Today's Astrology Forecast | November 8, 2019 - freshly ambitious, dreams come true, more commit or quit energies, the wise choice offers expansion/a stretch, transformation of structures/our reality/our ambitions

The Moon moves into fiery and independent Aries at 6:49AM EST. She moves through Aries unobstructed today - good for new ambitions, doing things for ourselves, acting on our passion, getting something started. Avoid impulsiveness/aggression/selfishness.

The big news today is Saturn (home in Capricorn) gets back to 16 degrees and sextiles (opportunity) Neptune (home in Pisces) for the third time this year. Reality (Saturn) meets the dream (Neptune). With Neptune retrograde - this could be the time an old dream/ideal gets new legs.

We won't have this sextile again until 2031 and we will never in our lifetimes have this energy with both planets strong and stable in their home signs!

When we last had this sextile (June) - we had Neptune squaring Jupiter at the same time, plus that Full Moon in Sagittarius answering to Jupiter, so it would have been harder then to get a handle on this. Things could have seemed better/bigger than they actually were.

This time around we have the Sun (in Scorpio) sextiling Neptune and trining Saturn at the SAME TIME, so mega support for something deep and truthful - a transformation of physical structures/material reality - IF we are willing to really COMMIT TO IT

(which means we have to really want this because this is going to take WORK and an investment on our part and a merger with other people and their resources - this dream needs to come from a space of authenticity or we can create the dream and find out it is really a nightmare - we get it and then don't want it - these energies are neutral and don't really care if we live happily or miserably ever after - again this draws us toward that North Node in Cancer - coming home to our authentic self).

Saturn will require work, time, responsibility. The Sun in Scorpio will require commitment/mergers/intimacy. Neptune will require a sacrifice/an ending. We will have to give something up - independence? money? time? relationships/projects? a belief? - to get something ELSE. The Sun could also produce a result or wrap up of something.

At the same time Pallas (our wisdom/warrior energy) is moving into expansive and optimistic Sagittarius (legal issues, foreign issues, weddings, our big-picture beliefs, travel, politics, higher education).

The wise choice will likely be something that feels like a STRETCH.

Mercury is still retrograde - we are still gathering information, revising, reviewing. On Monday, Mercury will meet the Sun - information coming to light, coming to a DECISION.

In the meantime, take some action NOW toward what you want and it is equally possible for something to drop right into your lap.

Pay attention to what is being brought to your attention NOW. What comes to light between now and Monday? What is already going on in your life? What is on your radar?

Next week we have more amazing energies including a Full Moon in lucrative Taurus that will EXTEND today's positive energies, but what we do today MATTERS.

The only thing stopping us these days is our old beliefs that keep us from matching the new Aquarian Age energies. That's it. Nothing else.

xo all

photo by the talented Mishkina

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