Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 4, 2019 - power struggles early in the week, working for the dream, solid opportunities, magical assistance, mining for gold, an important cosmic reboot

SUNDAY - the Sun trines the Cancer North Node, Venus trines Chiron, Juno moves into Libra (until September 20, 2020!)
TUESDAY - Mars squares Pluto
FRIDAY - Saturn sextiles Neptune (third of three), the Sun trines Neptune, the Sun sextiles Saturn, Ceres conjuncts the Galactic Center

On SUNDAY, Venus (in optimistic Sagittarius now) trines hurting/healing Chiron at 2 degrees Aries. Independence and initiative combine with faith and optimism to move us past old triggers and woundings. We are exploring new desires. It feels good. Jupiter is out of the shadow of his retrograde now, so new adventures/expansive ideas and situations can be percolating.

The Sun is trining the North Node in Cancer (10 degrees) - shining a light on a path forward; the way home. Doors can open this week. At the same time the Sun is sextiling (opportunity) the South Node (our Cappy goals, career and ambitions). Remember when we DO the North Node well we GET the South Node goodies. The Sun is in Scorpio, so whatever this is for us, it could involve intimacy with other people, merged financial dealings, other people's resources, the stuff we have dug up, truth (Scorpy stuff), etc.

Juno moves into Libra, where she will reside due to her winter/spring retrograde, until September 20, 2020! So we have the planet (planetary body) of marriage and contracts and partnership and commitment, and yes, also jealousy and maybe revenge and "look the other way" so this whole house of cards doesn't implode - she was the wife of the philandering Jupiter after all - in the sign of relationships and balance and "look the other way so this whole house of cards doesn't implode" Libra for a LONG TIME. With Juno in Libra - balance/equality/fairness - within relationships and contracts will be important. Balanced partnerships will matter. Imbalances will become more visible and harder to ignore. Relationships are our MOST IMPORTANT learning platforms. It will be important to be kind to each other for the next YEAR. To not lose sight of each other's beauty and the symmetry we have together when we are in our groove. With Juno in Libra we will want to shine as equals. Sometimes, lately, hubs and I have days where we just say to each other "ok, let's be nice to each other, because right now we are all we've got" - something like that. Ack!

On TUESDAY, we have the big challenging aspect we have been building toward since Mars got into Libra (doesn't it feel like Mars has been in Libra for four years instead of four weeks - or is it just me?!) - Mars squares Pluto at 20 degrees. Power struggles within partnerships. Maybe career/work vs relationship kind of issues. Mars is just past his square to Saturn. How hard all of this is hitting you will depend on whether the planets are interacting with your natal planets/points or whether you have Mars/Pluto or Mars/Saturn aspects in your birth chart (current transits will activate natal aspects). Mars/Saturn is (basically) pent-up frustration/roadblocks and Mars/Pluto is a compulsive desire to push forward/become more powerful.

Both are stressors.

Saturn is forcing us to not fly off all willy-nilly. We need a solid plan. We need structure. Pluto is making sure we are stepping into the power we naturally carry. Are we going to manipulate situations or force something to be under our control or are we going to be our authentic selves with our own AUTHENTIC POWER. Letting go of losing battles so the "fight" loses steam rather than gaining power will be helpful now.

FRIDAY, looks like all the goodies are dropped in our laps at once. We have the third of three Saturn/Neptune sextiles of 2019. Making the dream real. The sacrifice to get to something more stable and longer lasting. I said in the beginning of 2019 we needed to take this year seriously and start with the end in mind. Well, here's the end. Of this one at least. And keep in mind this is the date the aspect is exact - it has been in play for the entire year and will continue for a few more weeks/months, but the BIG power of this is NOW.

This is where our dreams and reality meet. Hard work makes our dreams come true.

This can be a time of rewards for past work.

This is excellent energy for creating a solid foundation around a creative/spiritual business or finding/building a dream home or home life. Pisces rules the ethereal realms - our muses/angels are standing by to help us PLUS the Sun is trining Neptune TODAY!

Neptune is retrograde this time around, so this could be about an old dream, something maybe we had put away and now are being called to bring back to life in a more solid/real way.

Neptune (our imaginations/dreams/art/spirit/healing) has been working WITH Saturn in 2019 (his squares to Jupiter this year have made it hard to feel this, but the squares are in our rearview mirror now) - not like in 2016 and into 2017 when they were squaring each other! Instead of our dreams (Neptune) being trashed by reality (Saturn) or our foundations/goals (Saturn) drifting away (Neptune) something we've kind of gotten used to in the last couple years - now our dreams can be supported/grounded (sextile) in reality.

Keep in mind Saturn stuff builds over time - so patience may be required here. And keep in mind Saturn/Neptune aspects often involve a sacrifice - we have to willingly give up this, to get that.

Also today we have the Sun joining this aspect - trining Neptune and sextiling Saturn - bringing that Scorpian life and death/intimacy/shared resources/other people's money into the mix.

We are digging up the buried treasure now folks!

At the same time Ceres is crossing the Galactic Center (seat of creation) - that mothering issue, situation with an important pet, season of life issue, situation where we have no control - is getting a TOTAL RE-BOOT. This will also bring a huge wake-up call about our commitment to Mother Earth.

This feels like a very POWERFUL week.

Monday morning looks stressful (first quarter square Moon - Aquarius/Scorpio), but the evening looks smoother and more supportive. The Moon will be void most of the day Tuesday off a square to Mercury after a sextile to Jupiter - so we are feeling expansive but then, not all news is good news maybe, tension between heart and mind. Tuesday is also the day the Mars/Pluto square is exact (power struggles/tension and frustration via relationship passion) and Venus will inconjunct Uranus - we will need to be flexible via changes and whatever this new, expansive vision is Venus in Sagittarius is bringing us, it's not going to play out exactly the way we are expecting. So, Tuesday is tense. By Tuesday night into Wednesday with the Moon in Pisces we are feeling more sensitive, compassionate and creative. Mars is past that square to Pluto and we want to move forward, BUT Mercury is retrograde and will have us re-assessing the financial aspects/the resource merging/the way this will impact our intimacy with other people. By Wednesday night and into Thursday our intuition will be strong. What do we really want? We will pay attention to our dreams. Meditate. Pray. We can ask our ancestors for help - our story is still impacting their energies - they can, and want to,  help us! On Thursday night when the Moon in Pisces squares Jupiter we have access to higher information/realms. Thursday/Friday there is alot of magic in the air. By Friday morning the Moon is in Aries - we need to believe in ourselves and know our value. Lots of creative and stabilizing energy late in the week.

Saturday looks more stressful maybe, but I am getting too far ahead - let's look at the Moon in the dailies!

Back tomorrow.
xo all


Cynthianewhart said...

I love your forecasts Jersey Girl!

Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you Cynthia! BIG HUG!