Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - get it done early, practical and ambitious action, afternoon void moon after some tension, bringing everyone to the table

Get up and get it done early. 

The Moon is in earthy, organized and level-headed Virgo, a sign that is making nice with those sober and ambitious Cappy planets - she trines Pluto at 8:35AM EST, then Saturn at 12:36PM EST before going void off a square to Mars (in Sag) at 1:25PM EST.

She will then be void (so chill!) until 6:37PM EST when she moves into Libra for the next couple days.

It should be smooth sailing early in the day with our Cappy/Virgo themes - paperwork, work, co-workers, employees, pets, our health, day-today activities, career, commitments, authorities, our goals and ambitions.

Great for taking action and getting practical and serious stuff accomplished.

The square to Mars in the early afternoon could make situations a bit more tense. We could be feeling more critical or pushed to our limit with something.

The Moon's void would be a good time to take a break. It would NOT be the time to launch anything brand new if we want something to come of it. Either nothing will or we will somehow find ourselves having to do it all over again. Good for the stuff we do all the time (again and again anyway). Time will get stretchy. Things can go a bit sideways.

Tonight the Libra Moon will turn our attention to partnership matters, our relationships, bringing something into balance or making something more beautiful or more fair.

In general a Libra Moon is good for compromise/teamwork and socializing. 

As the night moves on, the Moon in Libra will be building toward an opposition with Venus (Libra's ruler) in "me, me me", "I want it now" Aries very late night EST (could feel this more tomorrow morning), so something to keep in mind if looking for any late night cooperation - which might be hard to find!

With Black Moon Lilith here, too, the needs of each person must be heard - remember we talked in one of the 2020 posts about the need to bring everyone to the table this year - or that table is going to get flipped (think Real Housewives New Jersey circa 2009) and there goes dinner ...

We also have Venus (who is uber active this week) sextiling (opportunity) Ceres in Aquarius at 4 degrees. Again the need to bring all voices to the table - to nurture our groups and friendships. The Aquarius/Aries sextile emphasizes individualism/innovation/groups and courage/independence. Venus/Ceres emphasize love, mothering, resources, our values, self-esteem, things that feel outside our control, cycle of life issues. The 'opportunity' will likely come from giving everyone the space to be themselves and taking that space for ourselves, too.

Mercury will station retrograde on Sunday at 12 degrees Pisces (back up your files - Carbonite is super easy and inexpensive - it took me 2 days running 24/7 to back up 85000 files - whew).

Watch for inspiration and intuition to come in as she/he grinds to a halt this week and strengthens.

And watch your language. 

I have a relative with his natal Mercury in Pisces who has at least a dozen colds/allergies a year. He speaks of 'his illness' as part of him all the time (my sinus infection, my allergy, my cold, etc). With our collective Mercury in Pisces - we want to watch for the ways our language might muddy the lines between ourselves and an illness or ourselves and the past/an addiction, etc. With a LONG Mercury in Pisces season ahead of us, we don't want to blur the boundaries between ourselves and something we don't want!

See more in the weekly HERE.

xo all

photo by the talented cahilus

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