Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 2, 2020 - reality checks, pivot points, backing into a new idea/plan, wanting what we already have, disruptions, surprises, hand wringing and hand washing

March is an uber important month this year with major PIVOT POINTS and energetics including the remainder of Mercury retrograde, a big Full Moon in Virgo, oodles of Venus and Uranus aspects, Mars meeting Jupiter on that HOT 22 degrees Cappy bringing us back to mid-January, a powerful Spring Equinox and New Moon in Aries, lots of important information mid-month, Mars meeting Saturn and old man Saturn himself briefly changing signs to give us a spring preview of what we will be building over the next couple years (!).

By the time Mercury comes out of her/his retrograde shadow in April our life will be RADICALLY CHANGED AND REJUVENATED and we will ALL have a better understanding (keeping in mind this is a process and we are kind of in that crack in the book between chapters) of the collective BULLDOZING/REBUILDING ADVENTURE that is life on planet Earth in the year 2020.

In the meantime, March is coming in like a lion - big week this week, folks - and going to go out like a lion, too!

We start the month needing to make some choices/pivots, but still moving through this confusing Mercury retrograde. There are roadblocks and realities that can no longer be ignored, particularly around love, relationships and our money and resources.

Our mistakes, especially mistakes made by avoiding what we knew we needed to do, could be plainly visible now.

The good news - almost as soon as we hit this "limit", life tosses us a lifeline as Venus sextiles Mercury and moves into her home sign of Taurus focusing us on what we already have. Think of Mercury passing her a note (as he backs into Aquarius and out of Pisces) reminding her of a previous conversation/idea/way around/through/over/under this "limit" thing that is liberating/forward leaning.

By the end of this month, there are going to be opportunities with love and money and as early as the end of this week, changes and BIG SURPRISES.

Also at the end of the week the Sun will make his annual meeting with Neptune in Pisces - we are going to need strong boundaries, to wash our hands and to keep those rose-colored glasses in the bedroom drawer. No doubt the corona virus, now called covid-19, will be in the news. This is wonderful energy for art, creativity, spirituality, imagination, illusions and delusions and seeing what is behind us.

Let's unpack the week.

TUESDAY - Venus squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - Mercury retrograde backs into Aquarius, Venus enters Taurus, Mercury Sextiles Venus
SUNDAY - Sun conjuncts Neptune, Venus conjuncts Uranus


We start the month with the Third Quarter Moon - the Moon in busy, communicative Gemini squaring the Sun in dreamy, escapist and idealistic Pisces. There is tension/frustration/maybe feeling the need to make a choice. Mercury is still retrograde - we just aren't sure. Maybe we want to just drift along with the tides or maybe we are feeling uncomfortably pushed to take action. We had Mercury meeting the Sun a few days ago, illuminating where we stand/giving us some clarity. We don't know everything, but maybe we know enough for now to choose (trusting life will conspire to line up with our choice) or to choose to let it go. The first half of March is a tricky time for planning (if you want to hear God laugh ... you know the rest). Try to go with the flow. If you must choose - go with your best intuition/instinct and trust that life has your back ... because life does.

Keep in mind just as there is more than one thing that got us into whatever mess we are in, there is more than one way out of it. 


Venus, in her detriment at the very end of Aries, squares Saturn, strong in his home sign at the very end of Capricorn. With Saturn squares what usually happens is - the reality of the situation can no longer be ignored.

The buck stops here. The sh*t hits the fan.

We see cobwebs in our wallet. Wrinkles on our face. Love/what we want is restricted.

Venus rules our very important relationships, love, money, our resources, beauty, our values and self-esteem. If you are a Taurus or Libra rising (ruled by Venus) or have Venus/Saturn aspects in your natal chart or planets/points near 28 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you will probably feel this challenge/tension the strongest.

There is a need to pivot/adjust. Pushing won't work because Saturn won't be pushed.

And after last week's Venus/Pluto square power struggle/facing some financial or intimate truth and yesterday's challenging Quarter Moon demands for action/a decision, this one probably isn't going to feel so good either (sniffle, hold me mommy).

Keep in mind how challenging Venus/Saturn will be for us will depend on the central players' locations and aspects in our natal chart. For example, let's say you have a very strong Venus in your birth chart, well, maybe, she has no problem with Saturn and you pivot smoothly past a little hiccup. On the other hand if you have moved too far off course (Saturn rules fate) that same strong Venus becomes an obstacle; a hindrance rather than a helper - turns a molehill into a mountain - and makes it harder for us to change course.

