Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 9, 2020 - stressful situations and then a kind of peace, staying present as the sleeping desire for life is powerfully re-awakened in us, this is just how it is

The Moon continues her journey through Scorpio today - we are nurtured through intimacy, truth, getting to the bottom of things, purging what is no longer needed. She has some tense aspects - a couple last night while we slept that could color the day (stir up our fears, obsessions, control struggles) and then a nice trine to dreamy Neptune late tonight.

Perhaps the kind of peaceful ending that comes when we realize the things we are stressing over are outside our control and we relax our grip from that disconnected steering wheel we've been clinging to for dear life.

Tomorrow's lunar aspects are smoother, more opportunistic. If something important can wait until then I would push it off.

Keep in mind where we are - the Moon is waning now.

We've waded into the river. Wait. Scratch that. We rushed into the river. We are fleeing something. And then the shocking cold water and mud at our feet has brought us to a complete and sudden STOP.

Forced to take shelter here, in a kind of in-between space. There is no going backward (maybe picture a snarling raptor on the shoreline or a disappearing island engulfed by the hot lava of a volcano), but every step forward just creates more mud. The shocking situation we find ourselves in is designed to wake us up. Stay present. There is no clear way forward (ie no way to move forward without muddying the water) because there is no clear way forward.

That's just how it is.

And instead of saying, "that's just how it is right now" see what it tastes like to say something even more expansive like "that's just how it is".

This is about living in uncertainly because when nothing is certain then anything is possible. This isn't just a bumper sticker.

Ask someone who has had a near-death experience about the euphoria that follows that; the desire for life that is stirred up. Then imagine for a moment what almost 8 billion people could create with that desire.

If we could talk to our great-great grandmother (and we can actually) we could ask her what it was like to wake every morning not knowing if her family would survive the day or how she became pregnant without going insane not knowing if the baby, let alone her own body, would survive the birth. We could ask our great-great grandfather (and I almost certainly don't need all these 'greats') what it was like to spend 100 hours a week working a field not knowing if the weather would even allow the crop to survive let alone thrive.

They would just look at us and shake their heads and say something like, "that's just how it is", they would wonder at our sanity for even asking the question.

"Life is uncertain", they would say. 

And then maybe, if we are lucky and I think we are (because there wouldn't be an "us" in the first place if we didn't have a lot of strength and a little sass in our gene pool) - they would wink.

xo all

photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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