Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, February 20th - longish void moon, making the dream real, establishing a ritual practice, working for what we want, going back to old information

The Moon in sober Capricorn met Pluto while we slept (EST) and goes void off her meeting with Cappy ruler Saturn at 9:08AM EST. She will be void until 2:42PM EST when she moves into humanitarian, detached and forward-leaning Aquarius.

The void is an excellent time to focus on our goals, production, routine issues. It would NOT be the time to launch anything brand new, if we want something to 'come of it'. Once we get into Aquarius we are in a balsamic (dark) Moon cycle, which could be challenging this month with the Sun in Pisces and Mercury retrograde (in Pisces, too).

Again, if something needs to be wrapped-up this would be the time.

I wrote about the Balsamic Moon phase a few years ago, on another artist's crafty blog HERE.

The big news today though, is we have the first exact sextile - an aspect of opportunity  and there will be three, with the last coming in October - so this is almost a year-long invitation - of Jupiter (in Cappy) and Neptune, home in imaginative/spiritual Pisces.

Since Jupiter went into Capricorn late last year he (as us) has been working to expand something/increase our faith/get us 'lucky' in our Capricorn house - either through the collective Cappy theme of our goals, work in the world, our authority - or our personal natal Capricorn house theme.

This is a year long process.And since Jupiter, being made entirely of gases, likes things kind of easy, peasy and Capricorn, especially this Jupiter cycle while Capricorn still houses Saturn (he is moving on within weeks, folks!), Pluto and the South Node, this is everything, but easy.

This looks like a giant fly in the ointment (and, yes, I know I have to find another metaphor because, yes, this one is grossing me, out, too) because we get the energy we expect to work like Santa Claus answering to Ebeneezer Scrooge. And after the year we had last year this "the harder you work, the luckier you get" thing, might sound even more exhausting - although with Mars in Cappy - it should sound a little energizing, too, right now!

We have to keep in mind, just as there is always a fly in the ointment (yuck), there is always a silver lining, too. This year's Saturn/Pluto is being buffered by Jupiter in Capricorn. It's like your favorite cousin is home for the funeral ... and easing tensions with his confidence and enthusiasm and maybe, because he has no lack of faith in himself, he's even got an idea about what to do next!

This year's Jupiter in Capricorn cycle has two UBER important repeating aspects - one is Jupiter conjunct Pluto (Jupiter won't meet Saturn until they both get into Aquarius at the very end of the year) and the other is Jupiter sextile Neptune. 

So, today starts - although, of course, it actually started during the build-up - the Jupiter/Neptune cycle. This is the one with both planets direct and we have Neptune sitting with rebellious Black Moon Lilith. So, there is alot of power here.

This is the final Neptune/Black Moon Lilith in Pisces (purging victim consciousness, surrendering to our inner wildman, transcending anger, radical forgiveness, an unshackling from guilt) before she moves on to Aries.

Jupiter/Neptune - especially with Black Moon Lilith here at the kick off - has huge manifestation potential. Normally these two titans meeting would be alot of hot air and water, but here's where Santa Claus wearing his three piece suit, or coveralls, and working for a living, is going to pay off.

Here's where the grounding Jupiter gets in Capricorn can produce something radically stable and, dare I say it,  REAL.

Because Jupiter/Neptune is not usually such a good thing. It would be too much Santa Claus - like Santa without the naughty list - too much imagination which would be delusion. This is why Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled) squares Pisces (Neptune ruled). There is no opportunistic sextile here. It is only Jupiter being in Capricorn that brings the opportunity - the SOLID GROUND to Neptune's idealism/imagination. This is why Capricorn DOES sextile Pisces.
We get something we can hold in our hand, hug goodnight and take to the bank.

Now, this is still not saying this is all going to come easy - like POOF, here it is. There is going to be work. There are going to be responsibilities that must be attended to. There is going to be risk because Cappy's climb up the mountain is inherently risky.

There are going to be limits. But Jupiter and Neptune sometimes need limits. Limits are our friend here.

Jupiter in Capricorn isn't going to open ten doors for us. He is going to open one door, maybe two, and they are only going to open an inch and then they are only going to creak open slowly through our own efforts and faith - the good news, to keep in mind, with these heavy/slow opening doors is that once we get them open, their heaviness/slowness tends to work to our advantage because they STAY OPEN.

For today - reach for the POSITIVE - lean toward a goal. Focus on what you do want, not on what you don't want. It's important to be working for something and not against something.

(This is good advice for our political leanings, too. All this talk in the press about the Dems need to elect the candidate who can best beat Trump, this talk always pointing to the most corporate-friendly/middle of the road candidate, isn't what the astrology is saying gets us to what we want in 2020.)

With Jupiter in Capricorn our faith is tested this year. We have had to do alot of growing up.

What do we believe in now?

Working on new plans and goals is good because we know we have Mars (in Cappy, too, now) approaching his square to Chiron - this is going to hurt - and his trine to Uranus (brakes off on something new).

Something is expanding/changing in our Capricorn house.

It might involve a change of beliefs, a focus on what we believe in, practicing forgiveness/compassion, combining the real and the spiritual (a good way to do this would be through daily ritual), offering/living through a sacrifice, expanding our imagination.

This is a process.

Mercury is retrograde. Information is coming back or we are going back to old information. We won't have all the answers yet.

xo all

photo by the amazing sea-of-ice

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