This Week's Saturday Night Mystery | the death of Lori K. - the astrology of a conspiracy theory

Early this week (which feels like a lifetime ago already with everything that has happened since), Trump tweeted something along the lines of "some people think Joe Scarborough got away with murder" referring to the death of a young woman who worked in one of his district offices in Florida when he was serving in the U.S. House of Representatives back in the summer of 2001. He stirred things up, including the grief of her loved ones, as he is apt to carelessly do.
We are entering a powerful Eclipse season that brings us back to that summer and fall for the first time (activated by Mercury this week) and I thought it might be interesting to take a look, so here we go.

On July 20, 2001, a couple entered the district offices of U.S. Rep. Joseph Scarborough (now host of Morning Joe an American TV talk-show on MSNBC) in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for an 8:00AM scheduled appointment with someone at that location. Upon arrival, they discovered the body of 28 year old staff worker Lori Klausutis on the floor behind a desk. Her only co-worker was away on vacation and newspaper reports would later indicate Lori had been dead for "some" time

(her obituary notice listed her date of death as the day before her body was found).

Lori was young and vivacious, married for four years, she had graduated cum laude (with distinction) from the University of Georgia School of Journalism and was working on completing her MBA from the University of West Florida. She was a singer in her church choir and former president and current treasurer of her local Young Republican's group. She had worked at a district office for Rep. Scarborough for two years (he would later state he had met her about three times during those years).

Multiple people who had seen Lori at work the day before, including a delivery man, said she had spoken of not feeling herself/feeling unwell and anxious. We don't know exactly when Lori died (I would assume sometime before she would have been expected to leave), but we can see quite a bit from this forensic event chart drawn from the moment her body was discovered.

Foul play, illness, accident?

Let's unpack the chart.

When doing a chart like this, there are a couple things you can look at quickly to determine if the chart is viable. We typically want a degree on the first house cusp/rising sign that is between 5-25 degrees - otherwise the chart might be too early or too late to use (this isn't always the case, but it's always my first stop) - here we have a 13 degree ascendant which looks safe to judge.

(I usually take a quick look to see if the chart supports the facts and can see at a glance the Leo rising with the Sun/Moon in the 12th house of endings and, Saturn, which often signifies the location of 'the person's body/bones' at the time, is in the 10th house of her workplace/career, so with a quick glance we know the chart is usable/accurate and we can keep going)

There are two significators for Lori (the subject) in this type of forensic astrology chart - the ruler of the first house and the ruler of the Moon.

Leo was rising at the time this event "came to light" making the ruler of the first house the Sun. The first house represents Lori. Lori actually was a Leo Sun sign and we know she was spoken of as cheerful/generous/athletic and she was a singer in her church choir (and also performed on stage in college) - all very Leo-like. Leo also represents - the Sun, the heart and heart-centered activity, passion, accomplishment.

The sign on the cusp won't always (or even usually) be the person's actual Sun sign, of course, but it should always represent them at the time the chart is drawn. Here, Leo also speaks of Lori's "time of life". Leo rules young adulthood and the kind of pride developing as we finish up school and step out into the larger limelight of the world.

The Sun, ruler of the 1st house is in that final 12th house. We also see we have the Moon (the other significator for Lori) in that house, too. The Moon is waning/balsamic moving toward the Sun (so the time just before a New Moon when the skies are dark).

Both significators in that final 12th house with that dark Moon speaks very highly of endings/death.

The 12th house can indicate dying alone (also the general loneliness of dying), maybe in a small space, maybe from an old or hidden illness. It could be a maternal inheritance since this is all happening in Cancer. Although, with the Sun here, too, a paternally inherited illness is also possible (maybe connected to the heart/Sun), so we'll just say an inherited illness/inherited ending - meaning with a past life or ancestral connection.

Now, the sign on the descendant (cusp of the 7th house) rules the perpetrator (if there is one); this would be who or what caused whatever happened to Lori.

