New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn | December 25th and 26th - the eclipse portal, time to wake up, you gotta believe, letting go of our public or professional story, creating the space for new and unexpected abundance

At 12:12AM EST on Christmas night (December 26th, 2019) our Capricorn Moon meets our Capricorn Sun at 4 degrees giving us the Capricorn New Moon - this year happening so close to the South Node of the Moon, a total Solar Eclipse.

Conjunct Jupiter (the Sun reaches 5 degrees and meets Jupiter on the 27th) and the South Node (the Sun reaches the South Node on December 30th)

and trining a retrograde Uranus (separating) and squaring Chiron (separating) AND kicking off a powerful Eclipse Season (cosmic reset = anything-can-happen) this is a BIG one.

Capricorn is as rich as an earth sign gets, is ruled by daddy Saturn and presides over the darkest time of the year so you know he is one serious dude. I'd call him "sir" if I were you. I'm sure he shops at Barneys (sometimes Home Depot) and carries a platinum card - that he has earned. He was most decidedly not born on third base and does not believe in the 4 hour work week.

Any New Moon in Capricorn has themes around hard work, ambition, common sense, perseverance, efficiency, organization and responsibility. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and so ruler of this New Moon Solar Eclipse is strong in his home sign and only seventeen days from his exact meeting with Pluto (power, death, transformation).

OK! Let's unpack the chart!

The Sun/Moon/Jupiter together means our energy, our emotions, our beliefs are on the same page here. Either about something connected to the theme of our natal Cappy house or the collective Capricorn theme of our career/work in the world/public life.

This New Moon speaks of significant new beginnings (with extra potential to build something solid, lasting and lucky/expansive), and conjunct the South Node, significant endings and completions.

Conjunct Jupiter at the one time of the year (when Jupiter is near the Sun) when Jupiter is invisible means that during the actual eclipse, as the Sun is eclipsed and made invisible, Jupiter is made VISIBLE. So, as the Sun goes dark, it is Jupiter (our galactic Santa Claus) - our beliefs, our optimism, the space inside us that wants to explore, go out on a limb, reach for more/better/greener pastures - who is making an impact.

The Sun/Moon is coming off a trine to a retrograde Uranus and off a square to Chiron - we are moving forward/toward something new and untested through the painful reopening of old wounds around our masculine energy - our ability to stand on our two feet/take care of ourselves/be seen and heard/or just know what the hell we are doing/have what we want. Or maybe the New Moon situation stems from our previous Uranian actions or a Uranian situation - maybe being innovative/letting our freak flag fly, being erratic or rebellious, maybe being separated from a group or being detached/too detached.

Whatever our situation, we have had this Uranian event or something having to do with our Taurus house theme or the general Taurus themes of money, our values, self-esteem, our resources and we have had again this Chironic pain (around our masculine wounding/a humbling and requiring us to be brave).

This stuff is in our past, but with Chiron rather unhealable and Uranus going to re-travel this same degree again going forward - this stuff is, like our rearview mirror warns us, closer than it appears.

Then, this eclipse comes along and literally ECLIPSES OUT this whole thing (keep in mind there is another eclipse in TWO WEEKS in Capricorn's polarity sign of Cancer).

The Moon blocks the Sun and the flow of energy to planet Earth is interrupted - focusing our attention on that point. THAT POINT where these things are in the past (the Uranian and Chironic events) and where Jupiter - expansion, good luck, truth - is in OUR FUTURE and Saturn is just this tiny little bit from Pluto after taking 500 years to get back together here in Capricorn.

So, we get a cosmic reset, much like a computer being turned off and back on and the program that uploads at restart is a little bit (or quite a lot) different than the one we ran on before. Eclipses change us, and we (vibrating differently) change our circumstances by attracting or repelling what our new self lines up with. 

Eclipses (similar to a super charged full moon) will eclipse something out or bring something to light or alternately cover it up and then the New Moon seeding will activate the promise of any slow moving transit currently present in our life.

One tricky thing with eclipse energy that I have found from personal experience as well as other people's charts is they often work backward. The thing the eclipse is "eclipsing out" or "bringing to light" or "covering up" can happen days or weeks before the physical Sun is overtaken by the Moon. Often almost exactly one week or one month (or two months) before (or after).

Jupiter/Uranus can be unexpected luck.

What makes Jupiter lucky? Well, believing he is lucky for one thing. Optimism. Believing in something bigger than himself. Having faith. Taking something further. Going out on a limb. Jupiter tells us we can't be playing small. We need to be playing a bigger game to get the most from this energy.

That Chiron square speaks of bravery/initiative/passion. Maybe we have to get pissed off.

With all this happening conjunct our Cappy South Node - we could be feeling nostalgic, maybe regretful. This is where we get the effect we have caused or the effect of what we are holding onto.

The culmination point. The Sun will actually reach the South Node on December 30th - contracts end, a responsibility ends, old-rules/limits will be dropped or they will be choking us, game-over, dues paid (or the payment set into motion).

But keep in mind this IS a New Moon - a beginning, too, and conjunct beneficial Jupiter - a good sign of things to come. So we get a fertile mix of new beginnings/opportunity and powerful closures. In Capricorn this could be the letting go of a public or professional story of who we are (or who we come from/through) that opens up the space for the new to take root.

The Eclipse in two weeks is very different and we'll talk about that in the next post.

xo all and Merry Christmas!

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