Today's Astrology Forecast | December 5, 2019 - a long void moon followed by a second wind, nurtured by men, pushing through obstacles and moving forward

Our Moon in imaginative, spiritual and escape-prone Pisces went void off a trine to Mercury (at the final degrees of her 'third time's the charm' re-walk through Scorpio) at 3:14AM EST.

She will be void until 2:44PM EST when she moves into the 'fresh start' energy of Aries. So wrap things up early in the day, focus on practiced production rather than on starting anything brand new. Expect some wonk and do-overs. That closing trine - brakes off - to Mercury, deep in Scorpio, makes this a good day for deep communications (intimate/financial) or digging through the underpinnings of something.

In Aries, the Moon will have us nurtured/comforted through interactions with men, independent action, initiation, our passions/anger and impulsivity.

She will square Jupiter at 4:08PM EST. Life gets busier - is this possible, yes it is! - we get involved, push through obstacles, make adjustments and make things happen. Aries/Capricorn squares are the old making way for the new or the new making space for the old. Jupiter adds confidence and enthusiasm. We could feel some over-confidence, but maybe that's what we need now!

We have Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Ceres and the South Node - all in Capricorn with Saturn and answering to Saturn. We have Uranus in Taurus (answering to Venus who's answering to Saturn, and even if we see Uranus as answering to Ceres, as I sometimes play around with, Ceres is also in Capricorn and answering to Saturn), so Saturn is dispositing Uranus. We have Mercury headed into Sagittarius in just a few days (answering to Jupiter who's answering to Saturn), so Saturn will disposit Mercury, too. Yes, it is Saturn's world and we just get to live in it!

It might feel like the heavens have decided we should skip the holidays and rush right into 2020 "New Year - join a gym and work extra hours to pay off the bills" mode. Maybe this is why so many people felt the need to put their holiday decorations up so early this year!

All this Saturn is not necessarily a bad thing (did I actually just write that?!), but it is all rather extreme what with Saturn being our daddy/authority figure and ruling the way we use and misuse our own authority, responsibilities and commitments. Alot of attention is tossed on what power/authority can (and cannot) do now, also on the finality/repercussions of choice we've already made.

Keep in mind though we still have the Sun in sunny Sagittarius for the next couple weeks (before he moves into, you guessed it Capricorn ... and although, yes the Sun in Sagittarius is answering to Jupiter who is answering to Saturn, the Sun is above getting disposited, although certainly some Cappy flavoring is added, but we will never  feel this anyway with all the other old-man Saturnian energy we are having to deal with), we are still fueled through optimism/through a focus on the greener grass over there.

Until a few days ago Jupiter was in his home sign of Sagittarius for the last year. Everyone was given opportunities in 2019 even as we've dealt with these Cappy endings. Jupiter in his home sign lived up to his end of the bargain even though I feel (and I may not be seeing this clearly or maybe I am seeing it perfectly clearly because transitting Neptune has been sitting on my natal Jupiter for what feels like forever) his squares to Neptune dissolved some of our "luck". Still, the opportunities have been there. And if we are feeling like we didn't take advantage/notice them, there are still some twists and turns ahead, folks, our "luck" has certainly not run out!

The Sun in ONLY halfway through Sagittarius. Is the glass half-full or half-empty - that is up to us! The field may have narrowed, but there are still open doors and doors still opening. Optimism and courage in the pursuit of something that expands our reach is still driving everything. Mars is nearing the middle of Scorpio - the ancient ruler of Scorpio, he is the strongest right now that we are going to see him for many, many months - it is a time to be moving things forward.

I don't want to see us beating our heads against the wall, but nothing is really 'dead in the water' while Mars is still in Scorpio!

Once the Moon gets passed the square to Jupiter and conjunction with Chiron tonight (maybe an old pain is triggered when we push too hard, this doesn't mean we give up, we can move past this quickly!) - we will almost certainly start to get a second wind.

xo all

photo by the talented DeBally

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