Today's Astrology Forecast | November 14, 2019 - overwhelm, uncertainty, fantasy clashing with our self-esteem or our wallet, expansion, intuition, new beliefs creating our new reality

Today's Gemini Moon is going to oppose Venus at 9:15AM EST and square Neptune a few minutes later while Venus is reaching her own exact square to Neptune. So we have a fast moving mutable t-square (overwhelm, changing circumstances/emotions, too much happening at once) and a longer Venus/Neptune square playing out (the fantasy clashing with our self-esteem, our money, our values, women or maybe what just isn't fun anymore or what do we have to give up to get what we want?).

And our stressed out Moon is answering to a retrograde Mercury! How are we supposed to decide, figure out what is important, etc?! Well, sometimes we just can't.

Jupiter is at the Galactic Center (our homing signal) - we aren't going to know exactly where everything is going because we are all creating this next reality TOGETHER.

Things can't be DEFINED and understood right now with our minds.

Our beliefs/craving for expansion (Jupiter!) are moving things forward. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Pretty much anything we do now can succeed (even beyond our wildest dreams and in ways we can't begin to imagine) or fail - in the sense that our expectations are skewed to begin with, in another sense things can't/don't really fail, they simply evolve and yes, I realize this thinking doesn't always help when things feel that they are failing - ugh.

We are going to have to go with our intuition because our brain is fried out and overwhelmed at the moment.

Maybe this space of not knowing (probably reached by knowing too much - all the information coming at us these days is insanity producing) or kind of feeling half-dead is where life had to get us, so we don't overthink every move we are going to make! When we have lost everything and don't know what we want - we are kind of ready for anything, aren't we?

This journey has been going on forever and always will be.

(and if you are feeling particularly drained now, know that we have a HUGE awakening coming next spring - hang in there and keep moving forward)

I would suggest to go with the flow now. What is right in front of us? What needs to be done first? What do you want to do? Keep in mind we have all the stabilizing energy of that Full Moon in play now, too. Something lasting. Structure. What we can hold in our hands. What we have built and are building.

Our minds will want us to PROVE our intuition and that isn't going to work. We will be chasing our own tail and calling that a journey.

Today's mutable energies will require adjustments. A give and take. This tension/frustration is necessary. We don't have to be the smartest person in the room. We don't have to get it all done. We don't have to know how everything will turn out to reach for our turn. Really. If we are burning the candle at both ends, keep in mind that Cancer Moon is coming. 

xo all

photo by the amazing sea-of-ice

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