Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, May 15, 2020 - controversial and healing conversations, do we still love last month's obsession, what needs to be wrapped up, what needs to be re-vised/re-visited/re-built

The Moon, in Pisces now and nurtured through the Piscean waters of our imagination, spirituality, connection, the past -

will sextile Uranus at 12:41PM EDT (unusual attachments, unconventional needs, comfort with chaos, surprise)

and square Mercury at 12:57PM EDT, so maybe that Uranian surprise leads to an argument/tension/controversy.

The planets are making multiple exact connections today - we have Mercury sextiling Chiron, Venus (retrograde) conjunct Vesta and the Sun trining a retrograde Pluto.

Mercury sextiling Chiron is a healing conversation/words. Mercury is home in fast-moving Gemini now, so this is not the energy of a deep heart-to-heart, but something quick and light and even humorous. Keep in mind Chiron in Aries is healed through courage. Be brave, say what needs to be said but don't make a big drama out of it.

Venus's meeting with Vesta is their second (of two) meetings.

We had this aspect back on April 14th, when maybe we got really obsessed about wanting something. Maybe we got it. Maybe we didn't. But, now Venus is retrograding back over this point for a re-view. And remember Vesta is about the stuff that keeps us up at night/a sacred focus. Happening in Gemini, this could be about a decision/conversation/news - we have lived a lifetime since mid-April haven't we? Has our desire here changed? Gemini is dualistic, so this could be about more than one way forward with this or maybe we are seeing the other side of some situation.

Finally, although this actually happens first, we have the Sun trining Pluto at 24 degrees.

Taurus/Capricorn is solid grounding. Slow and steady growth/power. Taurus rules what we have now/our resources, also our values/self-esteem and Capricorn is about the world, our responsibilities, our work and goals, authority. Good energy for dealing with authority/power structures, just keep things practical. Pluto in Cappy is retrograde, so we are going back over something - again the "re's" - revising, reviewing, rebuilding. The Sun shines a light here, creates a smooth path of slow and sober empowerment.

So, there is a good flow between our resources/self-esteem and authority/goals and maybe a hard conversation/news (that lunar square to Mercury) that is ultimately healing - courage/being ourselves/standing on our own two feet is needed to get the healing. 

This is the time in our lunar cycle for culminations/endings AND the Moon is in Pisces - what do we need to wrap up? We don't know everything, but we know what is over.

xo all

photo by the talented AlexandraSophie

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