Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, may 17, 2020 - an old opportunity comes back around, a lucky break, erasing some of those dots we've been connecting, two sides to everything now

When we wake EDT, the Moon has completed her journey through Pisces - a space she loves. She has sextiled the Sun at 3:14AM EDT and gone void off a sextile to a retrograde Jupiter at 3:59A EDT. At 9:36AM EDT she moves into fiery Aries and will sextile a retrograde Saturn at 1:29PM EDT. Lots of lunar sextiles. Lots of opportunities to feel good. 

The sextile to the Taurus Sun is this month's Waning Sextile - this is more dreams being made real energy. The unbounded, imaginative and compassionate Pisces Moon making nice with that stable, lasting and practical Taurus earth.

This is also the day the Sun trines a retrograde Jupiter. And, yes, this is within the same day the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Rewards for past work. Lucky breaks. What we have (that Taurus!)/what we value EXPANDS. Remember Jupiter is retrograde so going deep instead of wide right now and moving backward, so maybe the Sun shines a light now on something we had previously missed/discarded. Is there something more here? We don't have all the doors available we had last year, but there is a door and the Sun will find it!

The Sun will trine a retrograde Saturn this week, too - maybe an opportunity comes back around. Look for it. Make the call. Send the email. Make yourself visible. 

Sometimes when we think we are waiting for something to happen, life has already tossed us the ball. We have to make a move with it and set a response into motion. We think we are waiting on something else when that something else is actually waiting on us! Keep in mind that North Node in Gemini for the next 18 months - there is no one great move/answer that will make everything better, instead there are a gazillion options and moves. Let's not be so afraid of making a mistake. Just start small and be flexible enough to pivot as needed and we can't lose!

This is also the day Pallas stations retrograde at 0 degrees Aquarius. So, she (as us) got all the way to innovative/future-focused Aquarius and now almost immediately has to turn around/go back over something. Pallas is our wise warrior woman who, unlike Mars who will just sock someone in the nose, thinks and plans and strategizes. Like Saturn before her, she doesn't get very far into Aquarius when she is held up. She moved outside the box and now is headed back into the box!  

Something about our thinking/planning, the way we are connecting the dots - needs to be re-vised/re-viewed. 

Keep in mind our North Node in Gemini's dual nature. Everyone gets a seat at the table. Our closed minds will be the death of us/set us on the path for a very restrictive future.

Think outside the box AND inside the box.

xo all

photo by the amazing photoflake

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