Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, May 9th, 2020 - the need to come up for air, our words are our fortune and our future

The Moon continues her journey through Sagittarius, nurtured through adventure and spontaneity and it's Saturday - find a way to get out of your comfort zone and have some fun before the Moon moves into 'serious-as-a-heart-attack' Capricorn tomorrow!

She will inconjunct the Sun in the morning EDT and then move on to square Neptune (1:13PM ) and oppose Venus at 3:13PM.

The waning inconjunct is a rock and a hard place with not only the Sun, but also this week's Full Moon in Scorpio story. That Scorpio Moon wants us to go deep/get to the truth/find the bottom, but today's Sag Moon reminds us of the need to come up for air!

Inconjunct the grounded Taurus Sun - this is also about optimism/hope vs practicality. This is a head in the clouds/feet on the ground blending that is hard to master, so we might kind of teeter-totter back and forth and that's OK.

The Moon's challenges with Neptune and Venus speak of caution/a red light with any large purchases/big investments today (yes, this includes over-the-top emotional investments). It also allows us to connect with other people and with our muses/angels/imagination today.

Mercury reaches 24 degrees and trines Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) and she/he will trine Jupiter tomorrow. Trines remove the brakes. So communication with authority/power, particularly issues we are backtracking over, should go more smoothly. Talking/thinking about security issues/joint resources. The info we need/seek will come to our awareness.

This is an excellent aspect for manifesting what we are thinking/talking/writing about. Words (Mercury) are power (Pluto) so we need to use them well now. Our voice matters. This is also the energy for powerful people/corporations/govt to silence others' words - keep this in mind, too.

Powerful conversations/alignments with siblings or local community situations. This won't be something we have to push for, it will just fall smoothly into place.

This is EXCELLENT energy to set intentions and make a powerful vision board!

So we want to watch our language today - use our words intentionally or not at all.


I love how "word" and "lord" can be combined to create "world". And "uni" meaning one and "verse" meaning word or poem or song makes "universe".

And a spell is a s-p-e-l-l.

And dog is God spelled backwards (maybe especially that one).

You might be familiar with the Bible story of the Tower of Babel - which is the story of God's displeasure at humankind's progress after the great flood. Everyone speaking the same language and working together meant soon nothing would be out of humankind's reach. This worried God so much that he scattered everyone all over the planet and changed their one language into many as a way to dis-empower everyone.

We can see how this is happening in our world today with Facebook, Google, etc, controlling the information we can access.

One nugget to take from this story is that Babel babble/inability to communicate = dis-empowerment/separation. 

Mercury is the God of communication. 

We honor Mercury when we speak our truth, when we think through our thoughts before we say our words, when we say more and talk less. 

When we say what we want and not what we don't want.

We dishonor Mercury when we babble. We also dis-empower ourselves.

We are working through a powerful chapter about who has the power here and words/communication/connection - NOT AGREEMENT - are the super-power of the masses (Aquarius).

No matter our personal opinion about the Facebook stories/accounts that have been deleted lately (this will vary to the degree we value safety or freedom since we have no way of knowing the real truth here) - it can be very costly to humankind to allow ourselves to be silenced/disconnected again ....

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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