Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, May 25, 2020 - trying a different approach, flowing in a new direction, last week before Eclipse season changes everything again

We have come through the New Moon energy and now the Moon is in her home sign of Cancer. We are nurtured through and maybe our attention is focused on - home/family/real estate/renovations/mothering/home business/family business situations.

The Moon will sextile Uranus and trine Mars (late morning EDT), so uber supportive of the Mars/Uranus sextile, we'll talk about next, and pulling our Cancer house and home/family situations into the mix. There is flow and potential here. An ability to feel better.

Mars (in Pisces) sextiles Uranus (in Taurus). Pisces/Taurus sextiles are the magical/mystical energetic couplings that create from our imagination/the ethereal realms solid things we can touch/taste/take to the bank. Sextiles with earth and water are smooth and easy aspects - think about the ease with which mud/clay is made from the wet earth. Let yourself feel that.

This is good news, because with Mars in Pisces we can't push anyway, unless we want things just floating right on down the river away from us.

So things can fall into place here, with a little efforting on our part as long as we are turning toward something new/using a different approach.

Uranus wants us to take a risk/be ourselves and Mars in "go with the flow" Pisces can provide just enough anesthesia to make changes less painful even for the most fixed situations.  

So, maybe we are kind of gently floating outside our comfort zone here. 

Collectively this will be about our money/resources/values/self-esteem and artistic/spiritual/healing/romantic situations. Check your Pisces and Taurus house themes to connect more personal dots.

I hope to get the weekly up tonight - it will roll out something like:

MONDAY - Mars sextile Uranus
TUESDAY - Mercury conjunct Vesta, Mercury opposite Galactic Center, Juno stations direct in Libra
THURSDAY - Mercury conjunct the North Node, Mercury enters Cancer
FRIDAY - Sun sextile Chiron, First Quarter Moon Virgo/Gemini

This is our last week before we are launched into a long and POWERFUL Eclipse season that changes everything yet again. 

With so much Gemini this week - our words (and the words we are absorbing) are carrying alot of weight right now. They can be holding us up and maybe other people, too, or they can be weighing us down like rocks in our pockets.

We have multiple planets moving backward requiring us to review almost everything and Mercury (the God of information/communication) crossing the North Node and a World Axis Point - 0 degrees Cancer - this week (our collective attention on the same thing). Mercury will retrograde in Cancer in June and we have an Eclipse (the 2nd of three) on June 21-22nd at this same 0 degrees Cancer - so we are setting up a trigger point for those events this week, so it's important to pay attention.

All this Mercury means lots of information (not all of which will be true or accurate), communications, small steps not giant leaps. Doing things quickly, yes, in small steps that are thought out and backed by the facts we know/the information available.

Keep in mind May's ongoing Venus/Neptune square. Avoid self-sabotaging expenditures, delusional romances, addiction, escape.

And keep in mind always now that North Node in Gemini (our collective best path forward) - a need to explore the lost art of conversation/small talk, the need to bring all of us - yes, even the people we don't agree with - and all parts of ourselves to the table.

We are living through an incredible collective experience (one we chose to come here for); an experience we have been unconsciously choosing, so our unconscious choices are being brought to our attention as they are pushed to the EXTREME.

Social interaction online, commerce online, our fear of germs/viruses (for ourselves and these extensions of ourselves ie our electronics), too much time spent indoors, interacting only with the people who agree with us, the ways we medicate our discomfort, this could be a very long list - there is nothing new here, but now we get to see what life would be like when all of this is taken further and further.

Is this what we want?

Think about if maybe the way you are reacting to this virus is the way you react to everything.

Is there anything we can learn from thinking about this? Remember this is a time of questions.

The time of answers comes later. So, yes, we have to make some decisions during the time of questions - life has always been like this. This is just how it is. We have to trust our intuition - Mars is in Pisces now, intuitive action is the only action that will actually work.

Think small, fast steps in a different direction guided by your inner knowing.

xo all

photo by the talented Pandora Selezneva

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