Today's Astrology Forecast | December 6, 2019 - taking ourselves seriously, honoring what we value while still moving forward, courage and confidence, smooth pavements and roadblocks

The Moon continues moving through assertive and independent Aries today - squaring Venus at 5:57PM EST (tension  around what we need to do to get what we want and the rules/limits blocking us, a need to adjust our sails) and trining the Sun at 8:04PM EST.

This month's waxing trine (brakes off) with the Sun at 14 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon at 14 degrees Aries, is sandwiched between today's square to Venus (love, money, our values, self-esteem, beauty) and tomorrow's squares to Saturn and Pluto, all in "serious as a heart attack" Capricorn. If you are making important decisions now, I hope you are taking them seriously. 

The trine moves things forward through courage (Aries) and confidence (Sagittarius) or maybe through initiative (Aries) and faith (Sagittarius) or maybe this is really the same thing.

A trine is a 120 degree aspect in astrology. Two planets (or points) are forming one side of a triangle. They are working in harmony, stimulating each other toward increased activity and SUCCESS.

We want (and always have) some of these in our natal birth chart. They are our subtle super powers. We can't see through a wall, but maybe we can see when someone is bullshitting us. We can't leap tall buildings with a single bound, but maybe we can leap over obstacles without getting mired in indecision.

Or we could think of them like a tool we are carrying in our pack for this lifetime. We need a screwdriver. We pull it out without thinking, we use it, it works, we put it back. It's something that's there. And it's helpful.

Once a month, during the Moon's waxing (growing) cycle, the Sun and the Moon reach 120 degrees apart and form a trine.

So although Aries always trines Sag - courage and confidence, initiative and faith always work hand in hand - here is the time in the lunar cycle (and this is brief, but powerful energy and we will only get this particular trine once a year) when we get access to the tools we need to move this month's very particular New Moon energies FORWARD.

Of course, this year, all the Cappy energy, which is impacting ALOT right now (but not EVERYTHING) is squaring the Moon, because Capricorn squares Aries, so it creates a need, even with that smooth-flowing trine - to take certain limits/rules/authority/responsibilities into account now. With Venus there could be financial/resource limits or maybe a partner isn't on the same page with us, with Saturn rules/tradition/authority, with Pluto power - maybe somebody else is calling the shots or holds all the cards - or maybe it just look/feels like they are. We are approaching Sunday's square between the Sun and Neptune - everything is not exactly as it seems now. Stay open and flexible. Don't get to wedded to your beliefs.

At the same time we have the Sun moving through an awkward inconjunct to a retrograde Vesta moving through the middle of Taurus. Here is a rock and a hard place. The Sag Sun wants those greener pastures/to expand his reach, but here is this thing that we once were devoted to/held sacred/kept us up at night - this thing that must still be honored. Maybe it's a resource. Maybe it's what we have earned/valued.

With the Sun trining an Aries Moon (brave action) at the same time, we don't exactly want to let this stop us dead in our tracks, we want to keep moving with courage and confidence, but we don't toss the baby out with the bathwater and we DON"T (those approaching lunar squares to Saturn and Pluto) NOT - yes, I love double negatives -  take this seriously. So, take this seriously, don't move into something stupid, just to move.

What are our values? What's most important?

Maybe we can't have the adventure and keep all those benjamins in our piggy bank (for example), so what's it gonna be?

Mars is in Scorpio - very strong, in a sign he once ruled - and the Aries Moon is answering to him.

Let's keep moving forward.

Let's keep digging for truth, looking under rocks and shaking things out.

Tomorrow, Mercury, will reach fresh territory for the first time in nearly two months, we will know what we are looking for when we see it.

xo all

photo by the amazing oprisco

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