Weekly Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 24th - a mystical fresh start, avoid overdoing it, more building the dream, fated endings, a karmic story is unwinding, a light on our path forward, power struggles, surprising news and ideas, something comes back around


Another important week and a karmic storyline playing out!

I am going to take blog break after this post. I'm getting burned out with the dailies and with only so many hours in the day, I need to write a monthly for March - a VERY pivotal month and we all need a heads up!

All these aspects are in play for at least a couple days before and after they are listed here.

SUNDAY - New Moon in Pisces (4 degrees), Venus squares Jupiter
MONDAY - Mars sextiles the Sun
TUESDAY - Mars conjuncts the south Node, Sun trines the North Node, Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun
WEDNESDAY - Mercury sextiles Mars
FRIDAY- Venus squares Pluto and conjuncts Eris, Mercury retrograde sextiles Uranus

On SUNDAY morning - we have the Moon meeting the Sun at 4 degrees giving us this month's mystical New Moon and this year's New Moon in Pisces. This energy is a good overview of the next two weeks - we talked about it HERE.

Venus (in Aries) squares Jupiter (in Capricorn) at 18 degrees. Squares are challenges/frustration, but these are our two most benefic planets ruling our love and money and luck, so the tension could be just what we need to increase our confidence and magnetism.

The possible downside? Things looking better than they actually are, getting too plugged into our Cappy ambitions, over-dose style spending or over-investing ourselves or our resources in something/some situation/someone. With Mercury retrograde in boundless Pisces and Venus squaring Jupiter this would not be the time to make any big promises. 

Venus is more than half-way through Aries now, the sign of her detriment, on her way - and she can't get there fast enough - into her home sign of Taurus. But first she has to get through these Cappy squares. Next up, the Lord of the Underworld - Pluto (power, compulsion, control issues, jealousy) on Friday!

OK it's MONDAY we are moving ahead with our New Moon agenda as Mars sextiles the Sun.

Sextiles bring opportunity, but between earth and water - this isn't something that is going to fall into our laps - this will take effort. Think about the way plants bloom over time as they are irrigated with water. This is more of the building the dream (Pisces/Cappy) stuff we have been talking about the last couple years. Mars in Cappy is confident and ambitious - we can get away with some brash moves now without looking like a jerk and annoying the hell out of people. Do something positive with this.

On TUESDAY, Mars, coming off that solar sextile is now opposing the North Node and crossing the South Node.  

Fated endings/completions.

Very old karmic re-balancings around power. Something could end now or reach some kind of limit. We could cut something off. Here is Mars doing what Saturn did last year. We talked about this in the Saturn/Pluto 2020 post. The Nodes are moving on to Gemini/Sagittarius next month and this is one last Cappy blowout to clear out the old obligations/limits/goals/structures that are no longer needed.

Keep in mind Mars is still trining Uranus - action toward the new, the unexpected, the future.

The other good news (besides the Uranus trine) is we have, at the same time Mars is meeting the South Node (the past), the Sun trining the North Node (our future) AND hooking up with a retrograde Mercury.

A light shines on our path forward - here is CLARITY.

And although Mercury is retrograde - there is some kind of fresh start (that might connect back to the last time these two met). Whatever this Mercury retrograde is for us, we are most certainly in the thick of it nowAnswers come in. Our words are especially important now, so only say what you mean. Our intuition is very high.

Pisces/the Nodes of Fate - there is undoubtedly a very old karmic story playing out here.

With the North Node in Cancer - keep in mind always our commitment to nurturing the small beginnings of things, taking care of ourselves the way we would care for someone else, moving toward our own authenticity even if it seems at first to make us more vulnerable, anything that feels like home, land, a mother's touch (not necessarily our mother's touch - ha!) and tastes like apple pie.

On WEDNESDAY - Mercury (retrograde in Pisces) sextiles ambitious Mars (in Capricorn). Opportunities when we walk our talk. More of the "building the dream". Ideas and conversations get us fired up. We are putting our words into action. Here is us taking action on the information Mercury meeting the Sun has brought to light. And Mercury is going to sextile Uranus on Friday, so our words married to our actions now can take us in a new direction! Keep in mind Mercury is retrograde, so this may be something we thought about doing before, but now we are actually doing it or doing it in a new way. We are re-working/re-thinking something here.

On FRIDAY, Venus meets Eris (in Aries) while squaring Pluto (in Capricorn). This speaks of jealousy/possessiveness/manipulation/feeling like life and death. Tension and challenges with love, money, our resources and self-esteem. Power struggles. Eris will really amp everything up and again emphasize the need to bring everyone to the table this year! This is explosive energy.

Aries/Capricorn is actually a love fest that only looks like a boxing tournament. After the fight is over - Aries bloodied and battered and Capricorn with tie askew and pockets picked clean - they almost always hit the pub for a beer.

But, the bottom line with these Venus squares, because after Pluto, Venus is going to square Saturn - is we might not get exactly what we want!

Adjustments will be required and here is where a retrograde Mercury's sextile to anything-can-happen Uranus can come in. This is an opportunity through surprising news and information. And since this is a repeating aspect - we might have to say it/hear it/think it again. Maybe here is another shot at something unexpected! Ideas and insights can come out of the blue. Good for visionary thinking and forward-focused language. Ideas are AVAILABLE for the right person - the person who can make them REAL - to pick them like apples in an autumn orchard.

Keep in mind with chaos-loving Uranus, even opportunistic sextiles are not always totally comfortable and with Mercury going to sextile Uranus again in a couple weeks when direct - this isn't the final, final.

Although we might have alot happening, we should probably get some extra rest this week - maybe some long walks (especially near water if possible), extra meditation, soothing music, etc with all the Pisces energy, because March is coming and it's going to be a VERY pivotal month that will come in like a lion and go out like a lion, too!

xo all

Have a great week!

photo by the talented Nodvikoff

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