Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, May 14, 2020 - what are we holding onto, what is holding us down, clearing the field, going further in, Jupiter stations retrograde

Our Aquarius Moon trined Venus (retrograde in Gemini now) at 5:20AM EDT - this makes for a pleasant early morning, then she starts moving toward her square with the Sun - this month's Third Quarter Square. She will go void at 10:03AM EDT off that square and be void until 9:24PM EDT when she moves into Pisces.

The square is Taurus/Aquarius. This will be about your natal house themes or the collective themes of "mine" vs "the group's" or security/stability vs liberation/the future. The Sun in Taurus has had us focused on our money, our resources, our values. The Aquarius Moon is nurtured through doing it differently or what is best for the group. Squares are tension/frustration - areas of dissatisfaction that can no longer be ignored. The Sun asks - what is still worth holding onto? What do we value now? The Aquarius Moon asks - what are we holding onto that is holding us down? What needs to be shaken up?

This is also the day Jupiter (joining Pluto, Saturn and Venus in this backwards dance) stations retrograde in Capricorn. Now we have both our benefic planets moving backward! What does this tell us? We missed something! There is something back there we need to attend to before we can move forward! Maybe a space to be cleared, so fresh gold can be mined. A retrograde Jupiter goes deep instead of wide. We are going back over our faith/our beliefs/the big picture.

With both Saturn and Jupiter retrograde we are becoming older and wiser.

We can stop looking for a way out because we are all going further in.

Even though Jupiter is still sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn, the good news for his retrograde chart - remember the way we start, the chart in play at the beginning, matters - is a nice smooth trine to that Taurus Sun. 

The Venus and Saturn retro charts looked a bit more dicey, but Jupiter's chart shows confidence/hope/faith/luck. 

Jupiter will be retrograde until September 12th and amazingly he will also trine the Sun (the Virgo Sun - health!) on the day of his station direct. We have been wondering if Jupiter is expanding this tense situation we find ourselves in or making it better - this cycle would indicate he brings the "better".

Some things to keep in mind now - Mars is in Pisces. We are going to need more rest. More music. More God/the infinite. More imagination. More art. Know some things are likely to drift off-course. Let them drift. Pisces is the last sign, so finish what needs finishing. Mars is gearing up for his home sign of Aries (the first sign!) and once he gets there on June 27th, he will be there for the entire rest of the year! So rest/drift while you can.

We are totally supported right now for what we need to do next. Not so much for what we will be doing in six months or a year because we really haven't even started building the road to take us there yet. But what we should do next - we know. And we know because it is that unfinished thing.

Mars in Pisces and all these retrograde planets and a waning Moon ask - what needs to be re-vised/how can we finish this up?

And, of course, keep in mind that North Node (like our guiding star forward) in Gemini now. We don't have to have all the answers. Stay curious. Ask questions. Let other people have their own opinions/ideas. We need to re-learn the art of conversation. We need someone who is like a sister/brother, more than we need an expert (know-it-all) right now. The experts can't be trusted and this is not because they are lying or wrong necessarily, but just because they are looking through this very narrow lens of their expertise. They don't know what they don't know. We don't either.

Jupiter retrograde can bring a pause to Jupiter ruled expansion - so things like travel, publishing, religion, weddings, legal issues, politics will require re-views and re-visions.

Have a nice day everyone - keep in mind that void Moon from 10AM EDT to approx 9:30PM EDT - time gets stretchy, we can get alot done, but stick to practiced routine or we might find ourselves having to do it all over again later ...

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Drepina

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