A Saturday night mystery .... using astrology for another missing person's case


Here's another missing person mystery for all you astro-detectives out there.

A Facebook crime-solving group asked me to do another chart for them and although I had passed on a couple of their recent requests involving children (because the last one I did was just too horribly depressing) - I decided to take a look at this one about a missing wife and mother.

This is an ongoing case and I will keep the details as correct as I know them, but avoid the names involved to make this ungoogle-able for the privacy of the victim's family.

(the second chart, where I added their namesake asteroids does include their first names, or the asteroids closest to their names, but obviously won't be searchable)

The first chart is an event chart for the time of a 911 call placed by a neighbor.

He tells the police his neighbor's daughter has asked him to check on her mother who went on a bike ride and has not returned. It seems he drove around a bit and possibly found her bike about a mile from her home (or maybe the police found the bike, the info online is sketchy about this), but there is no sign of the missing woman, who we will call "S". He tells the police the woman's husband is away on business. There are two teenage daughters, but it's unclear if either is at the house when he calls.

(note this is all very recent - Sunday, Mother's Day and in the midst of this pandemic)

"S", the missing woman, is shown in this type of chart by the ascendant (rising sign) and the Moon.

The ascendant is Libra, so answering to Venus in the 8th house. The chart is already speaking of the potential that this woman is no longer alive; 8th house being the house of death, also this could point to a possible financial aspect with her death or with whatever happened to her. Libra ascendant signifies the victim is a woman - textbook Libra being someone with a delicate and attractive face, light or medium colored hair, cheerful, charming, slender - kind of a girl next door.

Photos of "S" show her to be very attractive and fit the profile pretty exactly, so I am thinking the time of the call - because 6:00 PM sounds too general and I was unsure of it - is probably accurate enough to work with.

The other planet in the 8th house with Venus is Mercury (and Venus is in the sign of Gemini, Mercury's sign). Mercury denotes communication and information, but also transportation and the local community/neighbors and at the time the call is made it is assumed she was riding a bicycle and the caller had been looking for a woman on a bicycle, so this all makes sense and connects. Venus is in Gemini (she was a schoolteacher/also business owner) so answering to Mercury who is in Taurus answering to Venus.

So we've got this kind of strong energetic loop to note here between the missing woman and the 7th house (partnerships, info about the perpetrator as well as the home of chaotic Uranus in this chart, break-ups) and 8th house (death/crime/secrets/sex/joint money and resources).

"S", the victim, is also shown by the Moon (as the signifier of what/who is lost) in this chart.

The Moon is in Capricorn - the sign of the Moon's detriment, showing "S" is not strong in this situation. The Moon is in the 3rd house (note this house also holds this year's infamous "time runs out" Pluto/Saturn conjunction).

The 3rd house is Gemini's house - so again speaking of communication, information, a conversation, transportation and also the local community. Maybe all this Gemini/Mercury we are seeing with her is indicating the combination of - the call to the police (remember this chart is a timestamp of that), a conversation/argument or discovery of information that leads to her being missing, her movement by either the bicycle or a car, her general nature as communicative/a teacher, maybe something having to do with Gemini's dualistic nature - the number two or two of something. Maybe even two people involved in what happened to her (?) or multiple victims. We know she had two daughters whose Mother's Days are ruined for the rest of their lives. .

The Moon in Capricorn is answering to Saturn in the 4th house of home/family/the person "in charge" of the home/father. Saturn is in Aquarius, so we could stop that loop right there between the 3rd and 4th houses if we use ancient rulerships (Saturn ruling Aquarius), but let's also add in Aquarius's modern ruler Uranus - sitting in Taurus in the 7th house of partnerships. Saturn in the chart can also represent where the "body/bones" end up - so maybe close to home?

Let's take a look at the descendant - the perpetrator - we'll call him "B". Honestly, I am already thinking 'husband' as soon as I see the Libra/Aries axis, but also because these cases often involve husbands. The couple have been married 26 years and the ascendant/descendant is 26 degrees - almost as if it was always going to come to this if they didn't get off this path ... as if they had been on this path for 26 years (2+6=8 that 8th house of death and 2 being Venus's number and 6 being Mercury's - so that's interesting if you are a human-calculator numerology sleuth). Her bicycle was found .26 miles from her house.

The descendant is in Aries, so we know the perpetrator is a male. Immature, impulsive, angry. With Eris (Goddess of discord) right there (!), we can assume a very rash personality and that whatever happened to the victim from this man probably happened very quickly and maybe because he was feeling left out/left behind.

An Aries physicality is a male, youthful or a kind of youthful charm, light hair, kind of Arian features, quick to anger, easily bored, typically a strong, athletic build. This description - the textbook description of an Aries appearance (this isn't about Aries Sun signs) - fits photos of the husband of "S" rather precisely. Aries is a fire sign and he is a firefighter.

