Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 19, 2019 - just when we need to take the decisive action we aren't sure what is true or what we want, but we still have to take the decisive action or something like that, trust your instincts

Today's Virgo Moon went void off a trine to Venus while we slept (EST) - forward movement on our goals/ambitions, details/questions around our values, resources, love or self-esteem and then moved into Libra at 5:04AM EST.

In Libra, she moves into a square to Jupiter (in Capricorn) at 11:33AM EST bringing some possible tension/frustration through other people/partnerships or with our goals, authority, limits.

Mercury (in Sag) squares Neptune (in Pisces) at 16 degrees. Foggy, sloppy or lazy thinking/confusion or expansive imagination/spirituality - depending on how we look at this and how we use it.

Maybe something is exaggerated/too good to be true or feels like a sales pitch.

Squares are tension/frustration so this could be challenging information regarding a Sag or Piscean subject - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs and higher thinking or what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing.

The fog has rolled in. The sand has shifted.

We will need to think twice about what we are saying/communicating. Misunderstandings are possible. The truthfulness of whatever we are dealing with will be complicated.

We could be lied to or we could be the one spinning a tangled web.

Treat what you hear/read/experience now with a sense of curiosity - ask yourself - "well, isn't that interesting?" - stay curious. People, including us, will think they know more than they do. Things can look better, or worse, than they actually are. It would be best to read this post, and everything else you are consuming via language now, with more skepticism than you normally would.

The best news today is we have Mars (in Scorpio) sextiling Saturn (in Capricorn) at 19 degrees - note, Saturn is almost out of his retrograde shadow (20 degrees), but not quite - so although he has been direct for a while, we are still working through old story-lines within our Capricorn house theme or the general, collective themes of our career/public face/goals.

So, although Mercury/Neptune will tend to lead us off-course, Mars/Saturn will get to the crux of things/will get us to the truth.

We don't have to know exactly where we are going to take decisive action. Drive/ambition can help us to work through complicated tasks.

Here is the energy to make solid progress on a long-term project. Putting our head down and just doing it sounds about right with these energies. With Saturn, the rewards will come later.

So, the Mars/Saturn grounds us in reality - our actions and our goals/authority are working together to provide OPPORTUNITY and this makes today a GO, just keep in mind everything won't be quite as it seems. With a big Neptunian contact we want to avoid avoiding. We don't want to just dream this day away. 

What do you need to do? The Moon is waning and this week is filled with great closing aspects - what needs to get done.

Also keep in mind our Moon's move into social, balanced, aesthetically-focused and relationship-focused Libra. Time to get out and about. Maybe do some holiday decorating. If shopping, just keep in mind that square to Jupiter and don't over-do it.

Tomorrow, Venus will move from Capricorn (the rules) into Aquarius (the space we let go of the rules), so even as the Moon in Libra moves through the squares to the Cappy planets, she will be helping to lighten things up!

xo all

photo by the talented oprisco

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