Full Moon in Scorpio | May 7th, 2020 - what comes to light/what ends, reclaiming our commitment to life, money on everyone's mind, going with the flow, avoiding distractions, promises and problems that might not ever actually happen

We wake on Wednesday, May 6th with the Moon in Scorpio now. We are nurtured through intimacy, the ways we merge what we have/earn with other people, truth, getting to the bottom of things, research, purging the stuff that is 'dead' to us.

We've left the Venusian lunar energies of balanced Libra and are now (on some level) seeking emotional INTENSITY.

The Moon is quickly challenged by a square to Saturn in Aquarius (6:09AM EDT) - maybe we are over-complicating things by looking too far ahead this morning. Groups could be testy/demanding. Lunar squares to Saturn can feel depressing/lonely. The Moon in Scorpio wants to go deep/be intimate and Aquarius steps back/wants his space/won't go there.

The Moon in Scorpio likes to keep her secrets, but she is on a collision course with unpredictable Uranus (this afternoon) and then (tomorrow) with that bright Sun in Taurus aligned with Mercury - so things aren't very likely to stay hidden. 

By 2:31PM (Wednesday EDT) she has moved into her opposition with disruptive Uranus. After the tension of that restrictive square this morning - here's where something can come uncorked. Or maybe whatever it is we have been smothering/obsessing over moves away from us!

Whatever this is, a Scorpio Moon needs to feel in control and here is something unexpected.

If Uranus doesn't get us to some kind of 'disclosure' - breakthrough, breakdown, break-up - on Wednesday, there is always the Full Moon on Thursday to bring something into the light.

(keep in mind our information planet Mercury is in slow and steady Taurus, so this could be a process, but we'll get there!)

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 6:45AM EDT - the Scorpio Moon will oppose the Taurus Sun at 17 degrees giving us this month's FULL MOON.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (modern ruler) and Mars (ancient ruler). Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and Mars is reaching the end of Aquarius, widely squaring the Moon and Sun.

Full Moons bring things to light and to a culmination/peak. They are times of opposition.

Scorpio, in the northern hemisphere, rules late autumn. The wind is blowing the leaves from the trees, the landscape is becoming barren, death is expected - there is a sense of being cut off, a sense we are on our own.

Taurus, in the northern hemisphere, rules late spring. The world is fertile. Taurus energy seeks the light/the touch of others.

Both signs are fixed and want what they want

(one energy isn't "good" and the other "bad" - neither could exist without the other - we could think of this as two sides of the same coin).

So, we have this polarity - Scorpio beckoning us "come over to the dark side" and not only because there are cookies (although there might be and I am pretty sure they will be homemade this year because everyone seems to be baking now or is that just all of us in stressed-out New Jersey clearing the shelves of flour and baking supplies), but because there is also buried treasure.

Scorpio energy embraces complication. There is no fear of what we might find when we go digging around in the dark because Scorpio knows the negative thought or feeling isn't bad, it's just an aspect of personality we have sacrificed to help us survive and "fit in"

(it is up to us to be HUMBLE enough, and astrology is helpful here, to find the context for such thoughts and feelings and give them credibility by knowing they are there for some GOOD reason).

Taurus is equally adamant that we should "stay where we are - it's safe, it's comfortable, it's working out just fine" and besides, here's the pantry with all that hoarded flour. Taurus energy embraces peace and comfort.

With Scorpio we have the shadow of control and jealousy and taking on too much that can fuel greed. With Taurus, the shadow of stubborn resistance to change and resistance to anything that is complicated - an attachment to the familiar that can also fuel greed.

There are no right or wrong answers. Without any journeying through Scorpio, Taurus "peace and comfort" is just pouring pink paint over our problems and calling them cotton candy. And without any journeying through Taurus, well, Scorpio's dark side, would just be, well, instead of fertile earth ... just too freaking terrifying.

With Scorpio we are either living our life or we are getting ready to die - and now that we all have one more thing that is looking to kill us - we need to make a commitment to being here if we really want to be here!

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon is doing that "cheese stands alone thing" she did back in January, at the last Eclipse (still in play), but instead of standing in home-centered "mama-bear" Cancer, she is in the murky waters of Scorpio now. Deep in the underworld with grim-reaper Pluto. We know now something about how this January stuff will play out in the 3D world. Not everything. But we know now what we didn't know then.

Pluto don't play.