Aries is ruled by Mars, here in the 4th house (along with her Moon's dispositor Saturn), so I am thinking this person lives in her house and/or this event happened in their house or within the family. Mars is in Aquarius; a thinking/detached Mars. A Mars taking action to create greater freedom. So, although the perpetrator is a rash person, this could be something he has planned out to an extent or previously thought about doing or about how he would do it. And, of course, Mars here allows his anger/violence to be acted out in a detached manner. Mars is also the ancient ruler of Scorpio - here the 2nd house of money/resources, so this is somehow factored in with his actions.

With both malefic planets in the 4th house of home (!) and the Moon (S) and Mars (B) landing here and with Venus and Mars trining each other in this chart - we see these people, the victim and the perpetrator, knew each other and fit together and we see the potential for violence in this home/family.

A closer look at Venus and I am wondering if "S" is a Taurus or Libra or has Venus strong in her chart - we see Venus (S) is ruling the 8th and 12th houses of the chart - both houses of death/endings/past life stories/secrets. We can't see Juno here (the goddess of marriage) because I neglected to print her, but we know she is in Libra now, so would be standing all alone in that karmic 12th house. A past life or ancestral marriage story being acted out here.

Here's where we go off-road and make some educated/uneducated guesses!

Venus square Neptune is the BIG, most exact aspect. 

She is Venus, so the square/challenge is from that unfocused Piscean energy. Maybe he has been drinking. Neptune can also be a liar/cheater/someone operating behind her back. This can also show her being overly-idealistic, not seeing how dangerous her opponent is. Maybe all of the above. 

Maybe she has found out about another woman (that Venus in Gemini), so now here she might be telling him she wants a divorce (the Moon's trine to Uranus 3rd to 7th and that Moon in Cappy is serious - she is serious)

or maybe he is confronting her with the knowledge that she is planning to leave him because remember with the trine the energy is flowing both ways.

Maybe he is wanting to be away from her, too, because remember Mars (he is Mars) is in Aquarius - detached and needing freedom. 

Things get dangerous fast now because he is that Eris energy in fiery Aries/seeing red - feeling left behind/left out. 

So, although maybe he is wanting out, too (Mars at the end of that 4th house), he wants it with his reputation/status (Saturn in the 4th, too) and with his resources/money/maybe a different woman intact (that Uranus in Taurus answering to Venus in Gemini plus Mars ruling the 2nd house).

These cases sometimes involve another woman and Venus/Gemini makes me think of two women and with Mars in Aquarius it's possible he met another woman online or through a group/work situation. So, maybe he has thought about how to end his marriage, but what actually happens I think is fast and gets out of control and is not totally planned out. 

Mars isn't strong in Aquarius, although he is strongest in those last few Aquarian degrees as he is here and he is certainly stronger than she is during this event - Moon in detriment in Capricorn and that square to Neptune (maybe this even started when she was asleep the night before).

But he is not at the top of his game here either.

The Libra/Venus makes me think of damage to her throat and that Gemini the loss of her breath. But Eris/Aries could use a weapon. Whatever happened it was fast.

Now the husband's alibi, which I would assume the police are investigating, but are being tight-lipped about - is that he is conveniently out of town on business when this happens (have I said Sunday, Mother's Day, during a pandemic quarantine, yes I think I did?!). Even the bike ride may or may not have been a bike ride. It is unclear if anyone actually saw her on that bike or if this was some kind of 'buying time' tactic on the part of the husband to get his ass out of town. Remember Mercury, Gemini's ruler is the trickster. So, something about the chart - and remember this is a chart of the 911 call where the neighbor thinks the missing woman went on a bike ride - something about that could be a trick.

So, that Venus in Gemini could mean she was on a bike, but since the rest of the chart points home, maybe her body has traveled, but instead of a bike, maybe in a car, to her final resting place. It could be two different places are involved - maybe the house and then wherever she ends up. Likely not too far away since Gemini rules short distance travel and with both final dispositors in earth signs - almost certainly her body buried in/or on the ground somewhere. Ugh!

I believe her two teenage daughters were not living at the home - one in college and living in a house off-campus with roommates (so I guess she didn't come home when the school closed, because remember this is all happening during the quarantine, although I am unsure how strict it is where they live, probably much less strict than where I am), and the other daughter living with her boyfriend and his family, maybe this was some kind of compromise for her to be able to see him during the quarantine, I don't know. But this part isn't totally clear. Maybe they were home - the house was huge.

Whatever the reasons, this case made me think about all the families holed up out there and their need to come up for air!

Part II

So, one week after "S" is reported missing, her husband, who has not spoken publicly up to this point at all despite intense media coverage, posts a video on Facebook where he pleads (?) for his wife's safe return from the kidnappers.

