Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, December 28, 2019 - independent work earlier in the day, good date night, words get weighty, another brick in the wall as the eclipse spin cycle continues

The Moon moved into humanitarian Aquarius late last night (take a breath and a step back) and squared Aquarius-ruler Uranus at 5:32AM EST - maybe we wake up with an answer, an "aha" moment, a twist to our morning routine or plans, a jolt. The square makes today better for independent work/activities.

At 9:06PM EST, the Moon will hook up with independent-minded Venus - a time for socializing, friendships, online stuff. Even in detached Aquarius - this should feel good. 

The big news today happens just before midnight, one more piece gets placed into our mid-January puzzle - Mercury (our thinking, ideas, communication, writing, teaching, transportation issues, local community situation, siblings) enters earthy and serious Capricorn.

Capricorn is a serious sign. It rules the dead of winter and that indomitable mountain goat who just puts one foot in front of the other until he reaches the summit.

With Mercury (thoughts, communication, ideas) moving into Capricorn today, our words will NEED to be taken seriously.

Communications will be fact-checked. Sentences will be properly punctuated and spell checkers will be applied.

Ideas will be more traditional. Keep this in mind if you find yourself shutting down more innovative/radical ideas (or your own being nixed) - stay flexible.

Words that are focused and precise are most effective now. Commitments get made. Contracts signed.

Traditional stories and songs will resonate.

This isn't Mercury's favorite place to hang out - and he knows he has a meeting with all the big shots in January where he will be out-gunned. He/she (Mercury is androgynous) prefers words be fast and flexible and Capricorn is the opposite of this. Words are solid here. Flowery language isn't welcome. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.

When we take our words and ideas seriously other people will, too.

(This is also true of all Capricorn ruled things such as businesses - if we don't take our business seriously no one else will. Women say to me "my husband doesn't take my business seriously and he won't take it seriously until it makes serious money" and I'm always thinking "he won't take it seriously until you do and you won't make serious money until then either". Some people do get lucky, and I have a few times, making money without taking things seriously. I've always found that money doesn't stick though - I need to be serious, ie have sustainable systems in place, to make "sticky" money.)

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn does alot of what it does out of fear.

If we are awake, we will be able to see how fearful thinking and negative language holds us back and/or is connecting us to the wrong things (probably old things that used to work for us/keep us safe) and holding us separate from the stuff we really want and need.

Mercury will be in Capricorn until January 16th.

Keep in mind we are in between two powerful eclipses designed as cosmic reboots and course corrections. There is mega potential for growth now - although many things will be outside our control.

The Eclipse cycle started HERE and will close out with a Full Moon in Cancer on January 10th where the Moon will oppose the pile-up of energies in Capricorn!

For people, and this will run in families (and 'work' families), carrying Capricorn karma - 2019 (and early 2020) was and is a closing-out cycle. Something that was part of our structure, our career, our public/outer life is changing/finished. Maybe we have been/are being humbled. This created/is creating a need to focus on home and family and our inner life. Relationships and careers and activities and commitments that we no longer are in alignment with will feel like they are eating us alive ... because they kind of are!

Take care of yourself.

The North Node in Cancer speaks of prioritizing self-care. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do to protect yourself. Time alone. Eating well. Getting enough sleep.

We'll talk more about this is in the weekly. Happy Saturday all!


photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva

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