of money at something or compromise your values trying to hold onto something. Mercury is retrograde - we can't be thinking too far ahead. We are GATHERING INFORMATION. We are a detective on a hunt for clues.

Keep in mind the short term - the long Void Moon - vote early or late (if you are in the U.S., depending on your time zone) and roll with the flow. Do stuff you do all the time or you might find yourself doing it all over again when the Moon isn't void.

Keep in mind the long term - especially if you are feeling half-dead right now, which is exactly what Saturn (reality) meeting Pluto (death) is going to feel like. Losses have cut deep. Chiron is triggering ALL OF US because all of us have Aries (survival) issues. Relationships are not the soft spaces to fall they used to be because everyone is dealing with their own stuff. Uranus in Taurus is trampling through - and this is just getting started - our values, the way we make money, our resources, our relationship to the PLANET. Uranus brings chaos and disorder, but unlike Plutonian changes that are permanent, Uranus is temporary. Reality isn't being destroyed. It is being REVIVED. And keep in mind always right now that North Node in Cancer - calling us home, back to our authentic selves and to the new/old missions we came here for.

xo all

photo by the talented Forlorn Treasures

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