Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - that chapter where we re-work our relationships, resources, values and ideas about beauty starts now, a more intuitive approach to action, no pushing

The Moon is in forward-leaning and freedom-seeking Aquarius - her only aspect today, a square at 1:51AM EDT with Aquarius ruler Uranus (disruption, the unexpected). This was an hour after Mars left Aquarius for dreamy/idealistic Pisces (Mars in Pisces is the peaceful warrior and I'm pretty sure also the reason for the expression "steaming mad", go figure).

By the time we wake up, we are in this new energy. A kick-started/rebellious Moon with the need not to be tied down and a future-focused/rebellious Mars - tossed into the ocean to cool off.

The last time Mars was in Pisces (here's your wake-up call little fishes!) was in November 2018, so it's been awhile.

Mars is our masculine energy - he (as us) wants to go out and make things happen. Pisces in where we allow things to happen; we go with the flow. With Mars in Pisces, there is just no way to "force things" - stuff will go or it won't.

Mars (our actions) will be working through our emotional intuition now.
We'll need to use our inner guidance and work with divine timing.

Our natal Pisces house - is shaken awake and its theme (where is Pisces in your natal chart?) is activated. We are used to just going with the flow here, so Mars moving in could be just the kick in the a** we need to get moving.

Keep in mind Mars is still Mars even though he is wearing a toga and smoking something still illegal in most of the country. He (as us) can still get things done!

The key to working with Mars in Pisces is to continue to initiate, continue to take action, continue to move forward, but to avoid pushing.

And we will know we are pushing because whatever we are trying to do won't be working.
Mars in Pisces is also a kind of perfect storm for self-sabotage, so stay moving and AWAKE. 

Venus stationed retrograde about an hour after the Moon squared Uranus - yes, all today's action was happening while we slept (EDT).

She is doing her back and forth through the dualistic sign of Gemini. We are connected back to a time eight years ago and also to a time eight years ahead. She is determined we decide (by bringing our values, resources and self-esteem into the mix), but also clouding things up through her square to foggy Neptune - and Mars, is answering to Neptune now, so that square gets even more powerful.

In Gemini, information is king and information will be anything but clear right now!

We talked about this Venus retrograde cycle HERE. We are going back over our values, our money, our self-esteem. We are looking at our choices/decisions. People from the past can come back into our life - usually for a brief time - as can people from past lives. Old resources/passion projects. Here Venus will influence our choices - what we want/what we don't want and our Gemini house theme is influenced by the beneficial Venus (although she is less powerful during the second part of this three-part dance, the part we are in NOW, when she is moving backward).

Relationships/passion projects/situations involving beauty or women can get held up now. It's a time for re-assessing what we need/want. 

In Gemini, we will collectively notice what we are saying/thinking and if our conversations and the information we are absorbing/spouting best reflects our values.

This collective time-out is teaching us that you and I really, really matter. What each of us does impacts everyone else on a very real 3D level. We can literally keep each other alive.

(and it is also teaching us the polarity of this - and how we don't have control over the things we think we do)

The cosmos is conspiring (have I said Jupiter stations retrograde tomorrow, so that's three planets in one week!) to slow down any attempted return to 'business-as-normal'. Saturn/Pluto scorched that old landscape. Even if we could go back, and we can't, we aren't the same people - it wouldn't taste the same right now. We have been downloaded with a thirst for something else. So, we move forward (move through the fear) by moving backward. Back to old ideas, conversations, work, our community, our childhood friends (siblings, etc), our childhood likes and dislikes.

Knowing this storyline isn't really about a disease, although it is playing out through a dis-ease. We are really working through a very old story about POWER.

Everything will seem it is trying to stop us now and at the same time everything will seem that it is not letting us rest.

With the North Node in Gemini, information is power and so is our ability to believe in the possibility of multiple things at the same time. Getting entrenched in our own beliefs/thinking we KNOW is so last week. We don't know. Let other people have their own ideas. We don't need to control anyone else's thinking to stay safe (that Uranus in Taurus answering to Venus in Gemini answering to Mercury, ruler of the North Node bullshit) and thinking that we do is going to split us into TWO.

Stay curious. Ask questions. We need to stay open to connecting. 
With the North Node in Gemini, the solution won't be one big thing, but lots of small things. the problems have grown so complex, we can see this now.

We will need ALL OF US - yes, even the people we don't agree with because we don't need to agree! What we need is for everyone (and every facet of ourselves) to have a voice.

Keep this in mind now.

xo all

photo by the amazing livingloudphoto

Yesterday we had the Air National Guard of New Jersey fly over the beaches in salute of the front-line corona virus workers. People piled into their cars and came from miles around (the traffic jam out of town afterwards was something like the 4th of July) to sit on the hoods of their cars - beaches/boardwalks closed, parking lots roped off - and scatter ourselves, appropriately distanced, among fresh signs that read GOVERNOR'S ORDERS STAY HOME, KEEP OFF THE GRASS, PARKING ALONG THE SIDE OF THE ROAD PROHIBITED. We had no idea exactly where these jets would fly or if we would see them, but we just kind of gathered without gathering - yes, on the grass and along the sides of the roads. Hundreds of people. Hundreds of cars. People started talking to each other. Hubs always attracts women of a certain age and he was quickly in a deep conversation about how this situation just really stinks for the kids. There were many, many older people. The jets thundered over head. The flyover lasted maybe 30 seconds, but even the jaded/and fast moving Jersey folks didn't complain about the wasted hours. It was nice to see people remove their masks, which are required here, and breathe in that fresh ocean air even if we couldn't actually see the water (personally I don't wear a mask outdoors, it defeats the point of getting outside, although I had a scarf I can pull up if I needed to). We all kind of looked around afterward before dispersing. It was clear to me and maybe to alot of other people. That we were going to be OK. This 'living our life' thing won't be stopped and our instinct to caretake life is much more complex than simply making sure that life is long ...

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