Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday December 9, 2019 - * HEADS UP * green light - a time to be applying our best efforts to get tangible results

You can see Sunday's energies HERE

I am putting Monday up early because there is some great lunar energy, with the Moon in mid to late Taurus - the sign of her EXALTATION, that you might want to find a way to benefit from.

First, late tonight (Sunday night) Mercury moves into Sagittarius. And even though he/she is in his "detriment" in Sagittarius (being Gemini's polarity sign) - this year with Jupiter answering to Saturn, I think as long as our words/ideas/communications (also sibling, local community and transportation situations) are grounded in reality, optimistic, yes, but also serious and not frivolous, this won't be a bad thing. At least the back and forth through the never ending layers of Scorpio is over. 

The Moon is waxing (growing) reaching fullness in just a couple days - so whatever we use Monday's energy for, it should be something either almost finished, almost culminated or maybe something we have already put some thought/action into.

We can use Sunday's Sun/Neptune square to pray/meditate on the best ways to handle Monday.

On MONDAY, the Taurus Moon will sextile Neptune (9:19AM EST - making the dream real) then move into smooth trines with the Cappy pile-up - Venus (11:07AM EST), Saturn (2:54PM EST) and Pluto (8:12PM EST).

So, think about the themes of your Taurus and Cappy houses - in my chart, for example as a Scorpio rising this would be between my 3rd house (communication, information, writing, teaching, learning, siblings, local community, transportation) and 7th house (partners, other people).

Collectively Taurus rules our 2nd house of money, values, self-esteem and Capricorn rules our careers, work in the world, our public persona/reputation - we can all use these themes.

MONDAY is one of December's best days for applying our efforts and getting tangible results. Taurus is our fixed earth sign - so the lunar energies work best for something practical, something we can hold in our hand - a real thing, more than a concept. Something that we want to be lasting and something that provides comfort, security, stabilization will be best.

So, what can you do on Monday to move something forward?

I am negotiating terms/costs on a lease for a building, so I know Monday is the day I want to talk again to the owner. Maybe you have something going on that could use a little astrological good timing. Monday is a green light.

xo all

If you have planets or points in the mid to later degrees of Taurus and/or Capricorn you will probably get the strongest results. Also note Monday's good aspects are lunar and fleeting - they only apply to Monday.

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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