Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, December 15, 2019 - moving toward whatever is falling into place, faith in a better future, making the call, expanding our reach, the goodies are outside the box right now

The Moon moved into fun-loving Leo last night where she squared Uranus (a need to be flexible, unexpected change of plans) at 4:01AM EST and will trine Mercury (fiery and creative conversations) at 3:17PM EST.

The big news today is Jupiter reaches his exact trine (brakes off) to anything-can-happen Uranus.

Last week's Venus/Saturn/Pluto was heavy and maybe depressing. Cycles ended and new cycles began. With the Moon waning we might only be feeling the endings though. In my own life, many things ready to die/fall apart, did.

Today's Jupiter/Uranus coupled with our Leo Moon should help re-light any fires that last week's events put a damper on. This energy is inventive and forward-focused.

With Jupiter, we have to have faith/optimism. With Uranus we have to be ourselves. What is the theme of your Capricorn House? What is the theme of your Taurus house? There is powerful flow between these houses RIGHT NOW.

Collectively this is about our careers/public life, our fathers, our foundations and our money, our resources, our values and self-esteem. We all have access to these themes!

Uranus can get us from point A to point B very quickly. Unexpected doors can open. With Uranus retrograde, something from the past could get re-invented. This energy will be in play for a couple more days and we still have the Sun in the blue skies of Sagittarius until next Saturday!

This is an earth trine - so something real and practical can fall right into our lap.

With Uranus, it will be future-focused and almost certainly 'outside the box' (or maybe group-focused). With Uranus retrograde, it could be something with its roots in the, probably recent, past. BUT this does NOT mean we go back to the past. If we have done this before - it is a NO GO.

Jupiter in Sag made alot of promises last year, now in Cappy and especially with this contact to change-maker Uranus in 'take it to the bank' Taurus, he can actually get to deliver the goods!

In Cappy and Taurus - this could be about financial security. The long term building of something that expands our reach. Uranus in Taurus is busy changing our values, allowing us to see the way our self-esteem connects to our finances, changing the ways we make and spend money and revamping our natal Taurus house.

Keep an optimistic outlook. A small thing is not a small thing now. It is a SEED.

The glass is half-full - I know this hasn't been easy lately for many people, but there are multiple reasons to predict positive changes ahead and LIBERATION.

Jupiter/Uranus can provide spontaneous and fortunate opportunities. We only need to be ourselves, stay flexible (things may not play out exactly as we expected), not be afraid to get our hands dirty and walk through the doors that open now.

With Jupiter we have to have faith.

xo all

photo by the amazing Julie-de-Waroquier

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