Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - frustration, fighting about old stuff, tested by our ability to go with the flow, it is what it is

Today looks kind of testy. The Moon in Aries (as us) wants what it wants. And she wants it NOW.

She sextiles Venus (retrograde in Gemini) at 4:16AM EDT, so the early morning can be flavored with that. Good vibes. It's chatty/flirty. Nice energy for light/humorous communications and social interactions.

Then as the morning continues the situation grows more intense/serious.

She moves into a square with a retrograde Pluto at 11:50AM EDT and then goes void at 4:33PM EDT off a square to a retrograde Jupiter (both in sober Capricorn and answering to a retrograde Saturn).

So, our emotions today are colored/influenced by these challenging squares. 

This is tension/frustration via our goals, authority figures, control, financial situations, third party situations, intimacy - that lunar square to Pluto can bring a feeling of life and death to whatever we have going on. We want what we want. We want to control. We want to win. And so does everyone else.

Keep in mind lunar aspects are fleeting. The situation may continue, but the intense feelings won't.

Then our Aries Moon squares Jupiter (retrograde) - we want to move forward, maybe we want to be independent, do what we need/want to do, but that open door/path forward is hard to find! Challenges with our beliefs, education, travel, the media, politics, religion can be pulled into the mix.

This is all kind of feisty/argumentative energy. Keep in mind Mars (and the Aries Moon is answering to him!) is in Pisces now - we are either GOING WITH THE FLOW or we are paddling against the tide.

Either way - things are going to go the way they go.

Also, keep in mind all the Moon's interactions today (Venus, Pluto, Jupiter) involve retrograde planets. So these tension/challenges are about some old situation(s) that becomes hot and relevant.

The Moon is void from 4:33PM EDT until 10:10PM EDT when she moves into Taurus - where she is exalted. She will have one final square to Saturn (1:57AM EDT) that might pull the challenges into tomorrow morning for some people, but from Taurus she will make nice will Mars and Neptune, both in dissolving Pisces. And the Sun moves into the lighter energy of Gemini tomorrow, too.

These problems (more exactly our intense feelings about them) can blow/drift away as fast as they showed up!

So, take it easy on yourself (and others) today. Use the intense emotions that come up to show you what really matters rather than making impulsive/destructive moves - although, yes, sometimes impulsive/destructive moves are needed.

The Aries Moon - especially when challenged - brings out the angry, young man in all of us. Our temper will be short - as will everyone else's because this is collective energy. Keep this in mind.

Going with the flow doesn't mean stuffing our emotions. Just know the blocks are there for a reason. People keep asking me when this "will be over" and I want to say, "this was over in January".

We are building a  new world and this is the re-do part where we are deciding what goes and what stays - what stuff from the past is going to stay in our life and what has a deadly expiration date and we are holding onto it anyway, even as it eats us alive. The eclipses - three of them (!) - starting in just two weeks and happening two weeks apart, will sort the part out that is outside our control.

For now, don't be an asshole. Take care when driving. Holes punched in walls will just have to be mended later.

Get some exercise. Dance it out. Chop some wood. Mars needs to move. Use him or he'll use you!

xo all

photo by the talented photoflake

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EricHepperle said...

Good assessment. Where did you study astrology? Do you offer courses in thos style?