It would seem to me a plea would be made for information since there hasn't been any ransom note/call, etc. I also noticed the large reward listed was for "her safe return" and not for information. Since he probably knows there will be no safe return, he can be pretty confident this reward money is safe from ever being collected. I am not going to link here to his Facebook post, although some armchair sleuthing on your part can probably find it. See what you make of the body language he uses with all the head shaking (no) as he says he wants her back. It is extremely hard to fake body language! And we have Mars (remember he was Mars in the earlier chart) squaring the Sun.

The second chart is for the exact time of his Facebook post.

(note - about 5000 of the 100,000 asteroids have been named and there happen to be asteroids with names very close or exact to "S" and "B", so I have added them here - they also synchronistically appeared in houses 8 and 12 - both death, endings, past life stories, secret houses - of the 911 call chart)

This chart is "B" making a public plea. The chart shows Leo rising, the ruler of Leo being the Sun - at the top of the chart in the 10th house of public life. So, this video is going to get out there/be seen by alot of people. Notice asteroid "B" in that 10th house - the husband himself going public - as well as Mercury (communication) and Venus (about a woman).

So, the Leo rising answers to the Sun in Taurus answering to Venus in Gemini answering to Mercury in Taurus and then back to Venus (I am really wondering if this woman is a Taurus. I wish had their birth info!) for another trip around. Everything there in that 10th house  the energy making a total closed loop on itself as if "B" is speaking to himself - which maybe he is!

The good news, although probably not for him, but working toward the supposed purpose of his video 'finding his missing wife' (remember the chart is about the publication of the video, not the husband) is the Sun is exactly trining a retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn (and also trining Pluto - death, power, secrets, truth). Capricorn is about authority and trines remove the brakes. This video was probably very telling to the investigators working on this case. Also this could indicate their need to go back over what "B" was doing hour by hour/day by day (the 6th house). I also think this indicates his daily movements are being watched by the police/FBI. With Jupiter in Cappy answering to Saturn in Aquarius it could be tips that come in from the public (Aquarius) that aid authority or technology that will help find this missing woman.

So, what else is happening in this chart?

Notice Venus ("S") is in EXACTLY the same place - 21 degrees Gemini - in BOTH charts! This isn't because Venus is standing still, it's because between the 911 call and the video posting she stationed retrograde and headed back where she had already been. Amazing.

She will be back here a third and final time on July 29th.

And Mars ("B") is squaring the ruler of this chart and he was trining the ruler of the first chart making me think "B" isn't really wanting/supporting this video, but that he did want that 911 call placed when it was!

We see the asteroid for "S" all alone in that 12th house of endings in Cancer - the sign of the Mother, her most important and cherished role. And Juno, the marriage and wife, all alone in Libra in the 2nd - that un-valued marriage :(

At 0 degrees Leo asteroid "S" in that 12th house is opposing that Saturn/authority (Jupiter's final dispositor), maybe her energy is slowing this all down (the investigation, etc) for reasons we can't see or know ....

When the Sun - ruler of this chart - reaches 0 degrees Leo, near the end of July - asteroid "S" will be at 21 degrees Leo, so exactly sextile the Venus ruler of the 911 call chart. This is also about the time when Venus will be back at 21 degrees Gemini for the third and final time.

If these chart timestamps are any indication, that should be an important period of time in this case.

Some astrologers use the 4th house of the chart - the house that represents the 'end of the day' - to determine an outcome time-frame and that would be autumn in this chart (Jupiter stations direct mid-September and that is also the time the husband's asteroid reaches the degree of the wife's asteroid in this chart) and the end of the day would be winter in the 911 call chart, but let's hope for something quicker than all that, for the family's sake!

When this case breaks open, I will pull a chart and connect it to both these charts and see what we can learn about time-frames to help us in the future.

This is all a learning process.

As to where her body might be - back to that first chart - the third house strikes me as very important - we not only have the Moon here ("S"), but Jupiter (Sag ruler), we have Venus (chart-ruler) in Gemini and Gemini is the natural ruler of the the 3rd house. We have Pluto here, the natural ruler of the 8th house of death and placement of that chart ruling Venus. The 3rd house's natural direction is north-east. The third house in this chart is ruled by Sagittarius, so Jupiter is the house ruler. Jupiter also rules the north-east direction. The chart is heavy Mercury and Mercury rules the north. And, using Mercury/Gemini to illuminate facts - the husband claimed to be away for business - the city is in a north-east direction. So, it would make sense for "S" to be north-east of her home. There are more exact techniques for location and mileage, but they haven't worked for me very precisely in other charts, and I am not as familiar with them, so I will leave it at that.

If someone in the Facebook group finds their birth info I will update this or when the case is solved or resolved.

I should add there are quite a few ways to look at these charts and the astrologer always looks through her own lens

(and hubs did just eat the last brownie/piece of chocolate in this entire house!),

so I could have gone off course early and run into a ditch somewhere! That's why it is best to do a chart in concert with the chart's owner for the most accurate interpretation!

xo all

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