Squares with Saturn require us to turn the wheel to get around him because he isn't moving!

This is a 90 degree angle. If you are driving your car in a straight line and suddenly make a 90 degree turn, it would be a pretty big change of direction, right?! 

You are in Texas headed for Canada and end up in Rhode Island. 

This isn't some random thing that is happening to us. We didn't just decide to change course even if it looks like we just decided to change course. 

We can't go any further on this path. 

The road to Canada is closed. 

We are going to Rhode Island. 

Saturn is the heavy-handed taskmaster/father time/fate. His squares are necessary course corrections to get us back on track. 

This doesn't mean we are never going to get to Canada. But there is something we need to do/get/see/experience in Rhode Island first, so hello Providence!

EXAMPLE  for VIRGO/VIRGO RISING - Venus is in your 8th house of other people's money and resources - your spouse's income, debts, loans, taxes, inheritances - the ways you merge with other people - intimacy, sex, life, death. This is the area of life that is hitting Saturn. The wall, a limit, the reality police, authority - are knocking at THIS door. How might this look? Well, there are as many ways for this to play out as there are Virgos. Maybe your tax refund isn't going to be what you hoped it would be and you need to adjust. Maybe your inheritance isn't and you need to adjust. And remember your inheritance isn't just dollars in the back. Maybe an inherited tendency is what is hitting the wall. Maybe someone else doesn't want what you have to offer. Maybe you are comparing your life to other people's lives and seeing what you are missing (intimacy, resources). Maybe your sex life/sex drive has stopped. Maybe your partner's income is less than it used to be and adjustments must be made to work with the reality of the situation. Maybe some resource you are receiving from someone else has dried up. The ways you feel unappreciated or inadequate are coming to your attention via other people's resources.

Now, keep in mind this transit is a collective transit. You will feel it most strongly, ie more personally, if you have a natal Venus/Saturn aspect or a natal or progressed planet/point near 28 degrees of a cardinal sign.

At the end of March, Venus is going to get opportunities with Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter, but for now we are going to have to deal with some roadblocks/and maybe make some changes we don't feel ready for because we probably aren't. But the Moon is waxing (growing) so we can't just sit on our ass either.

The challenges of the last couple days are coming through our Aries and Gemini houses. What are those themes in your natal chart? Expect challenges and choice points that won't feel like choices, but keep moving.


This day sizzles with two personal planets changing signs and sextiling each other as they do! And keep in mind, Mercury is still retrograde, so like Ginger Rogers in high heels dancing with Fred Astaire she is making this move BACKWARD.

Let's unpack this a little bit.

We start this day with Mercury at the very beginning of Pisces - remember he is retrograde, so moving backward and then Venus, moves into the very beginning of Taurus, and briefly sextiles (opportunity) Mercury - BEFORE Mercury backs into Aquarius. So it's kind of like a high five/fist bump/dapping-thing. They are both like "YES, here we go!" and then Mercury kind of slides a note into Venus's outstretched hand for her to take with her into Taurus (imagine a loving, magical promissory note here, since not much screams "abundance" quite like Pisces/Taurus). The sextile will be strongest felt by people with natal Mercury/Venus aspects and people with planets/points near 0 degrees of Pisces or Taurus, but we will all have access to this.

Venus is now out of her detriment in Aries and off that square to "reality police" Saturn and into her home sign of Taurus. Whew! Venus loves (and rules) Taurus. After her weeks in Aries trying to be a lover and a fighter, she is quite content to settle into herself again.

Taurus suns and rising signs get more attractive (both physically attractive and more able to attract).

Venus in Taurus, particularly when coupled with all this retrograde mud, can help us appreciate what we already have and what is right in front of us.

Taurus is a fixed sign, so things happen slowly. It can take some time for a person who is used to (remember we are hardwired to crave what is familiar) seeing beauty in a lush green lawn, for example, to appreciate the magnificence of a dandelion. If you can't see the beauty in what you already have - look again.

(did you know the word dandelion comes from the Latin "lion's tooth" - dandelions are some of the honey bees earliest food, are reproductive superstars - an energy sorely needed now and have centuries of usages in food, drink and medicine)

The power and real beauty of Venus in Taurus is a deep seeded belief that everything we need is available to us. Either we have it, or we can attract it, if we believe we are worth it. Venus will be in Taurus until April 3rd.

