Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - group responsibilities, important information, an opportunity to shine/celebrate, fun with kids, a new focus vs old work, a change of plans or lack of resources/self-esteem

At 2:33AM EDT, last night, the Moon moved into fiery Leo - now we are nurtured through and our attention can turn to our collective Leo themes (also your Leo natal house theme as the Moon makes a quick trip through this house) - creative projects, romance, children, fun, our heart, heart-centered pursuits, a need to step into the spotlight. The Moon is answering to the Sun now and we are looking for a way to SHINE.

Our lunar days in Leo are not what they were with Saturn in Cappy, because now with Big Daddy in Aquarius (Leo's polarity sign), before we even wake-up (5:42AM EDT),  the Moon runs into an opposition with this energy - authority/limits/the rules. Now Saturn is retrograde, so this probably isn't a new situation, but already there is rain on our parade. In Leo, we want to be our regal, personal best and here is some kind of group-think/group or goals that bring us into connection with other people/tech thing/future thing - something is HOLDING US UP. Requiring something of us that dulls our shine/slows our roll. You get the idea.

(we woke in the United States to a headline about Trump - Leo rising/the king, and his "war" on masks - a "group responsibility" situation - which is really just the media stirring a pot that is already boiling over, but you can see the energetic behind this).

Now, keep in mind, lunar aspects are fleeting. The press will be on to something else and so will we.

Also keep in mind with this "mask controversy" the need with our North Node in Gemini to bring all ideas/ways of thinking/voices to the table now. You may think a mask is needed. Someone else, take a Fox news viewer, for example, who isn't afraid of this virus, doesn't (because much of our fear is absorbed through language now, so a Fox viewer doesn't fear the virus in the same way a CNN viewer doesn't fear an immigrant). We know through the astrology we don't need to impose our beliefs on each other now - those beliefs are South Node/been there done that. This is about everyone having a voice - think about the mask and the symbolism of OUR VOICES. We need people to be able to act without fear, even when we don't agree with them. Or maybe I should say we need people who fear different things, since this "fear" crisis is the real epidemic! Chiron is in Aries - the sign of ourselves/our independence - we aren't really depending on someone else to take care of us/keep us safe, even if it looks like we are through those different distorted lens we are all looking through.

The BIG news today is probably this Month's Waxing Sextile - Leo/Gemini - and a retrograde Jupiter inconjunct Vesta.

At 3:02PM EDT the waxing Moon (in Leo) sextiles the Gemini Sun at 6 degrees. Whatever this is for us, it should FEEL GOOD. Here is an opportunity to shine/celebrate something we have created. Have fun with a child. We could hear/announce IMPORTANT INFORMATION. It's time to talk/write about what you love.

At the same time a retrograde Jupiter has backed into an inconjunct with Vesta - that sacred focus/thing that keeps us up at night - we talked about yesterday. This is a  rock and a hard place. An incompatibility between that "focus" and the re-do/second look we are going through with our career/goals/beliefs. We kind of have to work both sides of this and it won't be totally comfortable.

At 5:33PM EDT the Leo Moon moves into an awkward square with Uranus (in Taurus). Now something with our money/values/resources/self-esteem or maybe something that just seems to come out of nowhere creates tension/frustration with that crown we are wearing/fun we want to have. Maybe it becomes evident we don't have enough money/resources right now. Or enough self-esteem! Maybe we were planning this fun thing and something comes up and our plans need to change. These are fixed signs, so no one wants to adjust, but adjust we must.

Looking ahead to tomorrow - the Moon will go void at 9:30AM and be void until the next day. So, whatever comes up TOMORROW keep in mind the Leo Moon's need for drama and the void's inevitability that "nothing will come of it".

Plan for PLAY.

xo all

photo by the talented Lady-Tori

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