Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, February 15, 2020 - dream, rest, some frustration later on, logic vs passion, going deeper with something, and a mystery solved

Tonight (5:20PM EST), we have the Moon in deep and probing Scorpio squaring the Aquarius Sun (this month's waning square) and sextiling Saturn (in Cappy) - all at 26 degrees.

Maybe something needing to come up and be dealt with that the Aquarius Sun has kept us comfortably detached from will be activated via tension/frustration/a challenge as the Moon squares the Sun from deep and probing Scorpio
Emotions could get intense.

Aquarius/Scorpio is cool headed logic vs passion. Merging vs staying on the outside looking in.

If there is something we haven't wanted to see/feel - something we have wanted to stay comfortable numb from - this would be the part of our monthly cycle when it comes up to be dealt with. The time when we have to feel it. Maybe a decision needs to be made about how far involved we get with something/someone. These are both fixed signs, so people could be dug in.

The Moon's smooth and opportunistic sextile to Saturn tells us there is a way to work with this/stabilize things here.

And that the very square itself though frustrating and challenging IS stabilizing things. Limits and structure and patience are our friend. Living up to a responsibility. Doing it right. Our big girl/boy pants need to be on all the time this year.

And this does NOT mean we stay in a situation that is suffocating because Aquarius square Scorpio is also the time we need to cut stuff loose!

With Mercury in Pisces and ready to station retrograde tomorrow feeling a bit un-moored from the dock is par for the course. The Moon will go void off that Sun square and then move into Sagittarius at 11:07PM EST.

Allow yourself some extra rest today and the time to dream and drift around a bit .... the astro shifts rather intensely tomorrow.

More in the weekly HERE.


I know quite a few people who read my blog study astrology, too, so I thought this might be interesting.

A few months ago I was asked if it would be possible to use astrology to look into the disappearance of a beautiful, twenty-five year old local woman.

Out of respect for her and her family we will call her Sue.

Sue had gone out with her family to a show. She returned to her parents' house, kissed her mom good-bye and drove home (actually the house of her grandmother where she was staying after her grandmother's death to care for her grandmother's dogs).

On her way home she posted a Snapchat.

The next day she did not show up for work at her nanny job (it was also payday) and never replied to her friends' and family's texts and calls. Her father said, "she doesn't go to the store without telling someone about it" and that normally Sue would text her family four or five times a day.

Her worried parents reported her missing to police that night (so the night after they last saw her) through a 911 call made by her mother.

Since there is no way to make a chart for the exact time she disappeared - since this is unknown - we have to use what we do know. 

A forensic astrology group online had looked into the case using a chart cast for the time of that last Snapchat (kind of as a 'last seen' chart), so I thought I would use a chart for the moment (close to exact) that her mother had called 911 and reported Sue missing.

This would be an official kind of 'time stamp' chart associated with the crime (if there was one).

Let's unpack the chart.

We see that pile-up of planets in the area of a chart ruling things that are outside our control/fate. We see alot very intensely grouped together.

We see Gemini rising - Gemini is ruled by Mercury (communication) and Mercury here is conjunct Venus (a young woman), so there is communication about a young woman. There is a Ceres/Moon opposition to the Gemini rising (mother/home/stolen daughter), so I can see the chart is accurately depicting the 911 call and what her mother is thinking/feeling as she makes that call.

But can we see something about what happened to Sue from this chart, too? Can we see anything about the event that 'inspired' the 911 call?

We will start with the ascendant and the Sun (both represent Sue here, the Moon can also represent the event chart 'person' but with the Moon here conjunct the descendant I see it more reflective of something happening at the home) and their oppositions/aspects (what happened to Sue/the perpetrator if there is one).

The Sun is in Scorpio in the 5th house and I know that Sue had just left a fun night out and one of the things the 5th house rules is fun and recreation. The 5th house also rules children and we know Sue was supposed to work with children the next day, so we have the Sun snuggled between those activities - the one that just happened and the one that was interrupted (that Uranus opposition). I don't have Sue's birth data to connect this chart to her natal, so we'll just plow on with what we have.

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars (ancient ruler).

So, we look to see that they are up to.

Pluto is in the 8th house (death) and Mars (violence) is in the same house as her Sun and Mars is in Libra the sign of partnership. My heart kind of sank when I saw this because I am thinking this chart might be showing that Sue has died at the violent hands of a partner - taken from her home and from her mother (that Moon/Ceres opposition) to her death.

But I am also thinking this chart - since it represents the 911 call so well - could just be what her mother is thinking at that time, so I'm not sure.

We can see Uranus (break-ups/unexpected chaos) is opposite the Sun - the Sun (Sue) is past the opposition, so I am thinking the breakup/unexpected chaos - the precipitating event, probably with the partner (since we have Libra ruling the house the Sun resides in) happened sometime before whatever happened to Sue. Within a few days - maybe four days before.

Or maybe I was seeing the disruptive event had happened to Sue before her mother's call to 911.

The ascendant (Sue) is in Gemini, and usually a Gemini ascendant in an event chart like this would indicate two people or two connecting events or two of something, so I am wondering if there are actually two victims?

