Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, December 14, 2019 - taking care of ourselves, avoiding being overly sensitive, stressed and stretchy, when that something dead in the water thing lands in your driveway

Today's Moon in Cancer opposed Saturn at 4:31PM EST, then Pluto at 8:47AM EST and finally goes void at 10:56AM EST off an opposition to Venus. She will be void ALL DAY until she moves into loud and proud Leo at 10:56PM EST. Sunday is a much better holiday shopping day.

We also have a waning inconjunct between our Sagittarius Sun and the Cancer Moon. 

So today feels a little 'stressy', especially early in the day - maybe career/goals clash with home/family, our priorities with our ambitions. Maybe it's a clash of values. The Moon is at home in Cancer, but also very sensitive and security focused.

The void Moon can also make things a little wonky. It can be hard to focus.

Our efforts might not amount to anything - so, it's not the time to start anything new - and we might find things have to be done over again when the Moon isn't void. Purchases could be regretted later.

Time gets kind of stretchy.

BUT with the Moon connecting with the Sun (this month's waning inconjunct - a rock and a hard place, but still a connection) and benefic Venus just before the void, there is still much creative energy available, not to mention our approaching trine (exact tomorrow) between Jupiter and Uranus. Today could be better than the Moon's position would have us expect.

Our efforts can make a difference.

Enjoy your Saturday. Keep in mind our Cancer North Node's need to take care of ourselves.

xo all

Venus/Pluto meeting right on my Mercury in my third house yesterday perfectly suited the 'death' of my twelve year old car. Not good news, but at least it happened as I pulled into my own driveway, so there's that. And now I have to GET to buy a new car. But not today.

Car purchases are big deals for me (and most people, obviously).

A few years ago - well, actually, I guess it was twelve years ago - how is that possible?? - I wanted a hybrid car and the Prius seemed too small for my business and my life.

I started researching the Ford Escape (the word escape even kept appearing in my life and by research I mean one afternoon on the internet looking at reviews). I decided I wanted one.

I wanted a light blue Ford Escape - I wasn't so much thinking about GPS and stereos and cup holders and safety things - I was just thinking light blue. I called all the dealers within 100 miles and none had an Escape that wasn't black or white. They all told me it would take months to get one in my choice of color. And of course, I had procrastinated the whole process to the point that I needed a car right away.

I decided to go test drive a white one and see if I could live with it - I had already owned a white car (we only get so many cars in our life, so why repeat colors is my way of thinking with this) and I really didn't want another white car. I was on my way out the door to go to the closest Ford dealer when hubs called reminding me about going to a friend's house for dinner and that we needed to bring dessert.

So, I skipped the nearby dealer and drove to a dealer a couple towns further so I could stop at our favorite bakery. I was test-driving a white Escape and was on a back road a mile or so from the dealer, and suddenly I spied a light blue Escape sitting in a parking lot; a parking lot filled with new cars; a parking lot that happened to be an overflow lot for the dealer. It was brand new - fully loaded - more than I wanted to pay, of course ... but light blue.

I drove back to the dealer and asked them about the car in the back lot - they looked at me like I was crazy -  they didn't have a light blue Escape in their back lot. I drove the sales guy back there and he was surprised to find that I wasn't crazy (this was a first for me, too - finding out I'm not crazy), checked their records and discovered that the Escape had never been entered in their computer.

Hubs and I realized later that we had the wrong week for the dinner and celebrated my new car by polishing off the entire boston creme pie ourselves.

Now, it isn't like this car saved my life or turned out to be the buy of the century, but do I believe that a whole bundle of little things had to fall into place for me to have that car - YES

(sniffle, I will miss her).

Do I believe that the universe/my higher self/God wanted me to have this car? No.

It wasn't like I saw it and thought, "I am supposed to buy this".

Do I believe that the universe/my higher self/God wanted me to see that I could manifest this car without pushing, without me making things happen myself, that little things could fall into place for me in magical ways when I got clear on what I wanted?  

Yes. And I believe this is what I was supposed to see because this is what I did see.

The problem is I am not usually so clear on what I want.

I am the girl who has sat in indecision growing cobwebs and rust and depression while birds roost in my hair and summer turns to fall

My Sun (plus Mercury and Saturn) is in my third house and one of the things this house rules, being messenger Mercury's domain, is transportation. So, let's see if twelve years older and wiser I can be a beacon (attracting what I want/need) and not a searchlight once again.

I feel much more attuned to what I don't want than what I do right now though ....

photo by the talented BirdSophieBlack

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Valentinus said...

Maybe it’s time for that Prius. We’ve said ours is the ”perfect car” ever since we bought our first one.