Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - protecting home and family, stir crazy, what needs to be attended to, being a part of it and not apart of it

The Moon is home in Cancer now, nurturing us through home, family, mother, mothering, real estate, home business, family business.

At 6:21AM EDT, she squares the Aries Sun giving us this month's First Quarter Square.We talked about this in the WEEKLY and I will recap here:

"Maybe here is home/family vs our independence/what we want to do.

Fueled by the Sun in "let's get something started" Aries, staying at home/feeling tied down can get challenging now. With the Moon in Cancer this will be emotional. We want to be safe/secure AND we want to be able to do our own thing/take risks/do something.

The words 'stir crazy' come to mind. Squares require adjustment."

This can also be about protecting our home or standing up for someone in our family.

After the dust settles, the Moon moves toward a lovely trine with Mercury and Neptune. Our words/dreams meshing with our internal needs/maybe with that home or family situation. This is pretty late in the day, so might be influencing our dream state more than our waking hours.

Tomorrow our Cancer Moon will move into her monthly challenges with the Cappy planets including Jupiter and Pluto as Jupiter makes his way to his exact connection with Pluto on Saturday (first of three). 

Venus, at the very end of Taurus - bags packed for Gemini (and don't worry that she is leaving her exalted position into a space where she is less strong - because in Gemini she will be trining the Aquarius energies and we have Saturn AND Mars in Aquarius now - she is going to be in Gemini for a LONG time with her upcoming retrograde, she knows what she is doing!) - goes outside the Sun's path tomorrow. Venus "out of bounds" means she is no longer constrained by the usual 'rules' she operates under. Old rules about money/love are bypassed. It's a new world now.

xo all

We talked about the "not knowing" and the "confinement" HERE near the time of the last Full Moon and now that we are at the First Quarter Moon of the next New Moon cycle, maybe we can use the wisdom of the iChing to move our "being" forward a bit.

The iChing is one way our inner guidance can come into resonance with the present moment and although, of course, we don't need the iChing to do this, it can be helpful to give things a kind of 'container' based on powerful ancient wisdom.

Using the Chinese oracle - 'not knowing' turns into "waiting" and confinement turns into "the well".

Waiting sounds passive, but it is really about a state of non-resistance.

We, wait, like a child for the rain to stop, or like a farmer, for the rain to come. 

"Waiting" isn't meant to be inactive. We can dream of what we will do when the sun shines again or we can dance/prepare for rain - but we cannot force this stuff to happen. We can only attend to it. This requires wisdom and patience.

When we are fully present in waiting - our attention is like a beacon to the universe.


Not because we are actively working on something necessarily, but because our thoughts and our groundwork show our faith. If we don't lose sight of the possibility of something BETTER we invite the possibility to come nearer. Waiting requires consistence. It's a practice which means it needs to be practiced. Now, because waiting means often no progress is visible it is challenging for our patriarchal conditioning/the muggle world to see/feel this as an active thing.

But we magical thinkers know it is.

And sometimes when the iChing gives me "waiting" it means actually waiting on someone/something - performing a service

- so instead of waiting on what we had in mind (the sun or the rain) while we stare at the horizon, we go inside and take care of someone else.
Waiting also meant "official attendance at court" back in the days of King Henry VIII - whose Saturn/Pluto in Cappy cycle we are repeating now.

So, what needs to be attended to? Where/how do we need to show up?

The other energy at this time is the "well", which follows "confinement" in iChing and is our deepest/most reliable resource of nourishment.

In ancient China they would move an entire city to a better location when things had gone bad. They moved everything except for the well. We can't carry our well with us either. We have to dig a new well when we reach the place we are headed. The Chinese did this together.

So, confinement - which brings us to reaching downward (Cancer) instead of upward (Capricorn) means turning inward, so the "well" follows.

Now, digging a new well is tricky work. The cleanest, most life-sustaining water is found very deep in the earth and it will take a steady (and committed) hand to raise those first buckets. And, of course, there is the whole 'fall into the hole and break your neck' thing that cannot be denied when we get to this kind of uncharted territory as the "well".

If you could see down an old Chinese well, you would see a frame of logs had been built at the bottom for drainage and support. And, of course, if the well has been built in soft silt the walls will be fragile and need to be lined. This, like "waiting" requires commitment, patience, consistence and probably won't produce an immediate reward.

But we need to build this "well" .. pretty damn well. 

We are starting a new 500 year cycle - we don't want to be drinking dusty water for the next few centuries!

And sometimes when the iChing gives me "well" it is something like a "spa" that is needed - a time of self-care. And sometimes it comes up when I am feeling like it would be safer to cover the well - hold myself apart from the receiving and giving out of fear of losing my freedom/autonomy or fear of showing my vulnerabilities. But we can only tap into the "well" and become part of the flow when we experience the real essence/potential of the situation - we have to allow ourselves to be a part of it and not apart of it.

Staying trapped in the pain of our "if onlys" keeps us from recognizing the clean water that flows freely beneath every situation. And if we cannot imagine our "well" which seems in such poor condition right now, becoming a permanent, dependable, shared resource we will not be inclined to invest so much of ourselves into it to do it right in the first place (we need vision people!) and we will end up with sticky mud.

There is an ever-present resource we can draw from here. What can we do to realize its potential?

I hope something here is helpful. The best use of many people's time now will be "going within". Raising our vibration, not falling into the fear-story, helps all of us.

xo all

photo by the talented bliXX-a

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