Or maybe Sue was a natal Gemini? Or had a strong Gemini - communicative/adaptable nature? She might look like the Gemini archetype - delicate, quick, bright eyed, brown hair, funny or a good talker, maybe under 29 (which we know she is, but often Gemini in an event chart indicates someone youthful).

We'll find out later what this Gemini thing is all about (not that it is just one thing, we know something in a chart is important because it will show up multiple times or represent multiple things).

The descendant, and by now I am thinking this is a crime and the descendant is the perpetrator - shows him and shows what he has done to Sue (the ascendant). If we look at the chart above, the descendant is literally dividing the Moon from Ceres - Sue from her home and mother. The Ceres archetype is one of the mother whose daughter was stolen by Pluto and taken into the underworld.

The descendant is in Sagittarius and the ruler of Sag, Jupiter, is conjunct the Moon and Ceres! So maybe this person is a Sag or looks/acts like a Sag male - maybe stocky, but strong, maybe brown hair, a high forehead, maybe a big talker/know-it-all - or he is acting out in a negative Jupiterian manner. Things are very over-blown, not well-thought out, he is mostly acting on impulse. Not thinking about consequences.

The 7th house ruler Jupiter is squaring Eris, so likely the perpetrator is angry. Feels backed into a corner. Not in control of the ascendant (Sue). Feeling left out/explosive, and again that Jupiter is just making everything BIGGER

(also this shows why the media which is ruled by Jupiter picked up this case and why it became such a big news story here).

Jupiter is in his home sign giving the perpetrator here the advantage of strength and luck (for now anyway, because we can see Jupiter is nearing the end of Sag and I suspect his luck will eventually run out in Capricorn and it does). I don't think this is something the perpetrator was exactly planning to do, but I do think the chart has multiple aspects indicating a karmic storyline playing out.

I thought the square from Jupiter (the perpetrator) to Neptune indicated he might self-sabotage himself and get caught or his lies would trip him up. Prison might stop him. Maybe he was on drugs/alcohol/steroids at the time of the crime. I wondered if he had an ancestor who had killed or kidnapped someone. Stolen someone from their mother ....

There was alot we couldn't really know just from the chart.

Still, we could probably make some guesses and assumptions (and yes, I know what that can get us!) to see if we can tell what might have happened to Sue.

We know she got home that night because her car was at her house.

The Moon on the descendant (remember the descendant is the perpetrator) suggests he comes to her house or was there when she got there. Then probably he takes her away (Sag rules travel) from her home (the Moon). With Mercury (ruling Sue) in one of her/his home houses (the 6th) it feels like Sue started out on her home turf.

And with Mercury, the ruler of the ascendant (Sue) and Jupiter, the ruler of the descendant (the perpetrator) both in the 6th house it suggests they leave the house together. With Mercury ruling the direction of north-west, I wondered if he had taken her somewhere north-west.

I was wondering if she might still be in a car (that Gemini ascendant/ Mercury/Venus conjunction and Gemini ruling transportation). I was wondering if she might have been suffocated (Gemini rules lungs) or strangled. I thought with Gemini ruling the local neighborhood and being an air sign, maybe she wasn't very far away, maybe she was in the open air ...or in a car trunk.

The thought of her in a car trunk somewhere kept me up at night!


Anyway, a couple months after Sue disappeared, her ex-boyfriend, who had long been a suspect, and was mentioned to the police by her mother in that 911 call, committed suicide (that Neptune square!) which explained the Gemini ascendant's indication of two victims - not that he was a victim, but he did die at his own hands, too. The suicide note he left his family, which did not include an actual confession, although he did say "most of what they would hear about him was true", certainly showed his over-the-top personality and that he considered himself a victim in this matter.

(and just like what always seems to happen in these cases - his mother considers him innocent still, making me think that the Jupiter (remember he is Jupiter here) Moon/Ceres conjunction speaks also of his escape from her into the underworld)

Two weeks ago, Sue's body was found by two young men walking down a local highway (both the local highway, the two men and their ages represented by Gemini). It was kind of unbelievable that hundreds of searches hadn't found her sooner, but now at last her family could have some kind of closure. I haven't had the heart to look at his suicide chart or her recovery chart ...

Anyway, I don't usually do this kind of post, but I thought it was interesting the way the chart so well represented both the 911 call from her mother and the events that had inspired her call.

It reminded me of how a baby's birth chart can so accurately reflect both the baby and the parent's life at the time the baby was born (and their lives leading up to that moment).

There is alot we will never know - exactly how Sue died and what happened that night. There is alot of information Sue's ex-boyfriend took to his grave (that 8th house ruler indicating dark secrets, too), but it seemed quite a bit of the crime 'time stamp' chart from the 911 call was accurate -

they both looked quite a bit like the chart indicated they would and she was found north-west of her home, just a few miles away in the open air along the side of the road ...

And today's Moon (as I finish this up) is almost precisely where the Sun was when the 911 call was made. 

xo all

(have you backed up those files?)

photo by the talented Avine

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