Now, at the same time, Mercury drifting backward through the confusing energy of Pisces, for what seems like forever, is still drifting backward, but now Mercury (our thinking, information, communication) moves into an air sign - the detached and future-focused energy of Aquarius. Yes, it's fixed air, so people are not always flexible like they were in Pisces, but at least we've got some air! This gets a big THUMBS UP.

So, three things happen when Mercury changes signs.

Mercury changes (the conversation changes, our thinking changes, we are more innovative, we can detach emotionally from our thoughts, there is more air in this room so maybe we can breathe easier). The house Mercury exits changes (Pisces house slows/relaxes a tiny bit). The house Mercury enters changes (Aquarius house - gets busy). Mercury will be in Aquarius until March 16th.

Mercury in Aquarius is about clear-headed, dispassionate thinking focused on the future.

Its clarity comes from the space that is generated from detachment. From a change of perspective. We mentally step back a little bit and the pictures in our head get a little clearer, our words a little more sharp.

Maybe we are questioning/re-thinking (Mercury) our groups/friendships/causes now (Aquarius) or turning back to them.

We might be unraveling spiritual messages received while Mercury was in Pisces.

A liberating or out-of-the-box idea/conversation could come back around, too.

Now, Mercury is still retrograde. We are still re-viewing, re-vising, re-thinking. But airy Aquarius - Mercury loves air! - is certainly an improvement over Pisces

(now keep in mind we are going to be back in Pisces in a week, so our time in mental Aquarius will be very brief).


The Sun, more than halfway through Pisces now - meets Neptune, ruler of Pisces. At the same time we have Venus, home in Taurus now remember, meeting change-maker Uranus as she is about to sextile (opportunity) the North Node - our path forward.

The illumination comes from our Pisces house theme. The shift comes from our Uranus house theme.

With the Sun in Pisces meeting Pisces ruler, our dreams, our illusions/delusions could reach a peak now. Covid-19 will likely be in the news and we are going to have to keep in mind that panic can be more contagious than any virus.

The Sun can shine a light on something that's been in the shadows or maybe a bright spotlight on our best path forward.

With Neptune, things can slip into place or slip through our fingers.

We are going to have to go with the flow here - the less we are trying to frantically control some outcome (because we can't), the better we will feel.

At the same time we have Venus (our love, money, resources, beauty, values, self-esteem) connecting with anything-can-happen/disruptive shocker Uranus in Venus's home sign of stable Taurus.

Conjunctions close out cycles - this time Venus/Uranus - as they begin new ones. So what no longer makes sense/cents, what is no longer valuable or maybe what is no longer valued either ends or HAS TO CHANGE.

New sources of income, new resources, new love/relationship shifts, new ideas about what matters now are activated/triggered.

Expect the unexpected with love and money or your Taurus natal house theme. Situations that bring about sudden realizations about what we really want and value are possible now, too.

EXAMPLE FOR TAURUS/TAURUS/RISING - Venus (your ruling planet) is meeting change-maker Uranus in your 1st house of yourself. Sudden changes with your appearance, your brand, your image are possible. Opposing your 7th house of partners and other people - this could bring an unexpected new relationship or surprise from your partner. At the same time you have the Sun meeting Neptune in your 11th house of friends, groups, your causes, technology, astrology, the goals that bring you into connection with other people, old trauma stories - there is a light being thrown here, but keep in mind everything won't be quite as it seems.

Venus, as us, started the week with a roadblocking/ball-busting square to Saturn and now she meets Uranus - CHANGE, that is yes, disruptive, but also in some way liberating and did I say she is on her way to an opportunistic connection with the North Node (our future) next week!

Remember conjunctions start new stories, so two conjunctions in one day is like a double flashing green light for FRESH START. 

Ok- that is a taste of the week ahead.

I get emails from people asking when things are going to "go back to normal" and I totally get this, but we all need to consider that maybe a bigger problem than things changing so fast or feeling so abnormal, is that we keep thinking they "need to go back to normal"!

Remember our North Node in Cancer - you need a home, a nest, a safe place, a sanctuary, an unshakeable belief that your soft, vulnerable underbelly is actually what keeps you from turning entirely into a brittle shell and you don't want to lose it - forget the whole "normal" thing, but make yourself a comfortable inner/outer refuge, take care of yourself - this will make any shaky ground easier to live with now.

xo all

photo by the talented BirdSophieBlack

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