a quick look at the astrology of China, the Corona-Virus and the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction - major changes through the world's workforce as our patriarchal unwinding continues

In the middle of January when I was writing about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (the first time in more than 500 years) HERE and looking at its potentials I didn't think to look at China's chart to see what was happening there.

This morning, thinking about the astrology of March 20th's meeting of Mars and Jupiter on the 22 degrees Capricorn trigger point (the degree Saturn and Pluto met in January) and amid all the corona-virus talk in the media - I looked up China's natal chart and their transits for mid-January blew me away.

This is the chart for China during the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which happened in China on January 13th (the 12th in the United States). Saturn and Pluto and the Sun (and we had Mercury and Ceres almost precisely conjunct, too) were meeting EXACTLY on China's natal Jupiter in their 12th house (viruses, disease, endings, death, no boundaries, secrets and lies). At the same time, transiting Jupiter is opposing their natal Uranus (trauma signature, chaos, disorder) in Cancer in their 6th house of work and day-to-day activities and health. And transiting Mars is conjunct their natal hurting/healing Chiron in the 10th house (their work in the world, patriarchal energy, father).


This was always going to be very big for China (and by extension, all of us).

According to a timeline of the corona virus: on January 11, 2020 - China reports to the World Health organization their first death from the virus and on January 13th, they report the first case outside China (the Saturn/Pluto - the breakdown of limits/authority, the end of the death postponed, time runs out). And remember this was all playing out at the time of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, giving this whole thing even more energy and unfortunately, staying power.

I had an intuition to toss Pholus (we talked about this Centaur's story last month - the genie out of the bottle, uncorking of something that can't be stopped) into China's natal and found he is conjunct their natal Jupiter and their ascendant (!) - so a very important energy in their country's signature and was being mega impacted by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. In productive and ambitious Capricorn this energy has likely helped them many times, but certainly not with this.

I am sure they applied herculean measures to contain this thing, but it was never going to be stopped here.

With so much happening in Capricorn let's take a look at their natal Saturn (he also rules their Cappy rising chart) - in their chart Saturn is in their 8th house of other people's money, the resources merged with other people, death, secrets. The same house that contains their Sun/Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Libra answering to Venus in their 10th house, but ruling their 9th house - showing their important, and highly visible, industrial partnerships with other countries and the way they have become the world's "work force".

If we move their chart ahead to March 20th, 2020 when Mars (action, military, impulsivity) meets Jupiter, making something bigger, maybe more explosive - at the HOT degree of 22 Capricorn - they are having their Jupiter return (Jupiter back to where he was at their country's birth) - hopefully that Jupiter return brings them some luck/optimism instead of a possibly abrupt expansion of the problem (!).

We also see Saturn sitting on their ascendant, transiting Pholus moving into their HOT 12th house and the transiting North Node (coming home, a focus on home and family and nurturing, the value they do or do not place on mothering and babies, on allowing themselves to show any vulnerability) hitting their natal Uranus (change, chaos, tech, the future) and the transiting South Node that patriarchal conditioning/mega work ethic/productivity/authority opposing their natal Uranus trauma point.

Something big will be happening - although we might not hear everything, because the 12th house is a place of secrets.

Major change playing out through our world's "work-force" as the patriarchy unwinds ...

xo all

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