Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, May 16, 2020 - relationship tension, wanting something from the past, smothering, mothering, bending over backward to keep the peace, rocks and hard places, decisions, going with the flow

The Moon, nurtured by "going with the flow" in imaginative Pisces meets Neptune at 2:34PM EDT, squares Venus (retrograde) at 4:35PM EDT and sextiles Pluto (retrograde) at 11:14PM EDT.

The Pisces Moon meeting ruler Neptune in his home sign is UBER Neptune. Boundaries dissolve. This could be inspiration/compassion/delusion. We are feeling very comfortable with sensitivity, maybe with delusion, maybe with escape. It's Saturday .. I think ... so that feels about right. We will be very psychic.

Just take care with any over-the-top illusional hunches that push us into something that has no grounding in reality. Great for art, music, healing, charity work, spirituality.

By mid-afternoon we are approaching that square to Venus (who wants us to have a little bit of everything and especially anything we have had or have wanted before) - this is tension/a challenge maybe through a conversation/decision involving relationships or money or our resources/beauty/self-esteem. This could also be a kind of final straw, followed by a "drift apart" conclusion. Mercury is a bit stressed out with Pluto at the moment, making us more prone to black and white/doomsday, suspicious thinking or using some kind of 'deadly' language. Ouch.

From Pisces point of view, Gemini's need to go this way and that way tends to complicate things. Keep this in mind.

By the time the Moon meets Pluto we will know just what cards we are holding - having been to hell and back/death and rebirth with this subject - or maybe this is what we are dreaming about. I am fairly certain I will be sleeping. Either way there is opportunity here between our Pisces and Capricorn houses. This could be more making the dream real stuff - always good to find those times during the month and put them to good use!

Another thing we have exact today is Juno (our marriage archetype retrograde in partnership/balance focused Libra) inconjunct Ceres (in Pisces) at 6 degrees and since we just talked about that retrograde Venus squaring the Moon (in Pisces) this might amplify and color that tension.

So, maybe one partner wants to keep things on an even keel/wants to keep things light, and this can be a romantic relationship, but can really be anyone we have a contract/agreement with (it doesn't have to be a written contact, but there is usually some kind of societal expectations here) - while the other person is doing some kind of sacrificial/martyr thing or some kind of extreme lack of boundaries or idealization or smother mothering. This can also be about situations where it feels like one partner holds all the cards and the other feels very out of control.

This is an inconjunct, so a rock and a hard place.

We don't want to lose ourselves/over nurture/try to control someone AND we don't want to gloss over problems and pretend they don't exist.

The Moon in Pisces can be self-sacrificing and also self-sabotaging. Does the person we are 'helping' actually need our help?

And, on the other hand, if we are smiling through the 'helping' that has gotten on our last nerve (doing that bending over backward thing to keep the peace), maybe it's time to talk this thing out.

Don't expect all the wrinkles to be ironed out - we will be back here in mid-July with Ceres retrograde and Juno direct - BUT with Juno answering to Venus in dualistic Gemini - there will be more than one way through these kinds of relationship challenges.

Stay flexible. Compromise. Know that people and situations from our pasts/what we once loved can come back around if we still have strings attached to them.

We can use the Moon in Pisces to feel what the other person is feeling/to go with the flow.

xo all

photo by the talented Rona-Keller

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