Today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, may 26th, 2020 - talk about it, focusing on what really matters, opposing conventional wisdom, cleaning up the mess, emotional challenges

I think we are going to have to go with dailies this week.

This is our last week before we are launched into a long and POWERFUL Eclipse season that changes everything yet again. 

Today, the Moon continues her journey through her home-girl sign of Cancer - home, family, real estate, renovations, home business, family business, mothers, mothering. Tonight is more emotional/challenging as she is opposed by a retrograde Pluto at 5:03PM EDT (authority, power themes, maybe home vs career, something that might feel like a life and death urgency, nostalgia) and then goes void at 9:06PM EDT off an opposition to a retrograde Jupiter.

This is our first lunar journey through Cancer (every month for a couple days) without the North Node here in 18 months, so we could be feeling the need to adjust to that - losing that "guiding star" energy in this area of our life. Something here could feel to be losing its urgency. Whether this feels like a relief (because the North Node is always a challenge) or a loss depends on how we are responding/reacting to this.

There is big news for our relationships now as Juno, our marriage/commitment asteroid, trines the Sun - easy, open communications within partnerships! - and stations direct at 5 degrees Libra.

She has been retrograde since February 8th highlighting relationship imbalances and the power dynamics within our committed/contracted relationships, both personal and professional.

What's fair? What's needs adjustment/compromise? Have we been looking the other way in an attempt to hold something together?

By August 24, 2020, Juno will be back where she started on February 8th (21 degrees Libra) and Libra's ruler Venus will be about a month out of her own retrograde shadow (July 29th) - these relationship one step forward/two step backs will be in our rear-view mirror one way or the other!

Mercury, flying through Gemini, meets up with Vesta at 26 degrees as they oppose the Galactic Center.

Vesta (our sacred focus/dedication) has been moving through Gemini (the sign of duality/polarity/two sides of the coin) side-by-side with Hygei, "the wash-your-hands, sneeze into your elbow, practice good self-care" asteroid and now Vesta has moved on a bit from that, our focus widening - and here comes Mercury with some news/information - maybe another topic of conversation that becomes very important.

We could also find ourselves obsessing over something someone has said to us or maybe we are obsessed with proving our point! For some people Mercury will be about a sibling, local community or transportation situation and that will be our focus right now.

Mercury/Vesta can be limiting as our focus/dedication narrows and in Gemini could involve the need to choose between two things or the addition of another important thing to focus on. Either way it allows us to focus in on what really matters to us.

As they meet, Mercury/Vesta are opposing the Galactic Center - our collective homing signal, heart of the heavens, the Sun behind the Sun.

Mercury moved through this area on December 27, 2019 when we were 'downloaded' new information/higher guidance - however strongly or subtly we would have felt this - we were in the Eclipse spin cycle then, so it's interesting we get to the opposition just as we are setting up for a new Eclipse cycle. This new focus, the Mercury/Vesta, is opposed by our 'higher guidance' now.

We can see this manifesting in our 3D world as our need to get out into the local community/get to the facts/information (something Gemini-themed) being 'opposed' by a higher authority, or, if you are in the United States, maybe vice-versa depending on what state you live in. Maybe we need to be slowed down/stopped for our higher good - the way a parent would work with a child who has gone too far or too fast. The child must reach these type of milestones, but the parent wouldn't be a parent without stepping in somehow. In your personal life this will be a Gemini/Sag house opposition evolving whatever themes you are carrying there. Note - this isn't like a Saturnian stop signal (the strict father kind of thing). This is maybe more like we haven't learned what we need to learn in order to move on - a more loving guidance based around our contracts here and our own free will.

The Juno/Sun and Mercury/Vesta indicate this is a good time to talk about an important relationship issue. The words can flow smoothly and move things forward one way or the other.

Tonight could be most testy, so keep this in mind.

Maybe we are making choices about what we are keeping and what we are getting rid of. The Cancer Moon (as us) can be feeling overwhelmed/emotional/nostalgic.

We are moving toward Mercury's meeting with the North Node on Thursday - moving forward by making choices/decisions and working with the facts/information and not our 'overly-hopeful' beliefs.

xo all

phoot by the amazing evenliu

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