Astrology Forecast for creatives | Week of May 4th - May 10th, 2020 - major pivot points, our path forward shifts, clarity, culminations, a focus on finances, being re-wired for a new world, time is on our side

This is a HUGE week and so is next week - after that the energy should slow down for a couple weeks.

This isn't the time for big decisions if we can help it, (because so much is in flux this week and next), but it is the time to really think about the ways we make decisions.

Do we move toward what we want or do we move away from what we don't want with no clear idea of where we are headed? As simple as this sounds - getting real about this, is going to make all the difference in the way things play out for us over the next 18 months!

SUNDAY - Venus squares Neptune
MONDAY - Mercury conjuncts the Sun
TUESDAY - Nodes change signs- North Node into GEMINI, South Node into Sagittarius
THURSDAY - Full Moon in Scorpio (17 degrees)
FRIDAY - trigger date for next month's ECLIPSE
SATURDAY - Mercury trines Pluto
SUNDAY - Mercury trines Jupiter

SUNDAY - Venus, in Gemini (for a long back and forth), squares Neptune, in Pisces, the first of THREE squares. There are many ways for this to play out, but this is basically tension/the need to adjust between what we want/or the choices that are available right now vs the 'ideal". Something unrealistic could feel very realistic, so proceed cautiously. This will be in play all month and then pick back up at the end of July.

We talked about this last week HERE and then again HERE.

MONDAY - Mercury in Taurus, meets the Sun at 14 degrees.

This is amplified by being in play at this week's Full Moon later in the week. This is the superior conjunction in their cycle and brings a culmination - CLARITY, a clear result/ending or practical/grounded news or information. Personally this will be about/come through our Taurus house theme, collectively this will be about our values, resources, money and security. We also have Mars quintile (which I don't talk about much, but it could be useful here to know about it) Uranus tonight, so something unexpected coming in.

TUESDAY - This is HUGE and will be in play for the next 18 months.

The North Node (our collective way forward) moves into Gemini and our South Node (where we are now, what we have outgrown) moves into Sagittarius.

Alot of what happens to us collectively (and personally) here is FATED for the next year and a half.

We talked about this HERE and I am going to return to that post and update it for the pandemic.

This is an eighteen month process - away from our homes (Cancer) and out into our communities (Gemini), away from a focus on our security/vulnerabilities toward a focus on different facts/information/choices.

We become more dualistic as, collectively and personally, we move in TWO very different directions!

When we can see both sides of a situation - that's when we will be able to get things moving. When we just dig in our heels and know we are right and the other side is wrong we will just get more and more stuck in the mud, spinning our wheels.

With the South Node in Sag - we are releasing (through often complicated and sometimes painful situations) outdated beliefs, the things we think we "know for sure", issues around foreign situations, travel, education, religion, politics. Very old and very deep stories about what we BELIEVE (and our beliefs truly form who we are) are going to be put to bed over the next eighteen months.

We'll explore more about this in a bigger post, and, of course as we move through it. And, again, don't miss checking out the Nodes post HERE.

We can see how life is synchronistically setting us up for this - both collectively and in our personal lives already.

(it's been interesting how the end of the North Node in Leo brought us here in the U.S. into the Trump Presidency - the ultimate Leo/king/royalty storyline and the end of the North Node in Cancer brought so many people home and all of us face to face with greater insecurity/our vulnerabilities - the Universe don't play around folks!)

THURSDAY - This is the big Scorpio Full Moon (17 degrees), ruled by a retrograde Pluto and with the Moon making nice with Neptune (our dreams!) and the Sun conjunct Mercury. This is about truth and reality. Intimacies. Merged resources. Pretending everything can just go back to the way it was or that everything is OK isn't going to work.

The stuff underneath, dark as it might be, must be acknowledged, but, getting lost in some murky media-fueled horror show of "certainty" - whether that be death or economic depression - rather than the neutral unknown TRUTH can do us even more damage!

And we'll talk about this in a big FULL MOON post later in the week.

On FRIDAY, we reach the trigger date for next month's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. I find events sometimes occur exactly one month before or after the eclipse itself. So, we could be reaching a BIG culmination related to our Sag natal house theme or the collective themes of - higher education, our beliefs, travel, media, religion, politics, weddings, foreign situations.

SATURDAY - Mercury trines Pluto - so Mercury met the Sun on Monday and started (as us through information, news, communications, a sibling situation, local community, transportation, internet) a new chapter (as one ends, one always begins) and now he/she trines (brakes off) a retrograde Pluto -

deepening the information/more truth now maybe and certainly a greater intensity. We could have a powerful influence via our words/information or others could be making one on us, so think about what you are feeding your brain now.

Good for research/getting to the bottom of things and dealing with powerful people and situations. this isn't something we have to force, it will just naturally happen.

SUNDAY - Now, after Mercury unwinds a little bit from Pluto she/he moves into a trine (again, brakes off) with Jupiter (in Capricorn). Good news. Expansion. Confidence. With Mercury in Taurus - this is good for money-making/resource building information/communication/ideas to come in. Again, this won't be something we have to force, it will just naturally happen.

Just keep in mind, Mercury is in Taurus, so answering to Venus, and we know she is squaring illusive Neptune. Don't bet the farm or run off to Vegas (is Vegas even open?) just yet. Keep one eye on your heart and the other on your wallet.

Back with some dailies and the Full Moon in Scorpio post!

Next week Venus, Saturn and Pluto will all turn backward giving us all a chance to make better decisions!

xo all

photo by the talented fairyladyphotography

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