Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - the greater good, a tightening of the rules, the stage is set, doing the hard thing, together in our aloneness

This could be an emotionally intense day as the Moon crosses over the Cappy planets, (with Saturn at the powerful 29th degree), moves into her dark balsamic phase and pulls us toward a couple of the most cray-cray days of the year.

Please, keep in mind Mercury is in Pisces and has been for weeks and weeks - we can't possibly know the truth right now and can't sit in front of CNN and believe everything we are seeing/hearing and freak ourselves out.

Where I live here in New Jersey the news is all over a story of a five year old girl with the corona-virus. You have to dig very deep into the story to find out she was only tested because her dad works in an area with a rising number of cases (cases of the virus, not deaths from the virus and keep in mind if there are zero deaths and then there is one death the news will report this as 'dramatically rising death rates' which will be, yes #true, and, also yes, #not true). Anyway, because of where her dad works he was tested and he tested positive, so they tested his wife and child and they are positive. They are quarantined to their home which would indicate their symptoms are either minor or they have none. Yet all most people are hearing is "5 year old girl" "corona-virus" and freaking out, accepting an 8PM curfew (greater good off the charts with this Cappy to Aquarius transition period) and the closing of parks, etc. With Mercury in Pisces - we are feeling the information instead of processing it like we normally would. With Mars and the South Node back where they haven't been since September 11, 2001, we are in a perfect storm situation for our personal liberties to slip quietly away, actually they won't slip away, we will just toss them at "authority", so they can decide what is best for us as we march in formation - "safety at all costs" - toward a "greater good" brand new world.

Yes, we have to be cautious with our personal safety and think about the safety of other people, but this virus is going to lose its front-page status eventually,

keep in mind what happened when this energetic was launched in mid-January (Trump's impeachment, Iran, your own life) - things happening to scare the sh*t out of us and then the thing disappearing, not exacting ending, because it might need to be pulled back out later to scare the sh*t out of us again. And I am not saying this as some kind of conspiracy theorist - things are just not going to be settled with these energies, so likely even when this virus is put to bed, there will be some sloppy corners that are not quite tucked in.

OK, enough rant - let's look at today's Moon. She will pass over Mars and Jupiter while we sleep - this launches the impetus for BIG ACTION, the need to get something UNDER CONTROL. At 10:53AM EDT the Cappy Moon meets up with Pluto - power, transformation, purging. Then she sextiles the Pisces Sun at the very end of Pisces - so maybe something is going to feel like the end of the world/end of the line here - KEEP IN MIND - yes, with that mind that is frying on the sidewalk like an over-easy egg - IT'S NOT.

Cappy/Pisces sextiles are opportunities for limits/rules/solid structures that kind of corral Pisces limitlessness. This can be a good thing. But keep in mind that cold Cappy Moon's need to control the situation/put a line in the sand can pull us into some dark waters.

Finally, she goes void at 8:47PM EDT off a conjunction to big-daddy Saturn. We harden our hearts. We do as we are told. We do what we have to do. Oh my.

After a short void she moves into Aquarius (9:16PM EDT) - we step back a little bit. We think about the future. Maybe we feel good because someone/or us has drawn that line in the sand or maybe we are feeling more restricted/more nervous.

At the same time we have the Sun approaching the Aries point (tomorrow) so our collective attention will all be on the same thing and the Sun will sextile Saturn, so more of the established power bailing itself out I would imagine.

For now - get what is within your control to control under control. You will feel better if you do.

Then let the rest go.

There are bigger hands than ours steering this ship. There is a reason Neptune is in Pisces from 2012-2025 - there is good here, there is behind the scenes help - there is always behind the scenes help.

If the good energies are letting the bad energies think they are winning, there is a reason for this we have to trust - and I don't mean to classify the energies as good or bad, because they are not, but from a human perspective at this time in our history I think you can know what I mean.

There are twists and turns ahead and moves to be made the bad guys won't see coming. The long game is the only game in town and the good news is this is the one game we can win.

We all win the long one.

Hang in there. We are transforming a toxic culture and it's all hands on deck time. At least ours are washed, some might even say scoured these days, and ready for use!

xo all

another photo by the amazing oprisco

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