The 7th house ruler is Aquarius and we have the modern ruler of Aquarius, chaotic Uranus indicating something catalytic, sudden and unexpected in that same 7th house. He is strong in his home sign and inconjunct the Moon - rock and a hard place/no way out. The other ruler of Aquarius, his ancient ruler, is Saturn - seen here in Gemini in that 10th house of career/public life (Gemini also rules offices, neighborhoods, high places, sometimes it shows up prominently when we are looking at two things).

Neptune (natural ruler of that 12th house of endings) is conjunct the descendent from the 6th house of work/office/health. Neptune in Aquarius might indicate an unconscious state that creates an unexpected occurrence - like if someone was to fall asleep at the wheel and have a car accident. Neptune in the 6th house could also be a hidden illness.

So, was Lori's enemy an unexpected accident (Uranus) at work (Saturn)? Or an inherited illness?

Let's keep digging.

Saturn is conjunct Venus in Gemini answering to Mercury (Mercury has just moved into Cancer again as I type this, and I should note when Trump was tweeting about Lori, Venus, the planet that rules young women, was exactly where Venus was when she died).

Nearest the top of the chart - this shows the public event/what this chart 'shows us' - the couple (Gemini) finding a young woman (Venus) dead at work (Saturn) in an office (Gemini). And even now as this event is re-activated (and Venus and Saturn are also both retrograde right now) - we have the President/leader (Saturn) talking/tweeting (Gemini) about a young woman (Venus).

Mercury is in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon which is also in Cancer. The Moon (Lori) being the final dispositor of that ruler of the 7th house (the enemy) - puts Lori in charge of this situation. I don't mean Lori is responsible for her own death, but it could indicate no one else is.

Other than maybe fate (North Node conjunct Mercury ruler of that 'hidden enemy').

The 4th house ruler is Scorpio - we use all the chart angles to analyze this type of chart, the other houses are ONLY important if an angular ruler, or the dispositor of an angular ruler, is placed in them. The rulers of Scorpio - Mars/ancient and Pluto/modern are conjunct in Sag in the 5th house (Leo's natural house). Pluto/Mars would indicate a fast death - maybe death (Pluto) from a head injury (Mars). They oppose Saturn. So, we have all the malefic planets in a tight little bundle. We see another karmic indicator with Chiron conjunct the 4th house rulers. The 10th house ruler is Taurus - ruled by Venus in the 11th house (Uranus's natural house of chaos/accidents) and answering to Mercury and finally again to the Moon (Lori).

So what happened to Lori?

I love a good conspiracy as much as the next girl, but could Joe Scarborough have killed Lori Klausutis - well, let's just say the chance is just as good that Professor Plum did it in the ballroom with a monkey wrench.

The official explanation, given some weeks after her sudden death (by a rather disreputable coroner who was later discredited) - a cardiac arrhythmia causing her to fall and hit her head on a desk.

Even with hindsight being 20/20 (maybe 20/30 in my case) we can see this does align pretty well with the chart even taking into account the coroner's tainted reputation many years later when he lost his license for stealing body parts, yes, I said for stealing body parts! No wonder this case just refuses to be put to bed.

There are other scenarios that might fit the chart, but his findings and this chart do align themselves pretty much perfectly. We could go deeper and backtrack the skies and figure out when it exactly happened if we wanted to, but it wouldn't change the analysis.

Lori was only 28 years old when she died. She left a grief stricken husband, sister, parents and friends behind. It seems that so many, very creative people pass away between 27-29 years old, around the time of their first Saturn return (Saturn returning to the position he occupied at our birth for the first time - also around the age of 56 -58 during the second Saturn return).

Important life cycles are shifting.

Maybe it's because they have already done what they came here to do and are ready to move on, much to the sadness of their loved ones and not known to their personality here on Earth,

and their soul just finds a way to take their leave ....

xo all

artwork by the talented Elizabeth Handelsby

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