Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | May 17th - May 23, 2020 - backing up, changing directions, new ideas, new conversations, a light shines on our power and those gold nuggets we missed


I don't want to say another big week, but this is another BIG week!

MONDAY - Saturn stations retrograde (late Sunday night EDT) until the end of September, Mercury squares Mars, Mercury into Gemini TUESDAY - Mercury trines Saturn, Mars trines the North Node
WEDNESDAY - Venus stations retrograde until end of June, Mars into Pisces
THURSDAY - Jupiter stations retrograde until mid-September
FRIDAY - Sun trines Pluto, Mercury sextiles Chiron
SUNDAY - Sun trines Jupiter

This is the week of three retrogrades and two planets changing signs!

With so much of life upside down right now, is all this "backing up" going to turn everything right side up? Yes, we can certainly expect some of that!

Let's unpack the week and we'll color it in with some dailies.

MONDAY - Mercury, at the very end of Taurus squares Mars at the very end of Aquarius - the potential is here for tension/disagreements around our resources, money, values. We could also be pushed (Mars) to make a decision (Mercury).

Then Mercury (communication, ideas, local life and travel, transportation, sibling issues) flies into Gemini, for a very fast visit home.

Increased choices, conversations and ideas will start to flow.

We won't put everything to use, Gemini can be all-over-the-place until he gets settled in, so some stuff will just move in and out, but the change in momentum will be noticeable. Of course, we have three planets starting to move backward this week, too, so there will probably be some back and forth.

Keep in mind with Gemini there are more questions than answers and the information might be somewhat unreliable. But easy, adaptable conversations, suitable for the moment, can pull everything forward now. Fresh information and conversations will come in and expand whatever we are dealing with. Gemini (the twins) is the sign of duality - of black and white, of feminine and masculine, of truth and lies. Nothing will be totally one way or the other or quite what is seems now. This can be stimulating if we've grown weary of Taurus's scrutiny and demand for truth.

Saturn stations retrograde until the end of September. We talked about this the other day:

"What happens for us personally depends on our natal chart and our relationship with Saturn. If we have planets/points between 22 degrees Capricorn and 1 degree Aquarius (and maybe we can add a couple degrees on either side of this) we will feel his retrograde strongest. This can also apply to planets/points in the other fixed to cardinal signs as he squares and opposes them. If we were born with Saturn retrograde, and so the need to face up to certain responsibilities in this lifetime we have previously avoided, we will feel his retrogrades more intensely, too.

For everyone else and for all of us collectively Saturn's station will either:

1. ease restrictions/limits/traditions (daddy on vacation

or 2. create delays/pull back support (again, daddy's on vacation). It just depends on which kind of "daddy" we have via our natal chart! 

Saturn retrogrades give us a second chance to get it right. 
He will station direct at the end of September and it's report card time."

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius also likely indicates authority changing the way information is delivered to the people.

TUESDAY - Mercury trines Saturn (retrograde in Aquarius). His/her trine to Saturn could provide stabilizing information or information about authority/limits/rules. Conversations around how to provide greater stability to the group/for our future.

We want to be careful (and purposeful) with our language now. Deliberate, thoughtful and sober words create the most impact.

When Mercury aspects Saturn our spoken/written words, and maybe most especially the things we tell ourselves about what is possible, create iron-clad contracts. Only make promises you know you can keep now because you will be held accountable. If you say you are going to do something, you are actually going to have to do it or it is going to come back and bite you in the ass.

Avoid gossip. With Saturn being the king of karma and all that, it has a way of coming back around. Communications and conversations with authority figures are helpful now. ANSWERS COME IN. Pay attention to what you are hearing. Be sure you are understanding what is being said and that you are being understood. This is great energy to work toward developing mastery of a subject. Just the right words/ideas/information could drop into our lap. Trines can't be forced. This stuff will just happen.  

This is also the day Mars (at the end of Aquarius) trines the North Node (in Gemini).

Our future focused actions (maybe involving groups or tech) will just naturally move things forward. Maybe we are taking action on the information Mercury's move into Gemini has brought us! Again this doesn't have to be forced - our actions will just naturally move things in the best/right direction.

WEDNESDAY - Venus stations retrograde through June 25th.

We will be re-evaluating what and who we love. Old loves from the past can come back for some cosmic clean-up. Circumstances transpire to change our values/self-esteem. We are reconnecting with the spring of 2012, are we ready for that?

We talked about this in detail HERE

On the same day, Mars leaves Aquarius for watery Pisces.

This is excellent for creative/imaginative work, healing, spirituality, meditation, music, art. What we do to get what we want becomes less direct. We go over here and then start to drift over there or the ramifications of our actions are harder to control. We can't force stuff to happen with Mars in Pisces - it will be like directing water.

We need to be strategic (and we can because we have Pallas still in Aquarius) think of the way irrigation systems work or dams.

THURSDAY - Jupiter stations retrograde through September 13th.

Take a breath. Stuff that just keeps growing and growing is NOT sustainable. With Jupiter in Capricorn this year - there aren't the kind of endless opportunities we had last year (although some were kind of delusional), but Jupiter always delivers something. His placement in Cappy has brought us luck - things could have been much worse without him. Retrograde, our growth gets focused on one particular area. We go deep instead of wide.

Even though he is locked down in Scrooge's house, Jupiter is still intent on giving EVERYONE an open door/lucky break - this is where (over the next few weeks) an opportunity can come back around. Clearly something has been taken as far as it can go collectively in our Cappy houses and we need to go back over it. So, let's go back to this scorched territory and see what we missed the first time through. We will be going deep instead of wide with this. There is some gold here somewhere!

FRIDAY - the Sun (in stable Taurus) trines Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn).

This energy is dynamic and powerful. We could reap the rewards of our past hard work now or our attention could be brought to a Plutonian theme with a connection to the past - a life/death issue, sex, loans, taxes, merged resources, intimacy, third party situations, inheritances, reproduction, power dynamics, transformation. This is good energy to stabilize what needs stabilizing and to use our power wisely and opportunistically to empower what we value now.

Mercury sextiles Chiron - news/information/local community or sibling situations create opportunities for healing very old, very deep wounds. Decisions. Choices. Maybe putting something into words makes us feel less vulnerable. 

SUNDAY - the Sun trines Jupiter (retrograde in Capricorn).

This is considered one of the luckiest days of the year. This is enthusiasm/confidence/luck. Financial gain. Business opportunities.

Back with the dailies and the final part of the Venus retro series!

xo all

photo by the talented vlue

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