(and something to keep in mind with Scorpio Full Moons and the endings they sometimes bring - they are permanent resets, with distinct 'before and after' qualities and often involve trajectories we have resisted)

The Moon is opposing the Taurus Sun. The Sun is conjunct Mercury and this aspect is waning/unwinding. So, a couple days before the Full Moon, Mercury met the Sun - their first meeting since that MAJOR "time runs out" PALAVER back in January.

So, maybe a couple days ago some information came to light. Maybe something about our finances or shared resources. Maybe there was an important conversation or something culminated/finalized. An announcement. A result.

So now, Mercury has moved past the Sun. He carries this information with him. Maybe the light of the intimate Scorpio Full Moon intensifies the impact of the message he is carrying or maybe what was important just a couple days ago is much less important now.

He will be out of Taurus and into his home sign of Gemini on Monday, so the flow of information will speed up. A push for info/commerce/the flow of goods/to get things moving. But he/she will be squaring that Mars in Aquarius (the people/the science) slowing things down - PLUS THREE PLANETS STATION RETROGRADE NEXT WEEK.

So we will all be going backward!

The Moon and Sun are sextiling Neptune (strong in Pisces) connecting us to our past, our ancestors, spiritual wisdom, art, music, our imaginations, healing. THIS MATTERS. The Moon will sextile Neptune within a couple hours, the Sun within a couple days.

And, now that I think about it, the Sun will get to this sextile around the same time Mercury will trine Jupiter (Sunday, May 10th) and that's the day Saturn stations retrograde!

Neptune may be tricking Venus about what we think we want/need or making something seem better than it actually is this month, but here he is showing the Sun the real deal opportunity in Taurus - something practical, maybe something we already have.

One thing to keep in mind with Neptune is he can distract us from all sorts of important things. Our Pisces house always holds things we don't always want to, and sometimes just can't, see clearly.

But certainly watch for something to come to light this week that gives us an opening - a light at the end of the tunnel.

We've got the Full Moon ruler Pluto recently stationed retrograde in Capricorn, moving back toward the Saturn/Pluto conjunction point, away from Jupiter. Pluto retrogrades are times to do some deep inner work. Fear that is ripe for release will come up to be looked up/worked through/maybe just survived. Fear can arise through uncomfortable situations, but we can see it for what it is now. There is no confusion that we are simply safe at home. We are in Pluto's lair, playing Pluto's game, "hey I know you".

One thing that is probably going to be happening around this Full Moon is big financial issues are going to be out in the open. Also some of the virus death numbers might ratchet up, maybe from little pockets that were ignored/misinterpreted. What comes out at a Scorpio Full Moon will be 'truth', but she'll hold some of her secrets and everything won't come out.

There is another side/potential pitfall to the 'shelter at home' thing that we won't be able to ignore any longer. Our capitalistic system is being starved. This will play out both personally and collectively. More choice points - the North Node is in Gemini now. We will need information, communications, small steps not giant leaps. Doing things quickly can work, yes, but in small steps that are thought out and backed by the facts we know/the information available.

Scorpio's co-ruler (modern ruler) Mars is widely squaring the Moon/Sun and also trining Venus. That trine with Venus is deceptive because we know she is going to turn around next week and it won't be until September 28th when Venus is in Leo and Mars is in Aries that they will finally trine each other. So, this is kind of something building that never happens. Mars square to the Sun is also not going to happen in this cycle - they won't square until June 6th from Pisces and Gemini.

Maybe some of what this Full Moon promises - both good and bad - will not actually be delivered. And there are secrets here and things we just can't yet know.

At the same time Vesta is exactly conjunct Hygei. This is showing our continued focus/commitment - for another lunar cycle - to specific health practices including hygiene. Vesta is saying - yes, this still matters. Our health is sacred. Our health is our hearth. Put your attention HERE. Keep this fire burning.

Venus is just past her meeting with Vesta on April 14th when our focus, maybe almost like an obsession, fell on SOMETHING we wanted. Maybe we got it. Maybe we resisted. Whatever this is we will be revisiting this around the middle of May. And keep in mind Venus's square to Neptune - something we think we want or thought we wanted/needed is dissolving. 

There is alot here we will be working through until the New Moon in Gemini in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, the Moon's sextile to Neptune makes this a wonderful Moon and highly effective Moon for prayer, meditation, music, poetry, Plutonian total transformation courtesy of GOING WITH THE FLOW.

Be sure to get out and walk in it if you can! This is an especially excellent Full Moon to purge what is no longer needed. The lunar cycle is like our breath cycle and the Full Moon is the point where our lungs are sated - we have inhaled and are now ready to exhale. So, what do we need to release?

xo all

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